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Contextualizing Ideas Ambreen Hussain. Areas of interest Fashion.

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1 Contextualizing Ideas Ambreen Hussain

2 Areas of interest Fashion

3 Areas of interest Art Fashion

4 Areas of interest Art Technology Fashion

5 Person: Hussein Chalayan Resources: & culture magazines Ideas of: self-expression, protection

6 Art : Avant-garde, modern & postmodern People: Marcel Duchamp, Allan Kaprow, Nam June Paik Resource: The Bride & The Bachelors Ideas of: self-expression, defining society & culture

7 Technology Sources: Golan Levin, interactive web design Resources: Processing and Programming languages Ideas of: interactivity, instantaneousness, movement

8 Fashion + Art People: The Sartorialist, Rem Koolhaas Resources: Broken Screens Ideas of: shopping as a museum experience

9 Fashion + Technology People: Angel Chang, MFADT Alum Resources: wemakemoneynotart Ideas of: wearables


11 Art + Technology Person: Doug Aitken Resources: From Wagner to Virtual Reality, Internet Art Ideas of: installation, re-inventing space & time


13 Fashion + Art + Technology window displays, curation and website production

14 Fashion + Art + Technology QUESTIONS: -What kinds of fabrics/materials are being brought to high and mainstream fashion? How is technology influencing these ideas? - How can technology be a form of self-expression? - How does a public space, such as a window, display communicate to its passing audience? OK, SO WHAT TECHNICAL SKILLS DO YOU HAVE (AND ARE OBTAINING) TO ACHIEVE THESE GOALS? -Basic physical computing -HTML -CSS -PHP, MySQL -Flash -Max and I need all the help I can get with an eye for design

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