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Nicole Blackwood Abigail Chapman

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1 Nicole Blackwood Abigail Chapman
Fashion of the 60’s Nicole Blackwood Abigail Chapman

2 Men’s Fashion Madras: Is a lightweight cotton fabric
Usually comes in the form of a checkered or plaid shirt Madras shirts typically have a button-down collar Usually worn in summer, but not always Socs wear Madras shirts in The Outsiders, suggesting that this fabric is more expensive than regular cotton.

3 Men’s Fashion Leather Jacket Usually black Usually has zippers
Buckle usually included Folded collar Many pockets

4 Men’s Fashion Jeans and Shoes Jeans came to ankle
Folded cuffs on jeans Belts were worn Converse shoes were popular Bellbottoms were also worn Ponyboy and his friends wear plain jeans in the novel.

5 Women’s Fashion Dresses and Skirts Floral dresses were popular
Dresses came to knees and past Longer skirts were worn by more conservative girls. (In the novel, the “Socs” would have worn longer skirts.) Shorter skirts were worn by less conservative girls. (In the novel, the “Greaser” girls wore shorter skirts.) Floral patterns and plaid patterns were popular.

6 Set Made by Abby

7 Set Made by Nicole

8 A Final Thought The fashion of the 60’s had much to do with what walk of life you were from. In the novel The Outsiders, Ponyboy and his friends wear clothing that makes them look “tuff” and does not cost them much money. The Socs can afford better clothing, such as blue madras shirts. Fashion played a part in how people treated you in a world like that of Ponyboy. Your clothing could enhance your personality or act as a shield for you to hide behind.

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