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Welcome to Auburn Riverside High School

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1 Welcome to Auburn Riverside High School
Home of the Ravens

2 Activities Program Considering all the things that happen at a school, involvement in Student Activities enhances and improves classroom learning most directly and positively. from the National Federation of State High School Associations.

3 Activities Program Activities support the academic mission of Auburn Riverside. *National statistics show that students who participate in activity programs tend to have Higher grades Better attendance records Lower drop out rates Fewer discipline problems.

4 Activities Program Activities provide valuable lessons for many practical situations Through activity programs, students Learn self-discipline Build confidence Develop skills to handle diverse situations.

5 Activities Program 50 clubs Four Grade Level Classes Raven Crew
Leadership classes Assemblies Spirit Events So many ways to be involved at ARHS!

6 Student Leadership Student Driven Leadership Program ASB Exec Board
Grade Level Officers Student Council SPLASC/WASC/NASC Mt Baker Leadership Camp Western Leaders La Cima And many more leadership opportunities

7   Campaign for Change Every Day for the Month of February we are doing a purposeful, Intentional Act of Kindness As Martin Luther King Jr. said, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

8 Specifically Athletics:
Participation is a privilege governed by the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association (WIAA), South Puget Sound League (SPSL), Auburn School District Athletic Code, as well as the Associated Students of Auburn Riverside (ASB). Athletics at Auburn Riverside seeks to develop young athletes of integrity, competitive passion and good sportsmanship. We look forward to seeing you in the stands and cheering on our favorite team; GO RAVENS!!

9 Sports Offered 2013-2014: Fall—begins in August. Winter—begins in Nov.
Girls’ Swim/Dive, Football, Volleyball, Girls’ Soccer, Cross Country, Boys’ Tennis, Boys’ Water Polo, Golf Winter—begins in Nov. Boys’ Swim/Dive, Gymnastics, Basketball, Wrestling, Spring—begins late Feb./March. Baseball, Fastpitch, Track/Field, Girls’ Water Polo, Girls’ Tennis, Boys’ Soccer, Cheer tryouts for next year

10 Are you eligible? Here’s what incoming freshman need to be eligible:
A valid annual athletic registration form Current Physical dated after June 1st (This physical will be good for two years) Academic eligibility Student Body ASB card. Resident of Auburn School District

11 Are you eligible? If you have any questions regarding eligibility, it is important that you call the Athletic office to get your questions answered. There are several rules that need to be addressed, especially for transfer students in and out of the Auburn School District. PLEASE ASK.

12 Ticket Prices: The SPSL has a ticket policy that requires any contest, beginning at or after 5:00 p.m. and is packaged with a varsity competition, to charge for admission. The admission schedule is: Adults/Students without ASB $6 Students with ASB (visiting) $4 Senior Citizens $2 Elementary and Middle Level Students $2 Elementary (under 6 years of age) No charge Home students with ASB card No charge We have punch passes available for individual sports available each season.

For more information about any of our extracurricular opportunities/programs, please call the Activities/Athletics Office at 253/

14 High School Home Connection

15 Counselor’s Alpha Sam Hartt A – Fa Jan Sigurdson Fb – K
Dan Polley L – Rn Veronika Holloman Ro – Z Steve Mead Career Center Office #

16 For General School Information
ARHS Web Page: Catalog is posted on the web page Skyward family access Principal’s Newsletters Eight times each year For Staff contact: Addresses First Ex. Phone: Counseling Office # Attendance #

17 For Grade Information Progress Report/ Report Cards *
October (Beginning) November (Beginning) * December (Middle) January (End) Semester Grades * March (Beginning) April (Beginning) * May (Middle) June (Middle) Semester Grades* Walk Around Progress Report For additional classroom information, contact the teacher

18 Walk Around Progress Reports

19 Our Own Website


21 Graduation Requirements Class of 2017 http://www. auburn. wednet
4 years Language Arts 3 years Social Studies 3 years Math 2 years PE/Health 2 years Science (1 Yr Bio, 1 Yr Other) 1 year Occupational/CTE 1 year Fine Arts 7 credits Electives

22 Graduation Requirements 2017
Earn credits to graduate Pass HSPE (Reading and Writing) Pass end-of-course exams in Algebra, Geometry, and Biology Complete and present culminating portfolio

Central Washington University Eastern Washington University The Evergreen State College University of Washington Washington State University Western Washington University Summary of “CADR” College Academic Distribution Requirements for Admission to Four Year Public Colleges (p. 23 in Catalog) Language Arts/English – 4 years Math – 3 years minimum Adv. Algebra/Trig. Senior Year Math-based Quantitative Course Science – 2 years lab, 1 year physics or chemistry World Language – 2 years (same language) Social Science – 3 years Fine, Visual or Performing Arts – 1 year

Accounting 1/2 - Page 39 Accounting 3/4 - Page 39 Acting Page 83 Administrative Office Assistant - Page 77 Aerobics - Page 89 Adv. Algebra/Trigonometry - Page 73 Advanced Computer Applications - Page 40 Algebra 1 & 2 - Page 73 American Literature and Writing - Basic - Page 67 American Literature and Writing - Page 67 American Sign Language 1 & 2 - Page 105 American Sign Language 3 & 4 - Page 105 American Sign Language 5 & 6 - Page 105 Applied/Consumer Math 1 - Page 73 Applied/Consumer Math 2 - Page 73 Art - Advanced 1 & 2 - Page 33 Art - Advanced 3 & 4 - Page 33 ASB Assistant - Page 77 Astronomy - Page 93 Attendance Office Assistant - Page 77 Automotive Technology - Advanced - Page 47 Automotive Technology - Beginning - Page 47 Automotive Technology - GRCC Auto Body - Page 47 Band - Concert - Page 83 Band - Flag Line - Page 83 Band - Jazz Ensemble - Page 83 Band - Marching - Page 84 Band - Percussion - Page 84 Band - Symphonic - Page 84 Band - Wind Ensemble - Page 84 Basketball - Page 89 Basketball - Advanced - Page 89 Computer Science - Advanced Placement - Page 78 Computer Systems Engineer Page 48 Computer Systems Engineer Page 48 Computer Technician-Contract Study – Page 48 Computer Networking Page 47 Computer Networking Page 47 Construction & Manufacturing Tech - Contract Study - Page 49 Construction & Manufacturing Technology Page 48 Construction & Manufacturing Technology Page 48 Contemporary Humanities - Page 67 Cosmetology - Page 49 Creative Writing - Page 67 Culinary Arts - Beginning - Page 49 Culinary Arts - Advanced - Page 49 Culinary Arts - Contract Study - Page 49 Debate - Page 68 Digital Communication Tools (Digitools) - Page 40 Drafting Technology 1 - Page 50 Drafting Technology 2 - Page 50 Drafting-Engineering Technology 1 - Page 50 Drafting-Engineering Technology 2 - Page 50 Drawing – Page 33 Drawing – Advanced - Page 33 Economics - Page 97 Electronics 1 & 2 - Page 50 Electronics 3 & 4 - Page 50 Electronics - Contract Study - Page 51 Electronics - Industrial - Page 51 Elementary/Middle School Assistant - Page 63 English-Language & Composition AP – Page 68 English-Literature & Composition AP - Page 68 English As A Second Language - LA 1,2, or 3 - Page 59 English As A Second Language - Lab - Page 59 English As A Second Language - Global Issues - Page 59 English As A Second Language - U.S. History - Page

CAREERS IN EDUCATION OPEN TO: 11, 12 Full Year Course PREREQUISITES: Police background check. Minimum accumulative GPA of Instructor signature required. TECH PREP CREDIT MAY BE AVAILABLE The Careers in Education course includes an in-depth study of the principles and foundations of education and an opportunity to work with a mentor teacher. The course focuses on the theory and practice of teaching and learning. Good attendance and academic standing is required. The course may articulate with a four-year university upon meeting the academic requirements of this course. Family, Career and Community Leaders of America is the integrated leadership component of this course. CAREERS WITH CHILDREN 1-4 OPEN TO: 10, 11, and 12 One to four semesters PREREQUISITES: Teacher/Counselor signature is needed. A love for children is a must. Police background check required. This course empowers students with knowledge, skills and practices required for careers in early childhood education and services. During the course students will focus on provision and management of childcare services, planning activities, and manage childcare facilities and programs that incorporate safe and healthy environments for children. CPR, TB testing, and police background checks are required in this course. Good attendance is mandatory. Family, Career and Community Leaders of America is the integrated leadership component of this course. FASHION APPAREL AND DESIGN OPEN TO: 9,10,11,12 One Semester Course PREREQUISITE: None This course focuses on career opportunities in fashion design, textiles and apparel. Skills in basic fashion construction and design, textiles, personal color analysis, and merchandizing are emphasized throughout the class. Students will have the opportunity to showcase their knowledge in a fashion show production at the semester’s end; rehearsal is after school. Advanced students have the opportunity to complete a related internship in the community and must provide their own transportation. Family, Career and Community Leaders of America is the integrated leadership component of this course. Individual student material costs may be applicable to this course. FOOD AND NUTRITION OPEN TO: 9,10,11,12 One Semester Course This course analyzes the factors that influence nutrition and the preparation of foods that promote wellness. Students will learn nutrition for a healthy life, analyze diet plans, and prepare nutritious foods, and practice food safety and sanitation. In addition, they explore the scientific and technological advances in food production, preparation, composition and safety. Students participate in individual and group projects. Family, Career and Community Leaders of America is the integrated leadership component of this course. Individual student material costs may be applicable to this course.

26 Scheduling Class of 2017 Counseling Staff

27 Registration Schedule
8th Grade Presentations: Mt. Baker on Thurs., Feb.28 Picked up Thursday, March 7 N. Tapps on Wednesday, March 6 Picked up on Wed., March 13 Olympic, currently have forms Picked up on Friday, March 8

28 Registration Sheet Need: Thoughtful consideration of choices.
Selections marked clearly. Teacher’s initials for specific classes. Signatures of student and parent. Alternates!


30 AUBURN RIVERSIDE HIGH SCHOOL On-line catalog available at http://www

31 9th Grade Requirements 1.0 credit 9th grade Language Arts - Required
1.0 credit Math - Required .5 credit Science - Required .5 credit World Studies - Required .5 credit Health - Required .5 credit Orientation - Required 1.0 credit Your Choice/Elective #1 1.0 credit Your Choice/Elective #2

32 Things to think about… World languages RAVEN day, August 20
First day of school

33 Culminating Project: Portfolios
Project: SUCCESS! Pass the HSPE & EOCs 22 ½ credits Transition Plan: Beyond High School Culminating Project: Portfolios

34 Career Center Programs and Services Variety of Resources
College and Career Speakers Evening events for parents Testing information Financial Aid and Scholarships Job Resources Tech Prep Information

35 Career Center Website

Earn a GPA of at least 2.30 (on a 4.00 scale.) This GPA is calculated for only the core academic courses which were successfully completed during grades Only courses that have been approved by the Clearinghouse are accepted In addition, no special values are allowed for “+” or “-” grades. Core Units Required for NCAA Certification DII DI English Core years years Math Core *2 years *3 years Science Core years years Social Science Core years years English, Math, or Science 3 year year Additional Core years years (English, Math, Science, Social Science, Foreign Language, Philosophy, Non-doctrinal Religion) *Division I certification requires 1 year of Algebra and 1 year of Geometry (or a course for which Geometry is a prerequisite.) Foundations Mathematics does not count.

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