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Mobile Multimedia Services for Information, Communication, Brand Building Roland Kero, VP Sales Mobizoft

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1 Mobile Multimedia Services for Information, Communication, Brand Building Roland Kero, VP Sales Mobizoft

2 Why Mobizoft? Scandinavian market leader for mobile multimedia with top quality More than 40 large customers, among them SVT, IDG and Mediaprovider Mobizofts solution works with all phones and all networks Full convergence between PC – mobilt, from one URL Top quality means: Better experience, more potential viewers Satisfied customers will come back for more Increased willingness to pay for higher value Managed service or enterprise installation, quick and simple integration

3 Example customer scenario (1) Media – stand alone companies or clusters You reach more readers/viewers by adding the mobile channel You pull more traffic to your existing channels (Web, TV, radio, newspaper) Customized news for each user A new channel that can be launched immediately without hassle Mobile video is perfect for news tips from readers/viewers. Capture a video with the mobile phone and upload it to your favorite news provider Bonus: one interface for editors to publish for both Web and mobile

4 Example customer scenario (2) Large Enterprises – Internal Communication A majority of the personnel do not sit by a computer Geographical independence Reduced travels Increased personnel participation CEO speeches/internal training Field workers reports from the mobile phone News letters Mobile internal webs sites Alarms

5 Example customer scenario (3) Retail & Brands Brand building & Image Build customer loyalty Company presentations Product presentations Inspire and create an interest Competitions Product placements Campaigns that draw customers to the Web or store Special offers to loyalty club members

6 One link to the content Adapt text font size Image scaling Select the right video format Encode and optimize Streaming Media Storage Video CMS Statistics Mobizoft C4M

7 Customer Success: SVT SVT (Swedish Television) is the largest TV broadcaster in Scandinavia SVT upgraded their mobile TV solution and now use Mobizoft C4M to achieve optimal video quality in all devices Primarily news and weather in the first phase Link:

8 Customer Success: H&M H&M is a global fashion company with retail stores across the world H&M uses Mobizoft C4M for their global fashion-TV Link:

9 Customer Success: IDG IDG is an international publisher with a wide range of technical and financial magazines IDG created their own mobile web sites and uses Mobizoft C4M to adapt the content to all devices More than 10 online magazines Mobile-TV with latest news Link:

10 Customer case: Mediaprovider Mediaprovider is one of Scandinavias largest publishers of magazines for consumer electronics Device optimized videos, images and text. Integrated with existing publishing system Link:

11 Customer Success: Jägareförbundet Jägareförbundet is a hunting community in Sweden The hunters film and upload videos directly from the forest and they get published on both the PC and mobile web Automatic adaptation of images and text Link:

12 Customer Success: Malmö city Campaign site from Malmö city with user generated content (UGC) Link:

13 Market update 30% - 40% surf through the mobile 85-95% with iphone Kill time Save time E-mail is out – todays users demand faster communication SMS is the entrance to surfing Where do they surf? - most popular mobile web-sites Multimedia strengthen the message and provides a better experience Advertisement in the mobile is extremely powerful

14 Management Interface Screenshots

15 Demo Login with: User name: demo Password: mobizoft

16 Demo Everything is available as a service Extremely simple to upload content

17 Demo Preview and publish. Automatically generated mobile page with playlist and your own logotype

18 Demo Links for Web and SMS Available directly from the mobile

19 EPiServer CMS 5 Plugin Screenshots

20 EPiServer CMS 5, Video

21 EPiServer properties: Font size (existing text or RSS feed) Image Upload Video Playlist Single video Mobizoft C4M – EPiServer CMS 5

22 CMS Integration API for integration with any CMS Build your own mobile Web or let us help you with it

23 Mobizoft C4M - Roadmap Q2-2009 Q3-2009 Q4-2009 Q1/Q2-2010 C4M 3.1 (current release) Live video Complete managed service Web-based video CMS Continuous improvement of supported devices C4M 3.2 Extended support for Live video Unique end-user ID Integration with Nielsen statistics Continuous improvement of supported devices C4M 4.0 Online statistics Video ads – pre- and post-rolls Mobile Flash support Continuous improvement of supported devices C4M 4.1 To be defined Continuous improvement of supported devices

24 Why a mobile strategy? Mobile phones become an increasingly important channel for your customers to: Receive information when the need arise and they have time Information that is tailormade for the customer gives added value Communicate without calling No downloads required Mobile phones become an increasingly important channel for you to: Get an important customer database with phone numbers Reach a selected target audience with your message Drive traffic to your Web, newspaper or store Make use of unique functions, such as SMS, Internet on the go, Unique ID, always carried, camera, video camera, music player, electronic payment, positioning, etc.

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