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UAB Ekotakas flocculants

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1 UAB Ekotakas flocculants
Poliflock trademark products are high efficiency polielektrolytes for liquid/solid separation in sedimentation, flotation, thickening, centrifugation processes Can be cationic, anionic, nonionic. As the result of intensive development it is availbale wide range of Poliflock products.

2 Poliflock brand flocculants
Poliflock brand flocculants can be used in variuous processes of liquid/solid separation: Dredging Municipal sludge dewatering Industrial waste water treatment Oily sludges dewatering Sludge sedimentation Drinking water treatment Filtration

3 Poliflock flocculants
Poliflock flocculants are used with following equipment: Centrifuges Filters Belt presses Vaacum filters Filterpresses Rotary separators Flotations units Sedimentation units Geotubes

4 Poliflock flocculants
Poliflock flocculants are: Powder (100% active) form. Liquid: Emulsions (40-50 % active) Dispersions ( % active) Powder flocculants are packed into 25kgs sacks or 1000kgs Big Bags. Liquid flocculants are packed into 25kgs drums or 1m3 containers.

5 Poliflock flocculants
Poliflock range: Poliflock SM – cationic Poliflock SP – cationic Cationic products can work in wide range pH alone or in combination with another water treatment products Poliflock SP...A –anionic. Anionic products can work in wide range pH alone or in combination with another water treatment products.

6 Poliflock flocculants usage
Poliflock flocculants working solution prepared using special equipment. Powder must be dispersed into fresh water Stock solution- 0,5%. Working solution – 0,05- 0,1%. Solution pH- 3-6 depending on flocculant type Screw pumps for flocculant working solution dosing must be used For dispersion or emulsion dosing must be used screw, membrane or peristaltic pumps.

7 Poliflock flocculants dosing
Flocculants dosage depends on the requirements will vary dependent on the substrate, the type of application and the type of flocculant. As a general guide the following dosage ranges are normally found appropriate: Sedimentation/Settlement : mg/litre Sludge Thickening : kg/tonne DS Sludge Flotation : kg/tonne DS Sludge dewatering : kg/tonne DS The above values refer to 'active' polymer dosages. For a liquid grade product the applied dosage will be proportionately higher and according to the active content of the particular grade selected.

8 Poliflock flocculants
For inquieries and technical consultations: UAB Ekotakas Savanorių 435 Kaunas LT 49280 Lithuania/EU Thank you for attention!

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