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Fashions by Zooeys Style Show. Marta Torres 10-year ovarian cancer survivor She made me laugh. Escort is sister Anna Torres.

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1 Fashions by Zooeys Style Show

2 Marta Torres 10-year ovarian cancer survivor She made me laugh. Escort is sister Anna Torres

3 Marjorie Power 3-year breast cancer survivor Thinking about Randy helped lower my anxiety. He sent me thoughtful letters, written with a fountain pen on fine stationery. I found strength in reading, holding, and re-reading those letters. Escort is friend Randy Urmston

4 Cath Kendrick 2 ½ year breast cancer survivor Time with Kev was the highlight of my day, with Kevin's good humor inspiring me to stay connected to an existence that we both wanted to resume. And, here we are. Escort is husband Kevin Kendrick

5 Jeffrey Lee Tolbert Undergoing treatment for prostate cancer My boys and I take hold of life with a lot of understanding and with the saying "it is what it is" and also "raise above" from the movie Cool Runnings. Life gives no guarantees, it is what you make it. Always, always, and I mean always "keep smiling". Escort is wife Corina Martinez-Tolbert

6 Judy McClain 19-year breast cancer survivor Dick has led the way in all areas of my healing. I have been truly blessed in having him by my side. He is my Hero." Escort is husband Dick McClain

7 Sharon Enger 1 1/2 breast cancer survivor Jo Ellen Parker, my Project H.E.R. mentor, showed me that I could, like her, overcome the emotional and physical challenges and come out on the other side feeling fabulous. Escort is Project H.E.R. volunteer Jo Ellen Parker

8 Jo Ellen Parker 16-year & 3-year breast cancer survivor My husband Don was always there, asking questions I didnt think about, being quiet because he knew I needed quiet. Our lives slowed as we learned to live and enjoy one day at a time. Escort is Sharon Enger

9 Gavin Milligan 8-month hodgkins lymphoma survivor My friends, including Molly who is escorting me tonight, came to my house for study groups, arranged parties to hang out together when I was feeling up to it. They called to cheer me up and find out how I was doing when I was at Doernbechers Childrens Hospital. I could always count on them. Escort is friend Molly Gard

10 Linda Howard 1-year breast cancer survivor Taylor always seemed to know exactly what I needed. He made me feel beautiful and desirable, and his love kept me positive and strong. His understanding and amazing love are an inspiration to me everyday. Escort is boyfriend Talyor Smith

11 Cindy Barker 5-month breast cancer survivor Nona experienced what I was going through every step of the way. I could call her about all the things that only she could feel, with all the mixed emotions that only she could understand. Nona was my encouragement, my inspiration, and now my sister. Escort is friend Nona Gray

12 Roseanne Hooven Undergoing treatment for breast cancer To see Rudy express his feelings fears and concerns when I was diagnosed with cancer was comforting. It had a profound impact on me and I found I could not give up on life and my health if the decision was up to me. Escort is husband Rudy Hooven

13 Linda Githens 38-year breast cancer survivor My son, Michael, inspired me to keep going. I have lived to see Michael receive all his lifes achievements. Escorts are son Michael and guide dog Logger

14 Randy Jones 1 ½-year prostate cancer survivor Dawn and Pat taught me through their example. Have faith, think positive, and Dawn's motto was Jesus and I will Kick Butt. Your life has a little turn in the road, and its all about how you handle that turn. With grace and courage, and One Day at a Time. Escort is wife Dawn Jones

15 Kelly DeHaan 23-year breast cancer survivor Through everything, I was very vocal. I realized that if I werent my own advocate, I would have died. My inspiration became teaching others to learn to fight for themselves. Escort is daughter Megan DeHaan

16 Nahani Stricker 1-year breast cancer survivor I was inspired by Nathan's caring, and I knew without a doubt that I needed to fight because I will be there to see my son grow up. I will be there for all the milestones to come. This is not negotiable. Escorts are husband Bill Brauner and son Nathan Brauner

17 Jodi Petit 4 ½-year breast cancer survivor Because we were given the same diagnosis 17 days apart, I instantly had someone to share the journey with. Sandy knew EXACTLY what I was going through. We often talked things through until one of our cell phone batteries simply died. Escort is friend Sandy Perry

18 Linda Killion 8-year breast cancer survivor Mike, my husband of seven years, has been my consistent inspiration - of hope, of calm, and of living life to the fullest. Kindled by our faith in God and each other, he has kept me focused and encouraged with so much love, laughter, and enthusiasm for the future. Escort is husband Mike Killion

19 Ann Marie Dunn 2-year anal cancer survivor My Dad gave me the Gift of Faith, and I mean in God. I looked into my little bag and found I had one jewel left, the brightest jewel of all, the gift of Faith. (Lola Falana) Escort is husband Bill Dunn

20 Cade Mengler Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Survivor - Age 6 My mom has always been there for me through my treatments. She made me feel like everything was going to be okay. I especially liked all the times she snuggled in my hospital bed with me. Escort is mom Dabney Mengler

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