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Adjectives In spanish.

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1 Adjectives In spanish

2 What makes them different to english?
Spanish adjectives are completely different to English. One of the main reasons is because there can be four forms of a adjective. Make sure to remember that the adjective comes after the noun, when using Spanish. For example If you were going to say something was ugly in Spanish, there are different forms to that one adjective. MASC= FEO FEMININE= FEA MASC’ PLURAL= FEOS FEM PLURAL= FEAS You would know how to use these by the word before it. Like: La camiseta es fea. You know to use the feminine form because the words end in ‘a’, this means it is feminine. The same is for the masculine if it ends in a ‘O’. Or if it is plural it would be ‘LOS’ or ‘LAS’, los being the masculine plural and las being the feminine. For example, Los sombreros.

3 Quiz!!! How would you say…? 1)The trousers are ugly.
2) The shirt is pretty. 3) the sport shoes are good.

4 ANSWERS! LOS pantalones son FEO. La camiseta es bonita.
Los zapatos de deporte es buenos. How many did you get right?

5 Comparing items. Remember to use adjectival agreement.
When you want to compare items, things are different in Spain. you say ‘it is more than’ or ‘it is less than’. So, to say a top is more expensive than a pair of shoes you would say: La camiseta es más barata que los zapatos. The shirt is more expensive than the shoes. To say it is more than something use: Es más (insert adjective) que.. (insert noun) To say it is less than something use: Es menos (insert adjective) que… (insert noun) Remember to use adjectival agreement. ‘la camiseta’= ‘barata’

6 WATCH OUT! When you are saying something is a colour, you use it as an adjective and put it after the noun! For example, Una falda roja. However, not all adjectives have all four forms….

7 Colour Masc. Fem. Masc plu Fem plu. Pink rosa Rosa Purple voileta Voileta Orange naranja narranja Red rojo roja rojos rojas yellow amarillo amarilla amarillos amarillas Blank negro negra negros negras White Blanco blanca blancos blancas Blue azul Brown marron Grey Green Gris verder verde gris

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