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Artists Paint People at Play

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1 Artists Paint People at Play
First Grade Art Docent Program - Earhart Elementary School

2 The Card Players Paul Cezanne [ ] was a French artist who is called the ‘Father of Modern Art’ because he found new ways to paint, and other artists were influenced by him. What kind of table top games do you play with your friends? Can you find some cool blues that add contrast? The artist used his brush in applying the different colors to make the bodies, arms and hats look rounded and solid.

3 Snap the Whip Winslow Homer [ ] was born in Boston. He loved to explore & discover something new in the ponds & creeks, meadows & woods. He painted what he saw directly & simply & leaving out unnecessary details. Look closely at the painting and compare yourself today with these kids. How are they dressed? Do the boys today wear clothes like these kids are wearing? Do you use suspenders to hold up your pants? Why do you suppose they are not wearing shoes? Does it look like your school? Can you find two little girls who are standing in the distance?

4 Bathers Pablo Picasso [ ] Picasso did this painting when he was 21 during his second visit to Paris. He painted in many different ways during his long productive life, inventing Cubism & opening the door for many styles of modern art. Would you see bathing suits like these today at the beach? What do you think they bathers have been doing? Does Alameda have that type of lighthouse? Have you seen a lighthouse before? Where is the horizon? Which is larger, the ladies or the lighthouse, or the sailboat? Do you like to play on a beach?

5 The Skater Gilbert Stuart [ ] was an American painter. He began his art career at 13 by copying paintings. He painted many portraits of George Washington. This is an oil painting of William Grant, and in the original the figure is about life-size. Stuart & Grant chatted about ice skating, and then decided to go skating on a man-made lake in London. Grant is posed in a casual manner, carefree and self-assured, a half-smile on his face What do you suppose he is looking at? How is he dressed? Does he look relaxed? Do you like ice skating?

6 Luxembourg Gardens William Glackens [ ] was born in Philadelphia and studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. He won many prizes in his later years and was elected to the National Academy in 1933. If you went to Paris today you could still play in this lovely garden. Can you tell what the children are playing? Where do you think the artist was standing as he sketched this scene? [high up above looking down?] What parks have you played in? What games did you play?

7 Sunny Side of the Street
Philip Evergood [ ] was born in New York. He painted during a time when people were poor and couldn’t find work. This was called the Great Depression. He gave the picture its title from a popular song from Depression days: “If I never had a cent, I’d be rich as Rockefeller. Gold dust at my feet on the sunny side of the street.” Can you imagine the noises in this busy New York street scene? Do you ever play hopscotch? What are the boys playing? Do you think the chalk lines on the street add to the crowded feeling? Can you describe the man walking toward us? [the blind man] Do you see an ambulance? Do you know what those things on the roofs are? [antennae]

8 Tar Beach Faith Ringgold [ ] got her name Faith because her mom agreed with a nurse that she should have faith in herself & her new child. Her mom was a fashion designer & dressmaker, brought her crayons, paper, needles, thread & fabric to create whatever she liked. Play Video Her quilt designs echo the African influenced. Do you think that the little girl is imagining herself flying high above the buildings & the bridge? Do you think that this quilt tells memories from Faith’s childhood?

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