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Omni-channel Best Practices

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1 Omni-channel Best Practices
How Retailers can Survive in an Omni-Channel World Jorij Abraham

2 Agenda Introducing Unic What is Omni-channel Management?
One of our Best Practices Three Characteristics of Omni-Channel Players

3 We increase our customers’ success in e-business.
Mission of the Unic Group

4 A Selection of Our Clients
enthusiastic about our valuable customers... B2B2C Fashion Fashion Retail Construction B2B

5 What is Omni-Channel Management?

6 From Single to Omni-Channel
Single channel Multi-channel Cross-channel Omni-channel xxx Experience Single touch point Channel act alone, experience differs Channels strengthen each other Experience is aligned across all channels Proposition Allgned Different assortment, prices services New services: C&C, in-store home delivery, etc Unified brand, service, assortment Focus - Learn Grow Make profitable Organization One organization Separate eCom. Unit eCommerce unit becomes part organization Integrated channel management for communication & commerce Technology One platform Systems are silo’s Logistics, assortment & CRM are integrated Shared platform for all channels from web, to mobile to cash register.

7 Commerce + Content = Experience
xxx Commodity € 0.01 – 0.02 / cup Product € 0.05 – 0.25 / cup Experience € 2.50 – 5.00 / cup

8 From Content, to Commerce, to Experience
Single channel Omni channel Management Of a channel Of the customer journey Selling A product An experience Optimization Fact , usability driven Emotionally driven Focus On selling On informing, educating and entertaining Architecture Content & sales resides on one site Distributed across many sites Media Text and images Video, augmented reality, … Communication Sending information Interacting with the customer Critical success factor Price Brand XXX

9 Three Characteristics of Omni-Channel Players
NPS, Architecture, Speed

10 The Net Promotor Score (NPS)

11 Integrated Customer Centric Architecture


13 Igor Corvers Director Sales & Marketing Jos Strijbosch Senior Account Manager Jorij Abraham Director of Consulting Axelle Leroy Marketing Manager Benelux

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