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How Equal are We? Understanding Diversity in Britain Today.

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1 How Equal are We? Understanding Diversity in Britain Today

2 How Equal Do you Think You Are? Education and qualifications Employment and the sexual division of labour Pay Access to job training Promotion Job prospects and mobility Work-life balance Part-time working Leisure Sport Transport Politics and public life Culture and popular culture Fashion and body image Childcare and caring work Housework Personal safety

3 What do students expect on graduation? Equal opportunities in school, college and university Encouragement to succeed, but some gender divisions in subject 'choice' In employment there is more direct competition for jobs and pay The gender pay gap for graduates

4 What do students experience in their part-time jobs? Sexual harassment in bar work Gendered uniforms Absence of equal opportunities policies Gendered division of labour Emotional labour

5 Equal Pay – how much do we know about our pay? Do we know what our co-workers earn? Are pay scales published? What happens about bonuses, honoraria, market supplements etc? How many organisations have conducted equal pay audits?

6 Part-time working Can damage your wealth Keeps you down in the labour market Means the woman manages all the conflicts between home and work The woman does all the balancing and reconciling of family and working life. Do you agree?

7 Harassment and bullying What is the legal position? How effective are anti-harassment policies? What do people define as harassment? When do they challenge it? Where can they get help? Do bullies know when they are bullying?

8 Gendered behaviour in the workplace Feminisation Women and management – do women bring new skills to management? Do women managers manage differently? Macho behaviour in the workplace Communication and decision-making Patronising behaviour

9 Explanations of continuing gender inequalities in employment The sex/gender system Sexual division of labour Unequal responsibilities for domestic work and childcare Direct discrimination

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