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03.01.06 Week 8 If Ideas were Fashion Wong, E. D., & Henriksen, D. If ideas were fashion. Postrel, V. Surface and substance. In "The Substance of Style."

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1 03.01.06 Week 8 If Ideas were Fashion Wong, E. D., & Henriksen, D. If ideas were fashion. Postrel, V. Surface and substance. In "The Substance of Style."

2 assignments Next week - Spring Break Week 9: Graphic arts and advertising Pre-class activity Readings Inquiry & Design Proposal

3 assignments Pre-class activity Next week's class will involve using principles of principles of graphic arts design to create a compelling visual example of an educational idea or advertising promotion. With this in mind, come to class with some ideas which you want to develop for this visual arts activity.

4 assignments Readings Krause, J. (2004). Design Basics Index. Sections about Harmony, Emphasis, Alignment, Flow. McCloud, S. (1994). Understanding Comics. Chapter 7, The six steps. HarperCollins.

5 assignments The Central Idea/Analogous Suggestion (1/2 page) What did the professionals view of the NDCE in their work suggest for the NDCE in your work? Describe the ideas/analogous suggestions inspired by our guests between the NDCE in their domain and the NDCE in your domain. Be as specific as you can about what they said, did, or wrote. Note: In this proposal, you should not list all the ideas inspired by our guests. Rather, you should only describe the specific idea(s) that you have chosen to focus on in this project.

6 assignments Design: The Plan for Inquiry (1/2 page) In your domain, you will want to try out these ideas and see what happens. What is your plan for trying out the ideas? What is your plan for seeing what will happen? Your response to these two questions constitutes the design or plan of your inquiry. Describe these two aspects of your design as specifically as you can. You will want to come up with a plan that will enhance the likelihood that youll learn something about the central idea. The heading for this section should be Design The Plan for Inquiry. Note: Although your design should be thoughtful, there is no need to think of this as a formal empirical study with all the associated methodological constraints and requirements.

7 assignments Qualities of a Good Proposal I can see clearly the specific ways that you have been inspired by the experts in fields outside of education. I can see clearly the central idea/analogous suggestions at the heart of your project I will be convinced that your project design will help you learn something about the central idea.

8 reflection on interior design What ideas were inspired by how interior designers create compelling experiences?

9 fashion: what does that mean? fashion - n, a particular way of behaving or doing something - n, the way of doing things that is popular at the moment - vt, to give shape or form to something, to create style -a distinctive way of doing something -flair, confidence about exhibiting skill or good taste -extravagance or lavishness

10 if ideas were fashion On a Paris metro train….

11 students and fashion What evidence is there of our interest in fashion?

12 fashion: a deep inclination Fascination with fashion is more than a just an immature phenomenon. It is a deep, human inclination. deep inclination - something that has compelled us through the ages, across cultures

13 just to be clear… In fashion is not the same as to fashion Saying that looks matter is not the same as saying that beauty matters Both surface and substance matter Cool things are not the same as cool experiences with things

14 pitfalls of the fashion metaphor Unintelligent attention to style may be associated with... Being a "slave to fashion" - external influence, lack of choice Non-rationality: impulse, emotions, peer pressure superficial fashion is only "for the moment", always changing, nothing endures

15 pitfalls of the fashion metaphor social pressure and conformity, loss of individuality obsession with oneself, obsession with others, obsession dissatisfaction with the current, admiring the unobtainable detracts from more worthwhile purposes rampant, mindless consumerism coveting, materialism, possession

16 the surface of things There is a historical distinction between the superficial and the deep appearance and reality surface and substance What is the basis for this?

17 why we distrust fashion Historically, we have had more faith… in our brain than our eyes in our mind than our heart in the power of reason than the power of perception or feeling in science than art …how unfortunate that this is the case

18 why fashion?! When we consider ideas as fashion, we may better see… the importance of the aesthetic the social aspects of learning how we are compelled when imagining the possible how beauty matters to everyone how style can be substance the importance of creating and expression

19 implications If ideas are fashion, then the teacher a merchant and the student is a consumer then teaching is selling and learning is shopping

20 ad campaigns for ideas? We are familiar with ad campaigns for commercial products. What about ad campaigns or marketing strategies for ideas, attitudes, or behaviors?

21 ad campaigns Econsumerist%2Ecom%2F Dove Real Beauty Ad Council Ad Gallery Superbowl Ads IPod

22 ad campaigns elements of an ad campaign creating the need/desire considering the cool factor creating the buzz

23 fashion challenge Imagine you work for an advertising agency. Your task is to make a particular school idea fashionable or cool. In teams, develop advertising campaign ideas. Find inspiration and support your ideas by citing examples of ad campaigns that have used similar ideas phenomena that have become fashionable by similar means

24 ideas soon to be fashion Idea: plants are the only thing on earth which produce their own food. All other living things rely on food produced by others. Idea: the history and culture of a place can be understood by examining its physical geography.

25 cool - what it is

26 title


28 deep inclination deep inclination - something that has compelled us through the ages, across cultures A construct that may be useful for identifying that which moves us and, thus, that which motivates students Two essential requirements for identifying potential deep inclinations of students has both enduring (across time) and widespread (across generation, culture) expression in Art is manifested in current popular culture or students world

29 deep inclination In our analysis of popular and fine art, we were particularly interested in ideas that have been expressed across time and genre. As a literary scholar might search for classic universal themes and archetypal characters, we searched for similar qualities in the past and present human story as represented in the arts. We called the pervasive and persistent ideas deep inclinations. Because deep inclinations are expressed over long periods of time, through diverse mediums, by a wide variety of people, we propose these ideas will continue to find resonance with students today.

30 deep inclination Absolute interests (Schank): death, danger, power, violence, and sex Emotional interests (Kintsch): contrasted with cognitive interests Situational interest (Hidi, Wade): novelty, unexpected or surprising information, intensity, concreteness, and visual imagery Seductive details (Gardner)

31 deep inclination: examples

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