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The leading fashion ecommerce platform in Hong Kong

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1 The leading fashion ecommerce platform in Hong Kong
funded and operated by former GM / Co-Founders of TAOBAO and GROUPON

2 Websites Great product variety from Taiwan, Korea
Women’s mass market fast fashion mall Endorsed and supported by HK celebrities High end women’s fashion shopping mall

3 Positioning Mono-brand websites
Luxury/designer brands Most sensitive to the latest fashion trend Price Sensitivity/ Retail Price Upper Class Trendy, middle to upper class shoppers. Most sensitive to variety and service HKD 400-1,500 per item Middle-High Fashion Highly responsive, mass market, trendy early adoptors. Most sensitive to bargains HKD per item Fast Fashion Customers

4 Growth Story - Visitors
1.3M visitors in Q4 2013 Q has 90% growth compare to Q3 1.3M 700,000 280,000 Q2 2013 Q3 2013 Q4 2013

5 Growth Story - Revenue HKD 17M sales in 9 months ecommerce operation
Q has 110% growth compare to Q3 10M 4.7M 2.4M Q2 2013 Q3 2013 Q4 2013

6 One-year Milestone Exclusive reseller of Taiwan no.1
women fashion brand Tokyo Fashion 東京著衣 World class warehouse in operation 100,000 Facebook fans AME shoes endorsed by HK celebrity Linda Chung 鍾嘉欣 Causeway Bay flagship store in operation 17M revenue within 9 months

7 Promise to Customers Passion for Fashion
Our fashion buyers travel to every part of the world for the best materials, latest trends and product variety Over 40,000+ styles (including clothing, shoes, handbags, accessories, skincare and lingerie) handpicked for you to impress your friends World Class Customer Service Our customer service team is committed to a risk free online shopping experience with a “no questions asked” return/exchanges policy Returns and exchanges within 14 days, no questions asked Fast, Easy, Secure Shopping Experience Make your payments securely through Paypal or credit card. Still have doubts? Don’t pay us until you see the goods, Cash on Delivery With our promise, we deliver your goods within Hong Kong for free in as little as 24 hours through SF Express

8 Partners

9 Brands

10 Management and Team Edmund Wong Founder of MyDress
Raised HKD 10M funding for website operation Master’s degree from UC Berkeley Director of MyDress AME Group Leon Lai Former GM of Taobao and Tmall HK 10+ years in ecommerce business development in HK and China Aaron Lee Initial investor at uBuyiBuy, sold to Groupon in 2010 Former Director of Groupon HK Calvin Wong Former BD of Taobao and Tmall HK 10+ years in ecommerce operation in HK and China BD of MyDress AME Group 40+ staff in Hong Kong for operation, marketing , customer service and warehouse

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