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MAD FOR CREATIVE INDUSTRIES Creative industries: a tool to support economic development, innovation and jobs In 2008, the sector employed 3.8% of the.

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2 MAD FOR CREATIVE INDUSTRIES Creative industries: a tool to support economic development, innovation and jobs In 2008, the sector employed 3.8% of the EUs total economically active population of around 8.5 million people 4.5% of the EUs GDP European Communitys Creative Europe Programme (2014-2020): to convince member states to increase their investments in the creative industries by 37% to boost competitiveness Dust Deluxe

3 MAD FOR BELGIUM In the future, the cultural and creative industry will be a major sector in Belgium, according to 75% of companies* BELGIAN TOUCH: In the last three to four years, Brussels has started becoming the new place to be in Europe for artists BELGE EPOQUE refers to the creative renaissance in Brussels: a very attractive environment for creatives, the presence of high quality artistic schools (fashion, cinema, architecture and design), high quality event management and the prestige of some cultural institutions (Europalia, la Monnaie) *Etude Culture & Economie, Kurt Salmon 2012

4 MAD FOR SECTORS DIRECT IMPACT IN 2009* Number of entities Total FASHION 1537 Total DESIGN 250 Total FASHION + DESIGN 1787 TOTAL Brussels-Capital Region 34428 Number of employers Total FASHION 1537 Total DESIGN 250 Total FASHION + DESIGN 1787 TOTAL Brussels-Capital Region 34428 Number of employees Total FASHION 9072 Total DESIGN 3670 Total FASHION + DESIGN 12742 TOTAL Brussels-Capital Region 620875 *Source : ONSS Piece of chic

5 FASHION : total for Belgium 3.28 billions ADDED VALUE DISTRIBUTION IN 2010* DESIGN : total for Belgium 1.58 billions *Source : Bel-First

6 ADDED VALUE OF THE FASHION & DESIGN SECTORS Total for Belgium 1.023.704.952 *Source Bel-First

7 MAD CHRONOLOGIE 2006 : Year dedicated to Fashion and Design, organized by the government to reinforce Brussels attractiveness 2007/2013 : New European planning to improve territorial competitiveness. Mad Brussels is engaged to redevelop the « canal area » in Brussels July 2007: Project application to create the Brussels Fashion and Design Center is submitted December 2007: The project application is accepted and the government accordingly allocates 7 million Euros End 2009: Building for the future headquarters is bought in the heart of Brussels fashion district December 2010: The non-profit association Brussels Fashion and Design Center is created July 2011 : Preparations March 2012: Mad Brussels – the associations new name is premiered 2012 : Operating budget is 1.286 million Euros

8 FIGURES ABOUT MAD 7 million euro invested by each of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), the Brussels Capital Region and the City of Brussels 3,000 metres squared: future headquarters of which 500 metres squared will be dedicated to international residences 15 professionals working on the project 1,000 metres squared: Potier residences, seven workshops made available to Brussels designers Alain Gilles

9 Promoting activities for designers and fashion designers from the Brussels region Helping designers and fashion designers develop an economic activity and/or establish relations with people who might call on their skills thanks to the economic help desks and employment catchment desk Gathering all the information relating to the fashion and design sectors and contributing to the visibility of these sectors Organising exhibitions, competitions and events in the broadest sense Bringing initiatives taken by other bodies, even international ones, into line with the aforementioned objectives MAD FOR MISSIONS

10 MAD FOR BRUSSELS Improving the overall visibility of the town and the prestige of the region Showcasing Brussels talents An interactive and vibrant place in the town, an inclusive space rather than an elitist one Catalysor of a series of actions marrying creativity with social progress and the competitive development of sectors Making the most of the district and giving it a lift

11 Marc Philippe Coudeyre

12 MAD FOR THE PROFESSION A unique shop window for all the professions related to fashion and design Detailed snapshot of the two sectors Accentuating savoir-faire and expertise Addressing the growing importance of the artistic industry on the Brussels creative scene Fulfilling an educational mission towards the wider public with regard to all the professions of the two sectors

13 MAD FOR THE RESIDENCES Creating seven workshops devoted to artistic research for a minimum period of a year in Potier A space for international residences within MAD Allowing young graduates to have a space to continue their development and to start on the first steps in their professional career Creating a direct link between schools, creators and companies Partnership with RECYCLART (another brussels association) and link with the district contract Jardin aux Fleurs

14 Céline De Schepper

15 MAD FOR JOBS Access to some job possibilities facilitated Partnership with ACTIRIS for the creation of a job-related centre of excellence Mediation between workers and employers: help with research and with recruitment by identifying needs Specific help for creators in the development of their LOOK BOOK and CV Group and individual COACHING to help designers achieve their objectives and to reflect on carrying out the profession Creating an economic help desk to come up with solutions in terms of funding and project management Accompanying creators right through the process until their projects are complete

16 MAD FOR DB CONNECTIONS Unique programme of its kind which brings together designers and local, national and international companies Encouraging and increasing the activities of actors from the fashion and design worlds by creating new links with companies to generate added value with the same budget Designers will be able to acquire work experience and sectoral knowledge Corentin Dombrecht

17 MAD FOR THE INTERNATIONAL ASPECTS Development of commercial activities with foreign partners, using fashion and design to open new doors Key role in triggering a new perception of Brussels as an international creative and commercial centre Showcasing Belgian talent abroad better Inviting international figures from fashion and design to come to Brussels to attend specific events and programmes Helping international structures to facilitate the organisation of their fashion and design events in Brussels

18 MAD FOR SCHEDULE 2012 September DESIGN Residences opening during the Open Doors Inserctions Atomium 13/09 Seminar « Graphic Designs typologies and new issues » 12/09 MAD Bike Customisation 16/09, during the Car free Day in Brussels Design projection at Cinema Galerie 27/09 October DESIGN Interieur Kortrijk (Design fair) 20 – 28/10 Invitation D2B, meeting Designers – Editeurs, in collaboration with Wallonia Brussels Design Mode & Brussels Invest Export 24/10 FASHION Paris Fashion Week 28/09 – 5/10 Brussels Fashion Days 19 – 21/10, young designers selection and jury Exhibition « High Fashion, Low Countries » 12 – 14/10, in collaboration with the Dutch Embassy Parcours Mad / Modo 12-13-14/10 Invitation buyers & international medias 12 – 14/10

19 DESIGN & FASHION Seminar « New luxurys domains » 10/10 Conference « Le beau, lutile, le nécessaire », in collaboration with the Royal Fine Arts Academy of Brussels, 29 – 31/10 November FASHION Fashion breakfast 6/11 Seminar « Production and consumption in the fashion sector » 7/11 Fashion show - competition « Customisez-moi » December DESIGN Urban lighting Dansaert district FASHION Action Hong Kong (Business of Design Week) 3 – 8/12 Seminar « Collaboration between business firm and designer » 2/12 « Christmas Windows » Dansaert/Brugmann/Louise/Chatelain districts 8 - 24 /12

20 MAD TEAM Alexandra Lambert : MAD about Direction Esther Beck : MAD about Deputy Management, Tourism & Communication Martine Van Acker : MAD about Fashion Coaching Emilie Duval : MAD about Design Projects Dirk Meylaerts: MAD about Design Expertise Johanne Schadron : MAD about Design and Business Connections Stéphane Rouffart : MAD about Design Coaching Maryem Ben Hadj Zekri : MAD about Business Development Yasmine Votion : MAD about Accounting Silvia Martinelli : MAD about Events & Communication Olivier Gilson : MAD about Residencies François Houtmans : MAD about Sponsoring & Partners Olivier Zeegers : MAD about Fashion & Luxury Conferences Centre Dansaert Centrum 7-11 Rue dalost – aalststraat 1000 Bruxelles – Brussel 02/880 85 62 Jean Paul Lespagnard

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