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1 WEiRD MYTHS WE BELIEVE in B U S I N E S S Erlet Shaqe,

2 The boss has the best ideas

3 Get everything started now so it looks like were making progress

4 Everything is priority 1

5 My staff cant make a good decision

6 Leadership only comes from the top

7 The driver is the only effective leadership style

8 Its better to motivate rather than inspire

9 Individual utilization is more important than team effectiveness

10 It must be right the first time

11 Ambiguity must be eliminated before we start

12 We can predict and commit to what well build this year

13 The truth is dangerous

14 My title reflects my credibility

15 More due diligence will give me the answer I want

16 Bad news is our enemy

17 The project is 90% complete

18 Its all about me

19 My staff is focused on my career advancement

20 The job of my staff is to deliver work for me

21 Centralized control is the key to enterprise scale

22 Change can only happen incrementally

23 The process should guarantee that I will not fail

24 Specialization will lead to more productivity

25 If we predict the future we can be predictable

26 More precision in my estimates will make them more accurate

27 Talent doesnt matter. The process will fix it

28 I cant trust my staff to manage a budget

29 Performance reviews matter

30 My staff must be 110% utilized

31 Increased pressure on my staff will drive productivity

32 We cant do that because its not part of the plan

33 Stick to the plan even though the world has changed

34 If I dont check my blackberry the world will fall apart

35 If we let our Talent make decisions theyll spin out of control

36 Radical Transparency will diminish my power

37 Loyalty is more important than competence

38 Creativity doesnt scale

39 There is no room for failure

40 Theres no need in business to focus on humanity

41 got more?

42 Think about it.

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