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F RONTIER F ASHIONS OF THE 1860 S By: Emily Covert and Jasmine Sinclair.

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1 F RONTIER F ASHIONS OF THE 1860 S By: Emily Covert and Jasmine Sinclair

2 D ESIGN OF THEIR CLOTHES They made their clothes with the simplest designs possible Made the cheapest clothes possible Used the cheapest materials that they could

3 T HE WAGON TRAIN ALREADY HAD ENOUGH WEIGHT WITH OUT THE WEIGHT OF THE FANCY FABRICS The people on the frontier never saw many expensive fabrics, or nice clothes.

4 T HE E FFECTS OF J OBS ON CLOTHING Depending on what kind of jobs the woman had effected the clothes they wore. Ex: School teacher- Long dress Ex: Stay at home mom- Long able to get dirty dress Ex: Church woman- Long nice dress/keep clean dress

5 W ESTERN C LOTHES o Always a dress made from gingham, calico, cotton, or linsey-woolsey also called druget (coarse fabric but cheep) o Silk/wool stockings that came above the knee o No pants ever it was against the customs o They also wore aprons to keep their clothes clean

6 M ATERIALS THAT THEY USED Calico Gingham Cotton Linsey-Woolsey The fabrics Cotton, Linsey -Woolsey, Calico, and Gingham are all very inexpensive fabrics

7 T HE ELEMENTS OF A DRESS V shaped bodice corset chemise drawers undersleeve apron petticoat bonnet

8 D RESS ELEMENTS FROM THE F RONTIER Bodice- the part of a woman's dress or undergarment that covers the upper body; a close- fitting, often laced-up top worn over a blouse in the past or as part of some national costumes Corset- a stiffened garment worn by women to shape the waist and breasts; a stiff undergarment with laces to fasten it tightly, formerly worn to shape and support the body

9 E LEMENTS OF THE DRESS CONT. Chemise- a long loose dress, sometimes loosely belted at the waist or hip; a long loose undergarment shaped like a dress Petticoat- a woman's undergarment that is sometimes decorated and consists of an underskirt with or without a bodice; U.S. something that resembles a petticoat, e.g. ruffles sewn on a skirt or a skirt-shaped covering for something; an offensive term for a woman or girl, or women in general

10 E LEMENTS OF THE DRESS CONT. Drawers- large old- fashioned underpants with short legs, worn by men or women Bonnet- a hat framing the face and usually tied under the chin, worn by a woman or girl

11 E LEMENTS OF THE DRESS CONT. Apron- a garment worn over the front of clothes to keep them clean during working, especially cooking

12 T HE A DAPTATION TO E NVIRONMENT When they came up with the design of the clothes they took into consideration that they have to work still.

13 Today frontier fashion is a style, but back then it was a lifestyle.

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