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S ENIOR P ROJECT overview. W HAT IS S ENIOR P ROJECT ? Well, its a project created in the senior year, of course! Seniors select a topic of high interest.

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1 S ENIOR P ROJECT overview

2 W HAT IS S ENIOR P ROJECT ? Well, its a project created in the senior year, of course! Seniors select a topic of high interest to them and complete the following components: Research Paper Product Portfolio Presentation

3 F IRST : SELECT A GENERAL TOPIC P AST TOPICS HAVE INCLUDED : Nursing Photography Fishing Coaching Business Party Planning Robotics Automobiles Cooking Fashion Design Film Scrapbooking Quilting Comic Books Graphic Design Music Production Music Performance Skate Parks Weight Loss Dog Training

4 W HAT ARE YOU INTERESTED IN ? Make a list of the top ten things you would like to do before you die. Circle the items on the list that could be a possibility for your senior project.

5 S ECOND : C HOOSE A RESEARCH PAPER TOPIC Research Papers must be 6-10 pages in length written in MLA style pertain to the overall senior project topic reflect analytical thinking cite sources pass the Yes Test The Yes Test is as follows:

6 Y ES T EST YesNoItem ________Paper is in Times New Roman ________Paper is in 12 pt Font ________Paper has one inch margins ________Paper is double spaced ________Paper has correct heading on first page ________Paper has pages numbered in correct fashion ________Paper has a works cited page in correct format ________Paper uses parenthetical citations ________Paper has rubric included ________Paper has a typed, clean copy of final outline ________Note cards are contained ________Source cards are contained ________Paper uses correct number of sources ________Paper meets minimum length requirement

7 R ESEARCH P APERS C ANNOT : be a history of paper be a how to paper be plagiarized

8 S O HOW DOES ONE PICK A TOPIC ? Think of an issue pertaining to your topic. For example, Frisbee Thracklebush is interested in football. He already knows he cant write a history of football paper or a how to play football paper. He notices that many football players are having shoulder injuries, and he wants to know why. He learns that the players are not properly training. He decides to write a paper about the impact of weight training on players performance.

9 N EED ANOTHER EXAMPLE ? Juliette Burke is interested in exploring a career in the medical field, especially obstetricians. She already knows she cant do a history of medicine paper or how to become a doctor paper. She is curious about stem cell research, so she decides to write about the controversy behind stem cell research. She plans on assessing the pros and cons to reach her own conclusion about the issue.

10 G O BACK TO YOUR LIST OF CIRCLED POSSIBILITIES For each circled item, think of at least one possible research paper topic.

11 I F YOU ARE STUCK TRYING TO FIGURE OUT A TOPIC, YOU SHOULD : talk to someone about it. A parent, a teacher, a friend, your advisor. consider a compare/contrast approach or a cause/effect approach. think of problems, issues, or controversies in the field you are exploring.

12 T HIRD : D ECIDE ON A P RODUCT to be manageable to complete during the senior year to be something you are excited to work on take at least 20 hours to complete demonstrate a learning stretch be school appropriate be something you have already done be an assignment for another high school class including Four Rivers and Health Occupations. Products need:Products cannot:

13 P RODUCTS MUST FALL INTO ONE OF THREE CATEGORIES Physical Product Performance Job Shadow

14 P HYSICAL P RODUCTS A physical product is a tangible item that one makes. Items such as woodworking, sewing, writing, and working on cars are all considered physical products. The item should be made entirely by the senior. Kits, especially craft kits, are not acceptable.

15 P ERFORMANCE A performance is a skill you learn, usually through classes taught outside of SHS, which can be demonstrated through a live performance. Drama, dance, and music presentations are all considered part of the performance category. Your product will be either a 3 minute live performance during your presentation OR a 1 ½ minute video clip of your performance.

16 J OB S HADOW /V OLUNTEER A job shadow project is one where the senior follows/helps a professional. Working with a nurse, working in a school, and coaching are all considered Job Shadowing. Your product will be a case study.

17 M ORE E XAMPLES If you are interested in photography, but have already taken loads of digital photos using a point and shoot camera, you could try to push yourself to the next level by learning how to use a Digital SLR camera on the manual setting learning how to use studio lighting to take portraits learning how to express your point of view by creating a series of cohesive photos putting together a showing of local photographic artists putting together a portfolio of new work using the latest photo editing software

18 M ORE EXAMPLES Frisbee Thracklebush has already chosen his general topic and research paper topic: Football. He already plays football, so completing another year is not a learning stretch. He could job shadow a coach, but hes not interested in coaching. Plus he cant practice football and job shadow at the same time. He would have to find a different coach to shadow, and he doesnt have the time to do that.

19 He could research, develop, and implement a more advanced weight training program, but hes not interested in that either. He is interested in offensive plays, so he decides to study professional teams and create his own playbook.

20 M ORE EXAMPLES Juliette Burke is interested in the medical field. She is already taking Health Occupations and will already be job shadowing as part of her requirements for the class, so she cannot count that as part of her project. She could take a couple of days to job shadow at a hospital in St. Louis. She could volunteer at Planned Parenthood. She could volunteer at a nursing home. She could prepare a presentation outside of class for a local school or organization like Girl Scouts.

21 G O BACK TO YOUR LIST OF CIRCLED POSSIBILITIES Think of at least five possibilities for products.

22 I F YOU GET STUCK … Talk to someone about it!!!


24 I NTERESTED IN SPORTS PHOTOGRAPHY ? Journalism always needs good sports photos. You could become a freelance sports photographer for the Talon Tribune.

25 I NTERESTED IN G RAPHIC D ESIGN ? Approach a club or organization about designing T-shirts for them. 2 nd semester journalism will begin to put out the Talon Tribune. Create multiple design proposals and present them to the class for selection.

26 I NTERESTED IN C REATIVE W RITING ? Become an editor for Brain Sick (SHSs literary magazine) Write poems, short stories, and submit them for publication.

27 I NTERESTED IN A RT ? Put together a Gallery Showing. Ask the school to supply space to host an art show. Ask the school about painting a mural.

28 I NTERESTED IN B USINESS AND M ARKETING ? Host a fundraising event to help raise money for seniors to complete projects. (Some products are expensive.) Offer to design ads for local businesses to run in the school paper or yearbook.

29 I NTERESTED IN D RAMA OR FILM ? Write and produce your own play. Ask the theater to host your performance. Make a documentary about senior project.

30 I NTERESTED IN F OOD ? Take a cooking class outside of SHS. Offer to cater a school dance or event. If one of your peers is hosting an event, you could work with them to provide food.

31 L OVE SPORTS ? Plan a tournament to raise funds for a local church or charity.

32 L OVE MUSIC ? Record your own album Plan a concert Produce someone elses album Learn to play an instrument

33 Y OU WILL ALSO NEED A M ENTOR ! have extensive knowledge in the field be at least 23 years old be able to spend at least 15 hours with you over a total at least 3 meetings your parent or sibling Mentors need toMentors cannot be

34 A S SOON AS YOU MAKE YOUR DECISIONS Fill out a Senior Project Approval Form. (Due Sept. 16 and 17) These will go before a committee that will either approve it or send it back to you for corrections. Most corrections take the form of narrowing research paper topics or products not being a learning stretch.

35 O NCE YOUR S ENIOR P ROJECT IS APPROVED Write a Letter of Intent see Appendix A for the outline Create a Sign of Commitment this is a flyer that has Your Name the general area of interest a graphic that represents this area the topic of your research paper the product you will create These are due September 24 and 25.

36 S PECIAL N OTES You cannot begin work on any part of Senior Project until you have been approved! Mentor Consent Forms are due the same day as your research paper (in December).

37 F IRST S EMESTER We will be working on the research paper in class and out of class. We will research, work on outlining and drafting, and go through the whole writing process. Final drafts are due in early December.

38 S ECOND S EMESTER You will be working on the product outside of class. However, you may begin work on it as soon as you are approved. While working on your project you need to keep track of your hours using the Mentor Verification Log write journal entries for your Reflective Log take pictures for your Photos and Reflections If you are job shadowing, take notes for your Case Study.

39 P ORTFOLIO While working on the project, you will collect and create material to put in your portfolio. See your Senior Project Handbook for the complete list of components. The Portfolio will be due in mid April.

40 P RESENTATION In May you will give a 10-15 minute presentation before an audience. Exactly whom you will be presenting to is, as of yet, undetermined. An outline for your presentation can be found in your handbook. You will need to have two visual aids. One of these must be a Tri-Fold board with information and pictures of you working on your product. These will be due with your portfolio BEFORE your presentation. You must dress professionally.


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