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Fashion in the 1900’s - 1910 The Edwardian Era.

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1 Fashion in the 1900’s The Edwardian Era

2 Introduction Edwardian Era – King Edward VII 1901 - 1910
Leader of the fashionable elite “Beautiful Age” Luxury Living for the rich

3 Silhouette S-Shape – Mature woman silhouette- full low bust, curvy hips – skirts train – brushed the floor 1908 – Fashion houses changed the silhouettes – thicker waist, flatter bust and narrower hips Narrowed and straightened Skirts cleared the floor – approached ankle



6 Influences Paris – Mecca of fashion World
Fashion Models – Mannequins dressed in latest styles sent by designers to social events Picasso – blue & pink period Wright Brothers – aviation history San Francisco – Earthquake

7 Influences Gibson Girl Sketch by Charles Dana Gibson
National Standard for feminine beauty

8 Role of Women Very few rights Small percent of women attended college
Very few had careers outside of home Married young – many children – stayed home Second class citizens

9 Textiles Used Linen Cotton Silk – dresses & gowns Velvet Lace

10 Popular Colors Purples/Pinks Brown Sage Green Rose Red Peach
Dark and light blue for Black suits – Men

11 Women’s Fashions Early 1900’s - S-Curve Silhouette – use of corsets
- High boned collars - Skirts brushed the floor - Lingerie Dresses – washable day dresses in linen & cotton – lavish pintucks, lace insertions, embroidery

12 Shirtwaist – bodice or waist tailored like a man’s shirt – working woman uniform
Traveling suits popular –automobiles- top coats in leather - Burberry

13 Late 1900’s - 1908 – Empire waist – narrow – ankle length Rise of Haute Couture – Paul Poiret – designer of new style

14 Hats/Hairstyles Huge, broad brimmed hats were worn in mid-decade, trimmed with feathers & stuffed birds Decorated with ribbons & artificial flowers Wavy hair swept up on top of head Large hats worn with evening wear End of decade – hats had smaller drooping brims that shaded the face & deep crowns


16 Accessories Lace was used in abundance Hats Gloves Umbrellas/Parasols
Handbags Lace Scarf Silver chain purse

17 Men’s Fashions Coats, waistcoats, and trousers
Sack coat with matching waistcoat & trousers were worn Trousers were shorter with cuffs – creased front and back Waistcoats fastened high on the chest. The usual style was single-breasted. The blazer was worn for sports/casual activities Formal dress – dark tail coat & trousers – tuxedo – less formal

18 Shirts and neckties Tall collars Necktie was four-in-hand & Ascot Ties were worn with formal day dress – white bow ties common with evening Accessories Top Hats formal wear Bowler Hats worn with lounge or sack suits


20 Children Girls imitated older women
Dresses – Knee length with lace & embroider at hem – short sleeve Black shoes with woolen stockings Hair – long & curly with ribbon Boys – sailor suits , dusters

21 Technology Advances Industrial Revolution
Factories Producing Goods – Mass Production Home Sewing Machine – middle class could recreate fashion items at home

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