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Project Name: Terminal 21 Owner: Land & Houses Public Co.,Ltd. Location : Asok - Sukhumvit intersection Building : Complex - 9 Floor : Service Apartment.

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2 Project Name: Terminal 21 Owner: Land & Houses Public Co.,Ltd. Location : Asok - Sukhumvit intersection Building : Complex - 9 Floor : Service Apartment - 20 Floor Area : 145,000 Square meters : 40,000 Square meters (Retail area) Store : More than 600 stores Parking: 1,100 Cars Investment : 6,000 MB PROJECT SUMMARY

3 POSITIONING Whole new experience of shopping with Market Street Style for urbanistas. USP : unique decoration of destinations from around the world such as Rome, Paris, Tokyo, London, Istanbul, San Francisco and Hollywood into one fully-furbished department store. A perfect combination of fashion, food, and film, with more than 600 shops. Fancy the 36 meter long escalator that connects together all the continents in the world. Easily reached by both BTS and MRT train service.

4 TARGET Urbanista White Collar Teenager Family Expat Tourist

5 PRODUCT Shopping Complex Service Apartment Merchandising- Mix ServiceConvenience

6 & The first airport styled shopping mall in the heart of Bangkok defines a new style of retailing for Thailands capital city. The mall interior is themed as an international terminal, transporting shoppers to different fashion streets of the world. Arrival at each themed floor brings the shoppers to a different city. Whether its Rome, Paris, Tokyo, London, Istanbul, San Francisco or Hollywood, a unique shopping experience and retail mix is found on each level. Retail Planning & Interior Design: RDG Planning & Design Concept Design

7 Merchandising Mix

8 LG FLOOR CARIBBEAN SUPERMARKET / TAKE HOME / CONVENIENCE & SERVICE Gourmet Market, a spacious supermarket inspired by a Caribbean theme offering premium products from around the world to accommodate your international tastes, with additional service for your convenience such as banking service, book stores, restaurants and convenient shops.

9 G FLOOR FASHION BRAND NAMES Step into the shopping heaven of Rome, where products from your favorite brands are on display amid beautiful architectural works, marble statues and well-know paintings. ROME

10 M FLOOR PARIS FASHION BRAND NAMES / THAI DESIGNER Paris is the fashion capital every fashionista dreams of. Here you can stroll down Champs-Elysees Boulevard and shop at Parisian designer boutiques.

11 1 FLOOR TOKYO LADIES BOUTIQUES Experience a new shopping style by visiting the numerous urbanista trendy shops on Market Street which stock clothes and accessories, such as bags and shoes, from Tokyo.

12 2 FLOOR LONDON MENS WEAR / T-SHIRT & JEANS, SPORT Emerge yourself in the atmosphere of Londons Oxford Street with decorations that include iconic red phone booths, adobe walls, double-decker busses and a Union Jack flag.

13 3 FLOOR ISTANBUL SHOES & BAG, ACCESSORIES & JEWLERY, GIFT & DECOR East meets West at Market Street from Istanbul that provides a wide range of unique handmade products such as leather goods shoes and accessories, decorative items at reasonable prices.

14 4 FLOOR SAN FRANCISCO FOODIE & BEVERAGE Indulge your appetite with delicious meals from more than 50 restaurants and cafes under the romance of San Franciscos China Town and catch a glimpse of the famous Golden Gate Bridge.

15 5 FLOOR SAN FRANCISCO FOODIE & BEVERAGE, PIER 21 – FOOD TERMINAL Treat yourself with international dishes or choose to dine simply at Pier 21, a multi-restaurant food court that offers dishes from renowned restaurants with an experience to ride on the romantic San Francisco tram.

16 6 FLOOR HOLLYWOOD SF CINEMA CITY, FITNESS CENTER Enjoy the excitement of Hollywood film world at Terminal 21. On offer are 8 cinemas equipped with massive screens from SF CINEMA CITY, a fitness centre and a full – service premium spa that puts you in bliss. Gets your cool self updated with IT products and gadgets.

17 Service Restroom (Washlet) / Maid / Counter Information / Directory / Security / Parking

18 FloorCategoriesShop Quantity% LG (21) Gourmet Market Supermarket & Convenience Store Banking Foodie & Beverage Beauty & Salon Anchor G (20) Fashion Ladies Fashion Men Fashion Unisex M (45) Thai Designer Fashion Ladies Fashion Unisex Accessories Beauty & Salon Foodie & Beverage FLOOR

19 FloorCategoriesShop Quantity% 1St (135) Fashion Ladies Lingerie Evening Dress Foodie & Beverage (136) 2nd Fashion Ladies Fashion Men T-Shirt & Jeans, Sport Foodie & Beverage rd (174) Shoes & Bag Gift & Décor Accessories & Jewelry Beauty & Salon Foodie & Beverage th (24) Foodie & Beverage th (17) Pier 21 Foodie & Beverage Anchor th (53) SF Cinema City Fitness First (Anchor) ---- April 2012 Mobile & Gadget Foodie & Beverage Beauty & Salon Anchor Anchor

20 CATEGORIES CategoriesShop Quantity% Fashion Fashion Ladies (146) Fashion Men (45) Fashion Unisex (17) Thai Designer (27) Lingerie (4) Evening Dress (15) T-Shirt & Jeans, Sport (68) Accessories Accessories & Jewelry (59) Shoes & Bag (60) Dining Foodie & Beverage Pier 21 (Anchor) 589 Beauty & Salon 224 Convenience Store 71 Banking 71 Gift & Décor 427 Mobile & Gadget 488 Supermarket Gourmet Market (Anchor) Entertainment SF Cinema City (Anchor) Fitness First (Anchor) ---- April 2012

21 Convenience


23 Terminal 21 is Shopping complex Atrium Airport style, with unique structure and decoration. Combining unique destinations from around the world such as Rome, Paris, Tokyo, London, Istanbul, San Francisco and Hollywood. Make shoppers feel the Experience Moment. Music : different sound in each zone Fun to walk, shop & dine !! Ambience

24 Integrated Marketing Communication Mkt budget : 50 MB

25 Advertising

26 Print Newspaper : Thairath / Post Today / Thaipost / Manager Weekly

27 Sale Promotion Sales up to 50% 11 October – 15 November 2011 Fashion / Food / Banking / Beauty / Convenience Store

28 Sale Promotion Shoot and Share : First 500 people to win prizes by taking pictures, shopping of different zones within the Terminal 21, then post it on Facebook Terminal 21 and confirmed the prizes at the Counter.

29 Event Mini Concert : 21 Crews

30 Concert on Opening Day: Oct. 1111

31 CSR Flood donation

32 In Store Media Electronic ISM LED Display Screen

33 Social Network Website ( YouTube Facebook Twitter Icon Countdown

34 STRENGTH Location : Easily accessed by Mass Transportation : platform links to the BTS and MRT stations Customer Trend : the place to meet the needs of customers who like to have new experience Decoration : the theme concept and design are overwhelming, making Customers who walk into the Terminal 21 feeling Wow Element and FUN to walk with. Services : Very creative and shopper-friendly services : reception, restroom, directory, etc.

35 WEAKNESS Merchandising : Strong concept of Market street, while very few of RENOWNED International and Thai brands Promotional areas : Small and unattractive areas that make difficult to create high impact of strategic events No outdoor area Parking fee : Expensive to the shoppers feeling

36 Terminal , SF E- Stamp G, M coupon Food Court 5 ( ). 1 = = = = =

37 Brand Image Perceived Hi-spending Low-spending LifestyleLuxury Stylish Trend Editor Artistic Living Hi-so Luxury Extravaganza Social Lover Trend Follower Market Street Urbanista

38 Best Practice : Key learning Design & theme concept that create WOW element Attraction spots for photo taking in every zone Shopper-friendly Services that in line with concept & positioning Accessibility is one of Key Major successes Professional : completion for launching TV used for launching All create World of Mouth effect !!!

39 Thank you

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