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¡Bienvenidos a mi clase de español!

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1 ¡Bienvenidos a mi clase de español!
(Welcome to my Spanish Class)

2 Primero (First)… Check your schedule and make sure you are suppose to be in Spanish I or II with Tiffany Austin for this period… 

3 Segundo (Second)… Do NOT call me any variations of the following:
Mrs. Austin Miss Tiffany Tiffany (this is a BIG NEVER) Lady that teaches my class Hey, you! Any of the slang terms used to address your friends Or any expletives a.k.a. Curse words (this is an even BIGGER NEVER) So how are you to address me????? Señora Austin (I mean you are in here to learn Spanish after all!)

4 Tercero (Third)… I am now giving you a copy of your syllabus which you are to never throw away! (Unless you drop the class, move, or it is the end of the year and the class is over). Please follow along as we go over the syllabus and feel free to take notes…

5 Course Description “Spanish 1 is an introduction to the Spanish language covering the four basic skills: listening comprehension, writing, reading and speaking with an emphasis on communicative objectives. Some study of the culture will accompany practice in the language. This class will focus on the 5 C’s of Foreign Language Learning: Communication, Cultures, Connection, Comparison, and Community. The goal of this class is to give students the basic skills needed to further their second language development.” Basically- by the end of this course you will have basic conversation skills and have been introduced to the cultures of the Spanish-speaking world. You will by no means be fluent but you should be able to hold a short conversation. You should expect to hear the language DAILY as well as practice reading, writing, and speaking (yes, you will be speaking) EVERY DAY!

6 What do you need to bring?
Your 3-ring Binder devoted only to this class Loose-leaf paper Pencils Pens Black Expo Markers (for you, not me) Index Cards Art supplies Your textbook and workbooks are on the bookshelf in the back of the room and should not leave! You will be assigned a textbook number that you are to get everyday. You will also use the corresponding number on the workbooks. I will check after each class to see that all books have been returned. I do have extras that I can loan you but you have to check it out through me.

7 Classroom Behavior Be in your assigned seat when the bell rings. (I have been known to write a few tardies in my time so I suggest you get to class on time and start your bellwork!) Bring all books and materials to class. Follow directions the first time they are given. Stay in your seat unless you have permission to do otherwise. Be open-minded to learning a new language and culture. Be respectful to your classmates and your teacher. No candy/food/drinks (except bottled water) in class. No cell phones, I-pods, mp3 players, etc!!! If I see it, it becomes mine until the end of class AND I will write a behavior referral! It doesn’t matter if you are using it or not!

8 You’re probably thinking: “This all seems so scary
You’re probably thinking: “This all seems so scary! How will I ever pass this class?” LISTEN! – You will not learn if you do not pay attention in class Attendance- You will have difficulties learning and keeping up with class assignments if you are absent often. Effort- 100% effort in class is expected! You will not pass the class if you put forth zero effort. A tip for improving your Spanish language comprehension is to put time outside of the class and class assignments: Watch Spanish television, read directions of items that are in Spanish, or whatever you can do to increase your contact with the target language. Follow Directions! – It is very important to listen to and follow directions the first time they are given. Participation- Participate often and make your participation meaningful! Homework- Homework is a practice of what has been learned in class. If you are asked to do it then don’t complain and get it done! Practice makes perfect! Tests & Quizzes- Tests and vocabulary quizzes will be announced; however, students should write down dates when they are announced! Spanish Notebook- Keep an organized notebook!

9 Method of Grading: The total point system will be used for grading. The final course grade for each nine weeks will be determined by averaging the number of points earned by the number of points possible. Grades will also be given for quizzes, projects, tests, open response questions, homework, notebook checks, bell work, exit slips, and participation.

10 Homework Homework will be given daily at the end of instruction time and will be due the following class period. Homework will be taken up and graded at the beginning of the next class. Homework will be assigned throughout the week; however, I will respect your weekends and try not give out any homework on Fridays. Homework assignments will be written, oral, and listening assignments. Homework assignments . In order to get credit for your homework, you must attempt every problem. Don’t leave anything blank but also don’t just feel in with anything. Mistakes will not be counted against you but blanks will. They tell me (if you correct them without erasing) where you need more help. They are good things because they show me and your how much you know and how you can improve! I DO NOT ACCEPT ANY LATE HOMEWORK! If you didn’t do your homework you are to fill out your “I DIDN’T DO MY HOMEWORK SHEET” in the binder on my desk. Make sure you give a valid reason because I type your excuse into Infinite Campus! CHEATING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED! If I or someone else catches you cheating you will be given a 0 on the assignment and I will write a behavior referral. If you didn’t do it, just be honest and take your 0. Students are encouraged to keep all of their work and review any feedback given. Also, sometimes I may make mistakes when inputting grades on the computer and you will want to access to your papers to request a correction.

11 Other forms of assignments:
Notebooks: Students are required to keep organized notebooks throughout the year. Notebooks should have a section for class notes, vocabulary lists, handouts, bellwork, assignments, study guides. Papers should be kept in order by date! Random Notebook Checks will be done throughout the year make sure students are keeping up with their Spanish notebook! Presentations: At least 1 presentation will be assigned each semester. Presentations could be either individual or group presentations depending on the topic or subject being studied. Students will receive a rubric schedule for when presentations and materials are due. Late presentations will be deducted 10% for each day they are late.

12 Tests/Quizzes/Exams Students a weekly vocabulary or content quiz unless a unit exam or section test is being given at that time. This weekly formative assessments (or WFA) will be given to the students on Monday with the quiz being on Thursday or Friday. At the end of each unit, you will be given a Chapter Exam with listening, reading, writing, and/or speaking assessments. All tests or exams will be announced in advance. I will try my best to give students at least a week of advance notice. Students are encouraged to check the calendar located in the room daily in order to see upcoming tests, quizzes, presentations, etc. This information will also be available for students on the class website. Also- I do not do re-takes on tests. If you’ve failed a test (or tests) you just have to work harder on your other opportunities for points.

13 Make-up Policy If a student has missed class, the student must get a make-up work request form from the designated area, fill out the form, and return it to Señora Austin at the beginning of class. The school guideline for the number of days a student is allowed to turn in make-up work (1 day per 1 day missed) will be followed. Any work turned in after the due date will be counted as late. Participation points will not be made up! Instead, students with EXCUSED absences will be exempted from the participation grade. Students with UNEXCUSED absences will be given a zero until the absence is excused. Students will be allowed to make-up missed tests/quizzes only with an EXCUSED absence. Students with an UNEXCUSED absence will be given a zero on the test/quiz until the absence is excused. Tests/quizzes can be made up after school every Tuesday with Señora Austin from 3:30-4:15. Students have two chances to make-up their tests during the make-up session. After they have missed two after-school sessions, the test will no longer be allowed to be made up. If a student is unable to attend the after school make-up session, they may schedule a time to come during school with Señora Austin.

14 Class Procedures Bellwork:
Sit down and begin your bellwork as soon as you get to class. Bellwork must be completed the first 5 minutes of class. If you finish early, take out your flash cards or vocabulary list and study! Students will keep a Bellwork paper for the entire week. This paper will be turned in at the end of the week and a grade will be given for the entire week’s Bellwork. Students will be deducted points for missing Bellwork. Students who are absent must put the day & date they were absent on their Bellwork paper. Handwriting: It is extremely important that students write legibly for all assignments and tests. If I cannot read your work, it will be counted as wrong.  Heading of Assignments: All homework turned in should include the following items: Name, Date, Class & Period, and Assignment Name. EXAMPLE: Student Name Subject/Class Period Assignment Name Date Assigned Papers with no name will receive no credit. If your paper is identified then it is to be turned back in but will be deducted 10% for no name. Heading your papers properly will help you easily identify and organize your assignments!

15 Class Procedures Turning in Assignments:
Please make sure homework is ready to be turned in (headed properly with no paper frizzies). Paper turned in with “frizzies” will automatically be deducted 10% of the grade. Partner/Group Practice: During this time you will work with a partner or a group. Everyone must be on task, speaking in Spanish, have all of your materials, and use the time after you finish wisely. Outside work: You will not be allowed to do any outside work while you are in my classroom. All of your time in my classroom will be dedicated to Spanish.

16 Class Procedures Bathroom Privileges: Generally, I will make a short presentation of new material or review current material each day. Please, do not interrupt me during this time with irrelevant questions such as “May I go to the bathroom?” This is inconsiderate and disrespectful because you are putting your own urges before the needs of the rest of the classroom. You will be given 6 bathroom passes per semester. Wait until you are working independently & can ask me privately to use a bathroom pass. Leaving Class: 10/10 Rule: Students will not be allowed to leave the first or last 10 minutes of class. Students will not be excused from one class to make up work, or to do special work in another class, unless it is a very special case and has had prior approval by the Principal. This approval will rarely be given to any student or group of students. Every effort will be made to have students in their assigned area of study at all times. Any student tardy more than five minutes to class will be sent to the appropriate administrator for skipping. NO MORE THAN 2 STUDENTS WILL BE ALLOWED TO LEAVE THE CLASSROOM AT ANY GIVEN TIME!

17 Is this class any fun? Yes! There are rewards for being a good students, but you have to earn them! Praise (Daily) Positive notes sent home (Random) Candy & Treats (throughout the school year) Fiesta!!!!! (Random) The joy of learning (Everyday!)

18 What if my parents need to talk to you?
Parents who wish to meet with Mrs. Austin concerning any problems with the class may call the school and make an appointment. Phone calls will only be taken during the teacher’s planning period in order to limit classroom interruptions. Parents can also contact Mrs. Austin via at

19 ¿Preguntas?

Return the last page of your syllabus (signed by you and your parents) tomorrow! Acknowledgement of classroom rules and procedures Please return this portion of your syllabus to Mrs. Austin by: _________________________. I have read and understood the guidelines and procedures detailed in Mrs. Austin’s syllabus. I have shared them with my parent/guardian and agree to follow them in order to have a successful year. I understand that Mrs. Austin is available to answer any questions I may have by phone, or in person during class or after school. Lastly, I indent to do my best t o complete all assignments in a timely fashion and to speak in Spanish at every opportunity. __________________________________ ________________ Student Name Class Period Student Signature Date _______________________________ ________________ Parent/Guardian Signature Date  _________________________________ ________________ Parent/Guardian Phone Number

21 Quiz tomorrow! You will have a short quiz tomorrow covering the rules and procedures of this class so make sure you read your syllabus (again)!

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