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AD 3102 Advertising Planning

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1 AD 3102 Advertising Planning
Planning STEP AD 3102 Advertising Planning

2 Print Planning Terminology related CPM ( Cost per Thousand )
(cost per page x 1,000 ) / Readership or Circulation low CPM = best performance . Newspaper CPM thairath 250 Daily News 450 Bangkok Post 2,345 No.1 No.2 expensive

3 Print planning Quantitative selection
depend on CPM analysis and budget If limited budget , select only top 1 or top 1 & 2 only If appropriate budget , can select more than 1 or 2 ranking , can plus Qualitative selection to be criteria for planning . Newspaper CPM thairath 250 Daily News 450 Bangkok Post 2,345 Limited budget select only Thairath or Thairath + Dailynews More budget could consider Qualitative judgment : Bangkok post ( rational : focus on top management )

4 Print Planning Qualitative Selection
consider base on content match with newspaper and magazine focus on businessman --- select business newspaper focus on product such as beauty product --- select fashion magazine Focus on product such as cooking product ---> select cooking magazine Consider base on benefit , ROI added value return ---- > buy 3 get 1 free

5 Print planning Tips Newspaper Rotate size for cost effectiveness
Start with big size for launching , reduce to smaller size on maintaining. align with all media pattern : Continue / flighting and bursting Some title run continue , some title just run on lunching , when merge together will be pulsing pattern Consider on added value to be extra consideration not only base on best CPM , if plus with special added value will be plus great plan select Thairath + Daily news and consider Kao Soa cause offer buy 2 get 1 free.

6 Print planning Tips Magazine
Consider the best CPM in related type of magazine …. 1st priority additional consider for qualitative selective Example Product to be seasoning Sauce The best CPM to be woman magazine : Praew , Lisa ….. Qualitative selection should be cooking magazine but these magazine have high CPM such as Krua , Mae ban ,

7 Print Planning Tips after select title of magazine , consider number of magazine in plan high budget …. Select more title … 4-6 title in each campaign … ( 3 from CPM , 3 form Qualitative Low budget …. Option 1 select only CPM base or Option 2 select just only 1-3 magazine ( 2 from CPM and 1 for Qualitative ) if select 2 magazine from CPM , may be alternate publish 1st magazine run

8 TV Planning Terminology related GRP’s : number of viewers
Reach 1+ ( Net Reach ) : percentage of new viewers ( unduplicated number) Reach 3+ ( ER/EF) : percentage of viewers who viewed 3 times up CPRP : cost per achieved 1 percentage of viewer Frequency : No.of Opportunity to see (OTS) , this is average number

9 TV Planning Competitive data is 1st data to consideration AIS TRUE
Incase need to sustaining R1+ lower than 50 % in each 4 week , should consider other medium to maintain more performance TV Planning Competitive data is 1st data to consideration AIS TRUE DTAC Launching GRP’s 1200 800 1000 R1+ 85 80 83 R3+ 65 50 63 Sustaining 600 450 500 70 67 55 45 Tips : launching R3+ should not lower than 50 % Tips Sustaining R1+ should not lower than 50 %

10 TV Planning Marketing Objective will be guideline for setting our goal/achievement. marketing objective Generate brand awareness 80% within 6 months , increase frequency of visit from 2 times per month to be 4 time per months Media Objective Achieved total media coverage 85% Reach 1+ for launching campaign to generate brand awareness 80 % within 6 months maintain with Reach 3 + at least 50 % in every month of sustaining period

11 Why we should to set media performance is higher than awareness goal ?
Question ? Why we should to set media performance is higher than awareness goal ? TV Planning Media performance should set higher than awareness goal awareness didn’t effect from only media channel , there are other factor to effect consumer until couldn’t generate as goal such as daily habit , emergency case , environment , that’s are uncontrolled factor … or message of Ad are so complicate than realize within shorter period , so need to set media coverage over than awareness if set the same , result of awareness may be less than expectation

12 Question ? If marketing goal need to increase frequency of visit , how should we do ? TV Planning frequency of visit related to Effective Reach & Frequency ( ER/EF ) When do want to focus frequency mean – you want to repeat message and want prospect target remember or action on your request . the minimum R3+ should not lower than 50 % , mean if total population have 100 , and more than 50 % of population couldn’t reach or ignore your message , mean that this campaign have some problem . Reach is reflect to awareness if you need increase action , need to increase ER/EF level

13 TV planning Media pattern , can use all patterns : continue / bursting / flighting factor for effect pattern to be budget you have Campaign activities Competitive TV performance and marketing goal TV budget should allocate approx % of total budget , except client have objective to use non – TV ratio more, example ratio 50 : 50, or 60 :40 etc.

14 TV Planning after complete to set reach goal performance , keep details as reference Launch level GRP’s Reach Reach Sustaining level GRP’s Reach Reach Base on 4 weeks *** Reach performance should consider via your pattern buying and experience buying

15 TV planning if we set launching and sustain , need to keep this level for the whole plan , but if limited budget , can’t reduce weight with same period , need to reduce weight and reduce period as same , example TV CPRP Jan Feb Mar April # Total B’000 4 wk 2wk 30 sec GRP’s 20,000 600 15 sec GRP’s 10,000 450 225 TOTAL GRP’s 1200 2,475 B’000 18,000 6,000 4500 2,250 30,750 R1+ 90 75 70 60 R3+ 55 50 40 Frequency 13.33 8.0 6.4 3.75

16 Radio Planning Terminology related CPM base on listeningship
(cost per month x 1000) / radio listeningship by station how to calculate cost per month cost per spot x no. of spot per day x no. of day 2400 x 6 x 30 = 432,000 B > 432,000 x 1000 / 567,000 = 762 <---- CPM

17 Radio planning How to starting radio plan
First : study listeningship , consider the best station Second : consider target group , and Identify each station match for each target ; FM green wave target is adult working officer (CPM 350 ) FM 91.5 cool FM target is teenager and young adult ( CPM 450) Third : standard spot per day : approx. 6-8 spot per day if focus on specific time , could reduce spot per day to 2-4 , possible if need to quick response or urgent action , could increase spot to b spot /day , but need to run on short period . Try to select each station cover all target

18 Radio planning no of day should consider make sense : 15 day or 30 day will be standard period . however we can run 10 day but should be connect in other part such as jan , Feb  could do Jan 1-7 , > depend on radio slot available ? Sometime couldn’t Continuously period will be gain better performance than run in short period .

19 Radio planning Radio Cost per spot /day Jan Feb Mar Apr
Pattern : run bursting in each station , combine on could be continue or bursting … perfect ! Radio planning Radio Cost per spot /day Jan Feb Mar Apr FM 106.5 3400 8 30 15 FM 105.5 4500 FM 94.0 3200 6 FM 95.5 4000 Adult Adult Teen Teen How to calculate cost per month Jan = FM ( 3400 x 8 x 30 ) + FM 95.5 ( 4000 x 6 x 30 )

20 Cinema planning Terminology related
CPM --- Viewership > base on ticket record Big barrier of cinema media consumption focus on teenager and young adult low number of frequency ( visit ) Ad Position is needed Best for Cinema Emotional effect big sceen

21 Cinema planning How to calculate media cost
cost per week x no. of cinema house x no.of week 5600 x 10 x 4 = 224,000 B can buy minimum only 1 week , but if you buy 1 week should be connect with other week such as Jan : buy 4th week , Feb buy 1st week --- that’s OK Jan : buy 2nd week , Feb buy 3rd week -- can do but not effective

22 Cinema planning Holiday period Cinema Cost per week
No. of cinema House Jan Feb Mar Apr. Major 5600 20 4 2 SF 5300 EGV 5000 10 Total wk 6 8

23 How to prepare recommendation

24 Target Audience Male & Female Age 15 -29 are priority target prospect
Over 29 years old are secondary target Middle / Upper Income group Live in BKK and key provinces – Chiengmai / Hat yai / Phuket and Udontanee Phychohgraphic : aware in topic “ global warming “ No concern about branding Easy Easy concept Love in nature ,

25 Media Objective Gain media coverage 90% of reach 1+ within first 4 month or coverage more than 50 % of reach 3+ in order to create brand awareness and register Muji brand in mind Consider “ Mix Media “ to stimulate multi target prospect interest and run throughout the year. This section , planner should translate from marketing objective and focus on detail of media that should be achieved

26 Media Strategies Consider TV is the main medium to gain highest media coverage 90 % in reach 1+ Utilize media base on activities Newspaper and magazine for promoting product Radio for stimulate and inform branding news TV for expand corporate concept . After complete to set objective , this section is the method or media that can help to achieve objective

27 This page is focus on TV , detail that need to present
Launching level and sustaining level that including 1+ reach and 3+ reach Media pattern Period of advertising Media Execution TV Launch level with 90 % reach 1+ and 56 % reach 3+ to complete key competitor. Sara ever launch with 86 % reach 1+ in Y2008 Maintain level with 60 % reach 1+ throughout campaign Flighting pattern was preferred , key period are 1st quarter of launching campaign and 3rd -4th quarter for support grand opening shop around Thailand .

28 This page is focus on TV , detail that need to present
Key program that want to focus such as focus on sport program , news or Thai drama Everything that you imaging / planning that will help your TV plan to be outstanding and effectiveness Media Execution TV Focus 60 % on Primetime ( ) , 20% for late night program , 10 % for morning program and 10 % for daytime program Drama , variety and sport program to be main program to consider 70 % on weekday and 30 % on weekend program Consider to tie-in program in vairety program Jor Jai in Ch 5 Ratee Samosorn

29 Media pattern is very important , couldn’t forget
Detail of print , such as how to select newspaper , what types of newspaper , what’s section do you want to focus Media pattern is very important , couldn’t forget Media Execution Newspaper Select popular daily newspaper to coverage main concept Thairath with FP /FC , JP/FC and rotate size to Strip ad for creating more frequency . Consider English and business newspaper to selective target for limited edition product and launcing main concept Bangkok Post and the nation for Upper adult target Krungthep Turakij for Middle / Upper working adult

30 Key benefit that make your plan different from your friend
Media Execution Newspaper Not only Bangkok coverage , expand to Urban area with Kom chad luke and kao sod special package Buy 2 get 2 free ( Kao sod ) Buy 3 get 1 free ( Kom Chad Luk ) Continuety patter n served for Thairath and flighting pattern was consider for other newspape r to support key activities .

31 What’s station as you select
Media pattern What ‘s timing or no. of spot per day per station Media Execution Radio Green Wave FM to be main station to promote “ MUJI SAVE THE EARTH “ by linkage with main concept of station . To announce public about new store around Bangkok by rotate and alternate 2 period by FM Virgin soft and FM 94.0 EFM FM FAT radio and FM 95.5 Virgin Hit Flighting pattern are focused for support grand opening period and key activites Design contest and Fashion show out door acitvities

32 Media Execution Magazine What’s type of magazine as focus
Name of selection magazine Media pattern What’s section Media Execution Magazine Focus woman / Men and teen magazine to coverage multi target “ Teen and adult “ target Praew and Elle to be key woman magazine to promote Limited edition product on 2nd quarter campaign . Support grand opening by create advertorial ad. In woman magazine to promote new shop , new product and new fashion with in woman and teen magazine Consider GM and FHM to support only men fashion announce. Continuety planning are focus for magazine .

33 Cinema Execution Cinema
consider 20 cinema house per each 3 Cinema brands ( Major / SF and EGV ) focus on only first month of launching campaign . main location to be cinema house in shopping complex such as Paragon , CTW , SECON square , Future Park , Fashion Island etc. Focus on big size of Cinema house to cover new movie in each week.

34 Budget Allocation TV main medium focus on 68 %
Supporting medium are 32 % and split by Newspaper 17 % Radio 11 % Magazine 4 % This page represent % budget split that need to match what’s media to be main medium and support media

35 And should highlight period of activities
Media flowchart that key detail should have both budget on vertical and Horizontal And should highlight period of activities Represent period of advertising by

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