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By Tachelle Nettles Designing Visuals for Instruction Fall 2010.

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1 by Tachelle Nettles Designing Visuals for Instruction Fall 2010



4 For this picture I selected the background and used a filter from the Sketch folder. The filter I selected was the Chalk and Charcoal. Changing the background allowed the two figures to have a type of pop out effect. Theyre in color as if in the spotlight.



7 This is a picture I took in front of an hotel in Las Vegas. I am in the lower right hand corner in front of the Lion. I gave the statues a more humanlike quality by changing their face color so that it doesnt blend in with the hair. I distorted my body to appear as if I was being eaten by the lion. Below are the changes. Trees and sky- I used the dry brush from the Artistic Folder. Size: 6, Detail: 8, Texture: 2 Man on Left – Craquelure 3, 9, 8 Man on Right – I used the halftone pattern from the sketch folder. Dot pattern 1, 4 Lion – I used the water paper from the sketch folder, 9, 79, 57 Me – I used the twirl for my body and spherize from the Distort folder.



10 This picture was taken of a fountain in front of an hotel in Arizona. I used the Ocean Ripple filter on the waterfall and the water. I changed the effect 2, 9 on the fall and 10, 2o for the water. For the trees I used the Spatter filter 8, 6.



13 This is another picture taken in Vegas. The picture is from inside one of the hotels. I decided to make the frogs stand out a bit more and have the background look like a old painting. Texture Craquelure Background Artistic Plastic Wrap Frogs



16 This picture was taken at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. In the original picture the enormous elephants seemed to blend in with the background and go unnoticed. I adjusted the hue and saturation of the rock in front of the elephant because the color was very close to that of the elephant. I then used poster edges filter to make the elephant more defined and stand out a bit more. The last change I made was using the pinch filter in the distort folder and bring the elephant forward a bit. The pinch was -93.



19 This picture was taken in Washington D.C. I first sharpened the group in the image using the smart sharpen filter but decided to crop them out afterwards. The filters I used created a very heroic feel. Rocks - Artistic: Sponge Soldiers -Distort: Diffuse Glow 6, 10, 15 Flag – Stylize: Glowing Edges Sky – Render: Difference clouds 2x



22 This is another image taken in Las Vegas outside of The Venetian hotel. The filter came out of the Sketch folder and was the Conte` Crayon. The filter gives the image an old fashion look.

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