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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم واعتصموا بحبل الله جميعا ولا تفرقوا صدق الله العظيم.

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Presentation on theme: "بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم واعتصموا بحبل الله جميعا ولا تفرقوا صدق الله العظيم."— Presentation transcript:

1 بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم واعتصموا بحبل الله جميعا ولا تفرقوا صدق الله العظيم

2 Foundation of Technical Education The Beginning, History, Developing Horizons Prof.Dr.Mahmood.Sh.Abdul Husain President Foundation of Technical Education

3 Institutes Attached to Foundation of Technical Education Institute of Medical Technology/Baghdad Institute of Technology/ Baghdad Tec hnical Institute for Adminstration Technical Institute-Basrah Technical Institute-Mosul Technical Institute-karkuk Technical Institute-Babel Technical Institute-Anbar Technical Institute-Najaf Tec hnical Institute for Adminstration/ Rassafa Technical Institute-Amara Technical Institute-Mossyab Technical Institute-Shatra Technical Institute-Nasrya Technical Institute-Kut Technical Institute-Haweja Technical Institute-Kufa Technical Institute-Swera Technical Institute-Door Technical Institute-Baukoba Technical Institute-Samawa Technical Institute-Karbla Technical Medical Institute-Mansur Technical Institute-Kadssya Technical Institute-Ninava Institute of Applied Art Technical Instructors Training Institute

4 Technical College Attached to Foundation of Technical Education Technical College - Baghdad Technical College - Mosul College of Health and Medical Technology Technical College -Bashra Technical College-Karkuk Technical College - Najaf Technical College- Mossyab Technical College for Managment Technical College of Electricity

5 Technological Specializations Building and Construction Engineering Drawing Road Construction Irrigation and Drainage Irrigation Technology Projects Operation Surveying Elevators and Slinks Electrical Power Electrical Network Medical Equipment Electronics Control Instruments Communications Production and Minerals Printing General Mechanic Pumping Automobile Mechanical operation and Maintenance Air conditioning and Refrigeration Spinning and Textile Occupational Safty Glass and Ceramics Unit Operation

6 Medical Specializations Prosthodontic Dentistry Dental Prevention Community Health Radiology AnesthesiaIntensive care Physiotherapy Nursing Artificial Kidney Medical Laboratory Technology PharmacyOptical test Handicap careProsthetics and orthotics

7 Administrative Specializations AccountingSecretary Storage Management Statistics Insurance Management Computer Systems Banking Legal Management Libraries Management Tourism and Hotels Management Health Management

8 Agricultural Specializations Plant Production Animal Production Agricultural Machines Soil and Land Reclamination Animal Health

9 Art Specializations Printing Design Interior Design Textiles Fashion and TailoringArchitectural Decoration

10 Specializations in Technical Colleges

11 Technological Specializations Welding eng. Dies andTools eng. Glass and Ceramics eng. Surveying eng. Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Automobile eng. Materials Technology eng. Computer Technical eng. Medical Instrumentation Communications Electrical Power eng. Fuel and Energy eng. Petrochemicals Engineering Pollution and Environment Eng. Software Eng. Electronics eng. Pumping Eng. Agricultural Machine Eng. Water Resources Eng..

12 Medical and Health Specializations Physiotherapy Radiology Medical Laboratory Technology Anaesthesia Prosthetic Dentistry Community Health Optimetry Administrative specializations Accounting and Finanical Operation Technology Information Technology Agricultural Specializations Animal Production Technology Plant Production Technology Quality Control Technology

13 Degree of Master Welding Eng. Techniques Degree of Master Thermal Eng. Techniques Degree of Master Dies Eng. Techniques Degree of Master Ceramics Eng. Techniques Degree of Master Electrical Power Techniques Degree of Master Computer Techniques Degree of Master Medical Laboratory Technology Degree of Master Community Health Degree of Master Prosthodontic Dentistry Degree of Master Information Technology Degree of Master Bioresistance Techniques Degree of Master Tissue transplantations Techniques Degree of Master Plant generation and Improvment Degree of Master Animal Production Techniques Higher Diploma Refrigeration and air condition Eng. Techniques Higher Diploma Mechanical design Eng. Techniques Higher Diploma Materials Eng. Techniques Higher Diploma Electrical power Techniques Higher Diploma Operations Management Higher Diploma Finance and Accounts Higher Diploma Animal Production Techniques The standing Higher Education Programmers in the F.T.E.

14 FTE Teaching Staff Number is Classified by the certificate levels Degree No. Ph.D. 425 Master 1338 Higher Diploma 156 Bachelor 898 Total 2817 Teaching Staff Number Classified in accordance to the Scientific title Scientific title No. Professor 34 Assistancs Professor 465 Lecturer 704 Assistancs Lecturer 1614 Total 2817

15 NUMBER OF STUDENTS TOTAL Higher EducationEvening study morning study Academic year Technical Colleges Technical Institutes Technical Colleges Technical Institutes 1000ــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــ ـــــــــــــ1000 1969 90978404361743951339969163 2006 - 2005 Number of students in the F.T.E. For the Academic year 2005 - 2006 in comparison to the year of Foundation

16 TOTAL Information technology Arts Agriculture General Administrative MedicalEngineeringEducationalType of course 35911714161956319412 No. of the programmers planned for the academic year 2006 - 2005 Training Programmers for the development of the teaching and training staff

17 Stages of the development of the Curricula in the F.T.E. Getting to know the pioneer international experiments in Technical Education making a survey for the needs of job market for the required types of skills Reassessment of the graduate job description and put the general objectives for the specialization with the participation of the experts in the job market Lay down the general indications and specifications of the Curricula

18 Put the study plans and the objective for each subject according to the specifications stated for the technical Education Curricula Adopt the curricula and determine the requirements and data of implementation according to the material and human Resources available Implementations Preparation stage for implementation

19 Standards of Performance Evaluation Scientific promotion Scientific developments exploring seminars Teachers study rings Scientific Research (Published and approved for publishing researches of the teacher ) Scientific visits Development studies Conferences and scientific circuits Workshops and labs development Students Researches Training courses Researches contracted upon with sides out side the F.T.E. Colleges or institute consultation services Continuous learning courses

20 Current Post - gradual Studies Technology Plumbing Eng. Tech. Dies Eng. Tech. Surveying Eng. Tech. Automobile Eng. Tech. Welding Eng. Tech. Computer Eng. Tech. Communication Eng. Tech. Cemenl Eng. Tech. Electrical Power Eng. Tech. Medicine and Health Medical Laboratory Technology Prothestic tech. Community health tech. Agriculture Bio animal tech. Tissue Culture tech. Bio Resistance tech. Plant improvment tech.

21 Research Units : To raise the standards of scientific research in the F.T.E. and to try to activate the scientific research of technical nature, the F.T.E. acted to establish research units in typical specializations by mean of which some fields needed by the society can be developed, through the technical staff that have experience and skills and those units can be as foundation for research centers in those specializations in future. There are three research unites in the F.T.E, which are : Research and replacements research units Corn research units Cotton research units The F.T.E. Is to introduce now research units to cover all the existing specializations whish are ; Architectural ornament research units Production management and operation research unit Efficiency Management research units

22 The AL-Taqani Journal The F.T.E. was keen to issue The (Taqani) journal which a scientific, well established journal take care of publishing scientific researches in the Medical, Health,Engineering,Administrative, Agricultural, and Applied Arts fields, and it is in its eighteenth year, without interruption despite all the difficult situation Iraq post as is facing, and the journal has a website to have its scientific production available for the researchers all over the world, and the website address is WWW.technicalmagazine.

23 Future Prospect for the

24 Mechanical Tech. Electrical and Mechanic Tech. Mineral Corrosion Electromechanics Noises & Vibration Energy Unit Operation Design & Manufacturing Solid Geometry Autotronics Automechnics Car bodies Engineering test Medical Equipment Machines Programme Energy Distribution and Transferring Microchip Manufacturing Computer Programme Hydraulic and Pneumatic Control Units Micronics Cathodic Protection Laser and Plasama Computer Nets specializations to be introduced – graduate study FIRST:

25 Agricultural TechniquesArts Technical Tissue Culture Plant Improvement Plant Fertilization Artificial Fertilizatic Bio Resistance Machine Maintaince Printing Design Clothes Design Photography Arabesque and Ornamentation Fine Art

26 Administration Tech. Chemical Techniques Water Treatment Fire Distinguisher Minerals Extraction Handling Material Efficiency Management Information Management Creation Management Medical Tech. Teeth Culture Biological Tech.

27 Ceramic Eng. Tech. Power Eng. Tech. Medical Equipment Eng. Tech. Organic Culture Tech. Community Health Tech. Operation Tech. Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Eng. Tech. Banking and Financial Tech. specializations to be introduced – Post graduate

28 The Development of the teaching training committees 1- Following future policy or plans serious to change the skeleton of the teaching staff to ward :- A- The increase of the Higher degrees holders (M.S.C., P.H.D.) through the increase of opportunities of fellowships and scholarships abroad. B- Providing services and facilities required for the teachers, by conducting studies and scientific researches,as well as provide the opportunities to exploit the information and communication technology in their field of specialization to encourage them in field of scientific promotion. SEUCEND :

29 2- To provide the adequate numbers of teachers in required specializations to reach the target ratio of the teachers to the students according to different specializations. 3- Lay down a complete plan to rehabilitate the technicians in general and specialized fields. 4- To qualify the B.S.C. holders to get a higher degree. 5- Adopt the concept of implementation of quality control system in the technical education where it become a necessary for any structure including the high education. The Development of the teaching training committees

30 6- The full benefit for the programmers offered by the international and scientific organization to activate study rings and workshops and the courses held by those organizations inside or outside Iraq. 7- Emphasizing on the position of academic, psychological, educational, for the teachers. 8- Implementing the quality standards in choosing the teachers for the higher education, on the basis of profficiency, good reputations,personality maturity,and comunitment to profession ethics, and give scientific department bigger role in this field. 9- Provider an environment of freedom and stability as wall as of respect to value of twontedge and teacher. The Development of the teaching training committees

31 Libraries and Information Technology 1- Establish an internet service net work in all libraries. 2- Start to excute the project of Electronic Library. 3- Provide enough financial support for the libraries requirements. 4- preparation of a staff well trained to deal with modern information technology by offering the officials working in these libraries training and developing courses. THIRED:

32 5- Provide Modern devices for exchange and publishing of information, like a network of computers with all theis accessories as well as communication facilities and computer sets in adequate numbers, also establish a data base and internet services. 6-Subsicribe in the Arabic and foreign periodicals to support the library with additional information resources. Libraries and Information Technology

33 University Building 1- Establish new Colleges and Institutes consist of all the requirement in a convenient engineering designs in contrast to the ones that were established in buildings not designed or not equiped for university study. 2- Development of the existing colleges and institutes by mean of adding new building or adopt the existing ones according to modern engineering design. Fourth :

34 3- Provide the requirement of university environment in the university complex like residence for the teachers and technicians Dorometries as well as other facilities like gardens,play grounds, etc… 4- Give more concern to the dorometries, by development of the existing ones and adding new buildings to accomodates all the students as well as provide them with all the requirements. University Building

35 With Best Regard

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