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18 Bolshaya Morskaya Ul. St.Petesrburg, Russia, Ph./fax

2 Historical note On the 28th of November, St. Petersburg Practical Technological Institute was founded by the initiative of then-Minister of Finance, Egor F. Kankrin. For a long period of its existence the University has undergone many reorganisations and has been renamed several times. In 1992, Leningrad Institute of Textile and Light Industry gained a new status and a new name – St. Petersburg State University of Technology and Design.

3 Today our university is a multi-discipline educational complex which includes 12 institutes, 3 faculties and 2 colleges, 9 pre-university training courses, 3 retraining centers. SUTD prepares experts in 120 educational programs in design, engineering, humanities, economic and pedagogical fields. More than 12 thousand students study in SUTD every year. In order to help you choose the right speciality, a pre-university preparation system for university entrants, which includes university colleges, specialised schools and courses, has been created and works efficiently . University complex includes 8 large buildings for the educational process, mostly located in the historical city centre, 4 hostels and 6 country-side properties. Modern equipment of departments, academic and research laboratories, lecture halls, industrial buildings of Research and Production Center allows to implement various programs of higher and secondary vocational education. The university actively develop international scientific and educational programs.

4 Advantages of education at SUTD
Diploma of prestigious state university; More than 100 programs of training bachelors, masters and specialists (engineering, art, design, economic and humanitarian) Training in a number of unique design profiles: Environmental Design, Interior Design, Landscape Design, Equipment in Environmental Objects Fashion Design, Footwear, Knitwear, Textiles Design Graphic Design in Advertising, Art Space in Multimedia Technologies Graphics (design of printed materials) Monumental and Decorative Art (Painting) History of Art SUTD successfully participates in international educational programs and has above 20 bilateral agreements with foreign universities; University, city and federal grants for research activities; 4 hostels available for all nonresident students of full-time tuition; Modern lecture halls and laboratories for practical training; Sport centers and gymnasium with modern equipment; Large library; Free Wi-Fi.

5 University structure Institute of Fashion Design
Institute of Design and Fine Arts Institute of Graphic Design Institute of Landscape Design Institute of Textiles and Fashion Institute of Applied Arts North-West Institute of Printing Technologies Institute of Business Communication Institute of Management and Foreign Economic Activities Institute of Economics and Business North - West Professional Pedagogic Institute Regional Institute of Continuous Professional Education Faculty of Sciences and Humanities Science Faculty of Information Technologies and Industrial Equipment Engineering Faculty of Applied Chemistry and Ecology College of Technology, Modelling and Management Engineering School of Clothing (College)

6 Institute of Fashion Design
Bachelor Degree programs Fashion design Costume Design Knitwear Design Leather and Fur Fashion Design Master Degree programs Fashion Design Fashion Design and Merchandising

7 Institute of Design and Fine Arts
Bachelor Degree programs Interior Design History of Arts History and Theory of Fashion, Art and Theory of Interior, - History and Theory of Applied Arts, - Examination of Works of Art Specialist Degree programs Monumental and Decorative Art ( Painting) Master Degree programs Theory of Fashion Design

8 Institute of Graphic Design
Bachelor and Master Degree programs Graphic Design Graphic Design in Advertising and Business Space Graphic Design in Art Space Graphic Design in Multimedia Technology

9 Institute of Environmental Design
Bachelor Degree programs Environmental Design Environmental Facilities Design Landscape Design Master Degree programs

10 Institute of Textile and Fashion
Bachelor Degree programs Fashion Design - Shoes and Accessories Design Garment and Textile Art - Textile Goods Design Commodity Science - Commodity Science and Examination of Consumer Goods and Raw Materials Standardisation and Metrology - Standardisation and Certification Textile Goods Technology and Design -Technology of Textile Materials -Design of Textile Materials Light Industry Goods Technology -Technology of Garments -Fur and Leather Technologies -Leather Goods Technologies Light Industry Goods Construction (Design) - Garment Construction - Leather Goods Construction (Design)

11 Institute of Textile and Fashion
Master Degree programs Textile Goods Technology and Design - Technology of Textile Materials - Textile Materials Light Industry Goods Technology - Garment Technology - Fur and Leather Technology Light Industry Goods Construction - Garments Design - Leather Goods Construction

12 Institute of Applied Arts
Bachelor Degree programs Applied Arts and Folk Crafts - Artistic design of decorative accessories Technology of Artistic Processing of Materials - Technology of Art Objects - Jewellery Technology Master Degree programs - Decorative Art

13 North-West Institute of Printing Technologies
Bachelor Degree programs Journalism Advertising and Public Relations -Advertising and Public Relations in Commercial Sector Publishing and Editing - Publishing Business - Books Distribution Management Industrial Management Technological Machines and Equipment Printing Machines and Automated Complexes Computer Science and Computer Facilities Automated Systems of Information Processing Management Information Systems and Technologies Information Technologies in Design Information Technologies in Mass-Media Technologies of Polygraphic and Packing Industry Technology of Polygraphic Industry

14 North-West Institute of Printing Technologies
Specialist Degree program Graphics - Design of Printed Materials

15 Institute of Business Communications
Bachelor Degree programs Advertising and Public Relations Brand-Management in Advertising and Public Relations Advertising and Public Relations in Exhibition Service Advertising and Public Relations in Design and Fashion Creativeness in Advertising Documentation and Archival Records Management and Document Support of Management Archival Science Intelligent Systems in the Humanities Development and Programming of Intelligent Systems in the Humanities Applied Computer Science Applied Computer Science in Service Applied Computer Science in Mass Media Philology Applied Linguistics, Russian Language (in project)

16 Institute of Business Communications
Tourism Technology and Organisation of Tour Operators and Travel Agents Services Technology and Organisation of Hotel Services Master Degree programs Theory of Graphic Design

17 Institute of Management and Foreign Economic Activities
Bachelor Degree programs Economics Accounting, Analysis and Audit Finances and Credit Taxes and Taxation Trade Politics Economics of Enterprises and Organisations International Standards of Financial Accounting Management International Management Financial Management Logistics Marketing Technological Innovations Management Human Resources Management Small Business Management Management and Financial Accounting Industrial Management Master Degree programs Strategic Management

18 Institute of Economics and Business
Bachelor Degree programs Economics World Economics Labour Economics Finances and Credit Commerce Economics of Enterprises and Organosations Management Marketing Human Resources Management Master Degree programs

19 North-West Professional Pedagogical Institute
Bachelor Degree programs Professional Training Decorative and Applied Art and Design (image design, hairdressing design and hairstyle design) Interior Design Economics and Management (state and municipal management)

20 Regional Institute of Continuous Professional Training
Bachelor Degree programs Commodity Science Technology and Design of Textile Products Technology of garment Construction of Light Industry Products Construction of garments 

21 Faculty of Natural Science and the Humanities
Bachelor Degree programs Social Work with Youths

22 Faculty of Information Technologies and Industrial Equipment Engineering
Bachelor Degree programs Applied Information Technology Applied Information Technology in Design Applied Information Technology in Economics Technological Machines and Equipment Machines and Units in Textile and Light Industry Automation of Technological Processes and Manufacturing Textile and Light Industry Manufacturing Automation Economic and Technological Processes Automation Quality Control Computer Systems for Automated Manufacturing

23 Faculty of Information Technologies and Industrial Equipment Engineering
Master Degree programs Technological Machines and Equipment Machines and Units in Textile and Light Industry  Automation of Technological Processes and Manufacturing

24 Faculty of Applied Chemistry and Ecology
Bachelor Degree programs Textile Design Industrial Design  Chemical Technology Technology and Equipment for Chemical Fibers and Composite Material Production Applied Chemistry and Finishing Machinery Engineering Environmental Protection 

25 Faculty of Applied Chemistry and Ecology
Master Degree programs Chemical Technology Chemical Technology of Plastic and Composite Materials Processing Chemical Technology of Textile Materials Chemical Technology of Fibers Environmental Protection Programs Atmosphere protection Against Technological Impact Complex Use of Water Recourses

26 College of Technology, Modelling and Management
On the base of 9 school classes Leather Goods Design Leather Goods Modelling and Construction Advertising Commerce On the base of 11 school classes Interior Design Landscape Design Leather Goods Modelling and Design Insurance

27 Engineering School of Clothing (college)
On the base of 9 school classes Costume Design Textile Design Construction, Modelling and Technology of Garments Economics and Accounting On the base of 11 school classes Hotel Service

28 International relations
Turkey: Yurkey Technical University (Istanbul) Ukraine: Kiev National University of Technology and Design (Kiev) Finland: University of Lapland (Rovaniemi) University of Technology (Tampere) University AALTO (Helsinki) University of Applied Sciences (Lahti) Saimaa University of Applied Science (Imatra) France: Higher National School of Art and Textile Industry — ENSAIT (Rube) Estonia: Estonian Academy of Arts (Tallinn) Belgium: Ghent University (Ghent) Great Britain: University De Montfort (Leicester ) Germany: High School "Niderrayn" (Krefeld-Mönchengladbach) West-Saxon Graduate School of Zwickau (Zwickau city) Baden-Württemberg High School (Villingen-Schwenningen) High school Kayzerslauten (Kayzerslauten) Academy of Fashion and Design (Munich) Greece: Training and Recruitment Agency (Thessaloniki) Italy: University of Bozen-Bolzano (Bolzano) Free University of Modena and Emilia (Modena) New Academy of Fine Arts NABA (Milano) Poland: Polytechnic University (Lodz)

29 Hostels St. Petersburg University of Technology and Design provides places in the dormitories for students from other cities: - full-time education - for the entire period of study; - for distance learning - for the period of winter and summer session. Our residences are located in areas with developed infrastructure. All buildings are under constant video supervision and sucurity protection. There is everything for a comfortable life in the halls of residence: a gymnasium, dining room, laundry room. In addition, each room has Internet access. Hostels are 15-storey high-rise buildings, each floor include 4 blocks with 5-6 rooms each block. The University network includes 4 halls of residence. Their capacity is 2505 places. Contact information of Students’ Campus of SUTD: Director - Plotnikov Vladimir Ivanovich ph.: (812) 6, Rudneva Ul. (Ozerki metro station) ph.: (812) 16, Khudozhnikov Pr. ( Ozerki metro station) ph: (812) 29/1 Udarnikov Pr. (Ladozhskaya metro station) ph.: (812) 7, Zvezdnaya Ul. (Zvezdnaya metro station) ph.: (812)

30 Pre-University Training
Prior to entrance of SUTD, applicants are advised to undergo a preparatory course of core subjects depending on the program they choose to study at University. 9 specialized school work intensively for this purpose: Design School School of Economics School of Information Technologies School of Clothing School of Jewelry Arts School of Ecology and Chemistry Humanitarian School School of Media Technology School of Foreign Languages

31 Creative Competitions
International Contest of Young Fashion Designers ‘Admiralty Needle’ Russian Students’ Competition of Fashion Designers ‘Breath of Spring’

32 Admiralty Needle International Competition for Young Designers ‘Admiralty Needle’ is the annual highlight of the fashion world of St. Petersburg and Russia. The organisers are SUTD and the Committee on Youth Policy and Interaction with social organisations.

33 Admiralty Needle The aim of the competition - to unite talented young fashion designers through out the world and allow them to demonstrate personal vision of modern fashion trends to the chosen audience, to the media and the world-famous fashion designer. The jury of the contest are prominent designers : Paco Rabanne, Mary Ryuki, Alexander Vassiliev, Nadine Dzhellas, Donata Sartorio, Vyacheslav Zaitsev, Tatyana Parfenova, Vladimir Buhinnik and others. During its fifteen-year history the competition was attended by approximately 10,000 participants from 40 Russian regions and 20 countries of the world and more than 7000 collections were presented.

34 Breath of Spring Russian contest ‘Breath of Spring’ was established in 1992 by the Engineering School of Clothing (college) SUTD, the Association of technical colleges of textile and light industry of the Russian Federation with support from the administration of the Moscow region (St. Petersburg). ‘Breath of spring ‘ is the regional stage of the International competition of young fashion designers ‘Exercise’ (Moscow). The competition aims are promotion of cultural and scientific exchanges between educational systems, creative unions and specialists in private practice, the identification of talented young professionals of the fashion industry.

35 Breath of Spring Every spring during last eighteen years Engineering School of Clothing opens its doors in front of the young fashion designers and students of technical schools and colleges of the light and textile industry. The judging panel includes leading fashion designers in Russia, the directors of the manufactures of clothes, art, media representatives covering the issues of fashion and style. During last twenty years the competition was attended by nearly 6000 participants from 15 regions of Russia, who presented more than 5000 collections.

36 Contact Information: CONTACT INFORMATION 18, Bolshaya Morskaya Ul. ST.PETERSBURG 191186, RUSSIAN FEDERATION Admission Office Office 134, 18, Bolshaya Morskaya Ul., St.Petersburg Ph. +7(812) ; www. Contract study department Room 102, Ph.: +7(812) ; Magistracy department Room 134, Ph.: +7(812) ; Department of registration and visa regulation (for issuing a letter of invitation for study, migration control, extending your stay in Russia, getting the migration card and credential change) Room 429, Ph.: +7 (812) ,


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