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1 Confident Persuasion Seductive Odd Angle Conversation Speak Your Way To Perpetual Payoff STOP Writing Checks, START Cashing Them.

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1 1 Confident Persuasion Seductive Odd Angle Conversation Speak Your Way To Perpetual Payoff STOP Writing Checks, START Cashing Them.

2 2 How do you know ARTICULATE when you hear it? Persuasion is merely a transference of confidence. ~ Roy H. Williams How Do You Build Confidence? How Do You Know Confidence When You SEE it? All really great lovers are articulate, and verbal seduction is the surest road to actual seduction.. ~Marya Mannes How can YOU become Seductively ARTICULATE?

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6 6 Tell US…. What Commission Do YOU CHARGE?

7 7 What Commission Do I charge? Umm… Errr… Waaahhhhhh….

8 8WhySayingsucks I Charge Six Percent

9 9 Q: What commission do you charge? Answer: Our Marketing Fee is 3%. This fee includes massive broadcast internet marketing, targeted advertising, and all the selling services required to get your property SOLD for Top Dollar and in a time frame that works best for you. We manage, coordinate and orchestrate the entire process from day one through a successful and trouble free closing. When we advertise your property in the Multiple Listing Service, we will be competing with sellers who are offering agents working with qualified buyers a 3% commission…we will also compete with New Home Builders who pay a 3% commission as well as the occasional bonus. We recommend that our selling clients offer a 3% selling commission as well. Of course, we only get paid for a successful outcome…there are no upfront fees and we offer a guarantee.

10 10 Collision Principle

11 11 Open House

12 12 Opportunity Time

13 13 Tiffany

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17 17 Unique Selling Proposition - Buyer Transitional Bridge ~ Conversational Portal You: Sounds to me like youre looking for something special? Let me propose this…The reason its hard to find that special house is when HOT new listing inventory tumbles onto the market…Im talking about homes that are priced great, show fantastic, stunning curb appeal, lush landscaping, fabulous floor plans and perfect location. Homes that really shine and sparkle, often sell in a couple of days, if not the first day. These homes never show up in an ad, open house, even the internet…they sell too fast. These homes are sold by fast acting, eagle eyed Realtors who monitor the market and notify their preferred clients as soon as something appears on the market. I have a computerized market monitor program that rushes me via email, auto-notification when HOT new listings hit the market. My question is, when a HOT new listing hits the market and it matches your specific criteria, would you like detailed information rushed to you via email? Then youd be the person with insider information, knowing whats available before the masses. Its pretty simple, free and no hassles…all I need is a couple of quick minutes to better understand what youre looking for…then Ill have the information I need to program my Homefinder Software and bada- bing-bada-boom, youre poised to WIN. Is this free service something you could benefit from? Can you see any disadvantage to knowing about HOT properties before anyone else?

18 18 Unique Selling Proposition - SELLER Transitional Bridge ~ Conversational Portal You: Would you be open minded to fresh ideas that would help sell your property for more money, save you time and eliminate all the hassles and wicked surprises? Or if you hear a commission related blast… Listen…I hear you. Im like you and everyone else…nobody wants to over pay for anything. Weve all been promised the moon and what we got was a fist full of air, broken promises and mealy mouth excuses. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Let me propose this idea. Lets meet and Ill share my uniquely tailored world wide marketing plan with you. Ill share advanced, top tier, ultra effective marketing, advertising, merchandising strategies that will broadcast-blast your property information to the far corners of the world…viewable electronically in digital full high-impact Technicolor, locally, regionally, nationally and globally ~ maybe even galactilly if any aliens are picking up our signals. These critical broadcast factors effect the sales price…your net bottom line proceeds…thin and weak marketing = meager and stunted net proceeds, thick, powerful and persuasive marketing = more money for you.

19 19 Unique Selling Proposition - SELLER Transitional Bridge ~ Conversational Portal Continued… Also, briefly or in as much detail as you like, I will share how we communicate, manage and lead all the various role players in transaction…for example, the co-op brokers, mortgage lenders, home owners insurance, mortgage appraisers, title insurance, property inspectors, survey people, home warranty details and others. Keeping you informed every step of the way, insuring that all the big and fine details are handled in a timely fashion…all leading to a stress free closing and trouble free receipt of funds. More convenience, ease and safety for you and yours…its all guaranteed. At the conclusion of our meeting if your feel Im the right person for the job…that I can get you home SOLD for more money with less hassle and stress…then youll hire me. That would be exciting. If not, then you wont…no worries…Ill wish you well, our meeting is complimentary and some of the gems/bright ideas I share with you will help you sell your home for more money no matter who you choose. Can you see any disadvantage to our getting together on that basis?

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21 21 Talk To More People Than - Larry King Solve Like - Einstein Deepen Relationships Like - Oprah Lead Like - Joan of Arc Get Real, Love Tough - Like Dr. Phil Negotiate Like - Johnny Cochran Prevent Fires Like - Smokey The Bear Surprise And Stupify - Like Forrest Gump Patiently Love All/Serve All - Like Mother Teresa

22 22 Dont Get Through, Break Through; Dont Hide Out, Shine Out; And Dont Meet The Standard, Set The Standard. ~ David McNally

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24 24 Be An Academy Award Winning Movie Producer 1.Visit your local theater website to check new release movie dates and times ~ Example: 2.Pick a date and time – Friday or Wednesday, Matinee Start Time: Between 10:30 and Noon Thirtyish. 3.Send an Email Invitation To Gobs Of Prospects In Your Sphere. Include, Date, Time To Meet Up, Movie Start Time, Movie End Time, Its Your TREAT = FREE Movie Pass For Them. Copy and Paste The Movie Poster Picture Into Your Email Invitation. Ask Everyone To Hit The Reply Button If They Can Attend. 4.Follow-Up All Your Invitations With A Telephone Call/Invitation 5.Mail A Note Card After Each Conversation. 6.Greet Everyone With A Hug And Big Fat Smile, Hand Out Tickets, Chit Chat, Graciously Accept Thank Yous. 7.Follow Up By Mailing A Note Card To All Attendees. 2.Follow Up With Absentees - Email Fun-Time Wish You Could Have Joined Us – Include picture. 3.Open Your Eyes, Ears, Mind and Designer Purse – Referral Opportunities Will Bloom Like A Field Of Wild Flowers

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26 26 What to say when someone asks YOU…Hows The Real Estate Business? People are attracted to positive, enthusiastic and energetic people. Never complain or share negative thoughts or points of view. DO tell a story, DO include details and facts. End your story with a natural problem that can be solved by requesting a buyer or seller referral. Possible Story Lines: Cool House On Tour – Youre looking for a buyer. Your Next Open House Event – Youre looking for a buyer Your Scheduled Closing or Last Closing – You need more inventory Your New Listing or Pocket Listing – Youre looking for a buyer The Nice People You Showed Homes To This Week – You need more inventory The Nice, Picky, Unrealistic People You Cant Find A Home For – You need more inventory Heres one possible positive response to Hows the market? and request for referrals. You Say: Great, thanks for asking. Business is brisk. In fact, while on property tour today, I saw the most amazing property. It had the most luscious private paradise back yard…a sparkling blue swimming pool to die for and a wrap around decking, perfect for parties and Bar-B-Q cookouts. Inside, the kitchen had been completely remodeled with the sleekest, stainless goodies, marble counter tops and slate floors. Its brand new on the market and best of all its fairly priced. Its in the Sleepy Hollow neighborhood. Can you think of anyone in your neighborhood or at work that has mentioned making a move? …This is a dream home for somebody. They Say: Nope. You: If you run into anyone you think this house would work for….heres a couple of my cards…keep one and pass one along. So, thanks for asking…whats new with you these days? Do one thing every day that scares you. ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

27 27 Trust your instincts. And never hope more than you Work. ~ Rita Mae Brown

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