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Clothes and fashion Source:

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1 Clothes and fashion Source:
©Lenka Lexová

2 Parts of clothing a pair of trousers a suit a blazer a waistcoat
a shirt a tie a bow tie a T-shirt a sweater a blouse a skirt ©Lenka Lexová

3 Parts of clothing a pair of mittens a scarf a pair of shoes
a pair of sneakers a pair of boots a pair of wellingtons a pair of high heels a pair of flip-flops a pair of shorts a pair of boxers underpants knickers ©Lenka Lexová

4 Parts of clothing a dress a cardigan a track suit a jacket a bra
a pair of tights a pair of socks a raincoat a hat a cap a pair of gloves ©Lenka Lexová

5 Accessories an umbrella a button a collar laces a zip a pocket a belt
braces glasses a handbag a necklace a bracelet an earring a ring a wristwatch ©Lenka Lexová

6 What is typical for men ©Lenka Lexová

7 What is typical for women
©Lenka Lexová

8 Patterns striped dotted checked spotted plain ©Lenka Lexová

9 Talk about yourself What dou you wear in the winter and in the summer?
What dou you wear when you go to a dico, a ball, to the cinema, theatre, to the gym? What is casual clothes? Where do you go shopping for clothes? What is your favourite material? silk, velvet, denim, cotton, wool, nylon, leather ©Lenka Lexová

10 Describing clothes It suits you. It's too big. It fits you.
You look nice in that colour. It's too big. It's too small. It's too loose. It's too tight. It's too long. It's too short. ©Lenka Lexová

11 Other adjectives baggy - baggy clothes are too big
tight - clothes that fit your body very closely elegant - beautiful, attrative trendy - with style, follows the latest fashion old-fashioned - not modern, but old ©Lenka Lexová

12 Describe the people ©Lenka Lexová

13 Fashion Do you follow fashion trends?
Do you buy fashion magazines or watch fashion shows? What is trendy nowadays? Would you like to be a model? Why/not? What are the advantages and disadvantages if this job? ©Lenka Lexová

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