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Or given any thought to STUDY ABROAD?. Do you want to dramatically improve your language skills in a matter of a few months without spending hundreds.

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1 Or given any thought to STUDY ABROAD?



4 Do you want to dramatically improve your language skills in a matter of a few months without spending hundreds of dollars on Rosetta Stone?



7 Students are able to develop their awareness and knowledge of language studied, and their understanding of culture concerned. Students pursue their interest based on research of texts (written and spoken): books, articles, plays, poems or cultural artifacts such as works of fine art or architecture, films, radio, TV or popular music Written in the foreign language focused on matters related that foreign language

8 Consists of study of an issue in 1 of 3 categories Language Culture and society Literature Combinations of the above Worthy of investigation (not too trivial or broad) Allows for effective treatment within the word limit Provides opportunity to develop an argument, demonstrate critical analysis and personal judgment rather than just knowledge

9 Emphasis: this is a research essay and the assessment criteria emphasize the importance of research skills rather than linguistic proficiency. In fact, students who are fluent in the language but who do not demonstrate the required research skills will definitely achieve a lower mark than students who are less fluent but who fulfill the other assessment criteria.

10 Specific analysis of the language (its use, structure and so on) normally related to its cultural context or a specific text French: Language Laws in Quebec Japanese: Foreign Words in Japanese Spanish: Alternative Use of the Forms Vos and Usted in the Spanish of the Río de la Plata region

11 Category A: Language To what extent has the Arabic language influenced the Spanish language? How has Quebecs Law 101 influenced the economy in Quebec? To what extent has the French Academys mission of clarification limited the evolution of the French language?

12 A: Essays of a socio-cultural nature with an impact on the language The essay should be an analysis of a cultural nature that describes the impact of a particular issue on the form or use of the language French: Language and Feminism Japanese: Language for Family Members Spanish: Language and Discrimination

13 To what extent is Keigo important in Japanese business?

14 B: Essays of a general cultural nature based on specific cultural artifacts* The essay should be an analysis of a more general cultural nature but specific to a country or a community where the language is spoken French: Social Criticism in the Songs of MC Solaar Japanese: Adverts in the Japanese Media Spanish: Representation of Women in Tango

15 What is the influence of the music of Tigres del Norte on the political viewpoints of the general public? How do the songs of Abd Al Malik reflect the conditions of those living in the French projects and how have they become a message of hope for these people? How does the popular film La Haine (The Hatred), fiercely attacked by critics, portray a positive image of the situation in the French suburban ghettos? How has Japanese history influenced the relationship between senpai and kouhai in Japanese schools? How do Japanese fashion magazines affect the way Japanese youth dress?

16 The essay should be an analysis of a literary type based on a specific work or works of literature exclusively from the foreign language. All texts must have originally been written in the foreign language. French: Haitian Politics as Depicted in Works by Dany Laferrière and Gary Victor Japanese: Pastoral References in Kenji Miyazawa Spanish: Fictionalization of History in Abel Posses Novels

17 To what extent does the the relationship between the French and North African culture affect the assimilation of the North Africans as portrayed in the works of Faiza Guène? To what extent does Voltaire use Candide to criticize or attack the social, political and religious institutions of 18 th century France? To what extent was El Quixote a satirical work of knight tales? To what extent does the quest for social status, as it is represented in the novel Le Père Goriot, by Honoré de Balzac, influence the actions of its characters, most notably, the Père Goriot, Eugène de Rastignac and Vautrin?

18 Students should demonstrate an understanding of the issues raised by the research question and offer an objective, balanced analysis of the issues. The essay must be presented as a coherent argument, supported by relevant examples. Essays that are simply descriptive are unlikely to achieve a high mark.

19 In the case of an essay of a general culture nature, student should focus on, and research, what makes the topic specific and unique to the country/countries studied Focus must remain on culture of language concerned Students may analyze texts in a detailed literary fashion, or they may use literary texts as a means of exploring the target language or its culture and society

20 Whenever questionnaires have been used or statistics presented, student must show an understanding of the results and be able to interpret them with reference to the issue. A copy of any questionnaires or surveys should be included as an appendix. If photographs and/or illustrations are used, they should be labeled, explained and justified in the context of the topic.


22 Documentation of sources: French: 4000 words MLA Japanese: 8000 characters MLA Spanish: 4000 words APA Chinese: 4800 characters MLA

23 Criterion A: research question be specific and sharply focused be stated clearly in the essay fit in one of the categories (language, culture and society or literature), or be a combination of the three Interpreting the assessment criteria

24 Criterion B: introduction should be brief focus on research question and how it relates to existing knowledge of subject for category 1 and 2 topics: intro should make clear how chosen topic is specific or of special interest to target culture For literature essays- avoid lengthy accounts of historical or biographical context of literary text.

25 Criterion C : investigation Use of authentic sources, mainly written in the target language Literature-based essays- all texts written in target language Secondary sources and views of critics should support students own argument, not a substitute for that argument Literature essays-supporting information should come mainly from primary text

26 Criterion D: Students should demonstrate knowledge and understanding of topic chosen, together with its context: historical, social and cultural, as well as academic. Category 1 & 2: based partially on primary sources Category 3: student must understand primary text

27 Criterion E: reasoned argument Opinions supported by reasonable argument to convince reader of their validity Category 1 & 2: compilation of facts or description of events unacceptable Category 3: avoid plot summary or narration of action (exception- little- known text)

28 Criterion F: application of analytical and evaluative skills appropriate to subject use of persuasive analysis and argument to support a personal interpretation or point of view

29 Criterion G: use of language appropriate to the subject Correct use of vocabulary, sentence structure and grammar, as well as selection of an appropriate register and style No single acceptable style – may use first person or more impersonal mode of communication

30 Criterion H: conclusion consistent is key word should develop out of the argument NOT new or extraneous matter dont repeat introduction present a new synthesis in light of the discussion

31 Criterion I: formal presentation must conform to academic standards bibliography and citations must include title page, table of contents, page numbers

32 Criterion J: abstract judged on clarity with which it presents an overview of the research and essay not on quality of research question, nor on quality of arguments or conclusion written in language of the essay do not include personal information or reasons for choosing topic

33 Criterion K: holistic judgment Intellectual initiative Insight and depth of understanding Creativity

34 Who should consider writing their Extended Essay in Group 2 world language? You are an HL student with a good grade in your language class. You are an SL student with an A average You are a risk-taker and not intimidated to do research in the language Permission from your language teacher is required before you make a proposal. Consider some feasible topics and then approach your teacher.

35 Important dates for Group 2 EEs January 2-17Supervisor conference 1 Discuss research ideas Assignment: Find 5 sources in target language make bib cards For literature – buy book and get 2 additional sources; Create a draft of your research question in target language February 24-28Supervisor conference 2Review sources and work through research question Assignment: further research and outline of your essay including where sources fit

36 April 21- May 2Supervisor conference 3Discuss outline; bring questions/ concerns Assignment: Bring first 1000 words or 2000 characters of body + annotated bibliography June 2-6Supervisor conference 4Go over initial draft Assignment: 4000 words first draft Friday of the first week of school 2014First draft due

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