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Making a Splash The Paralympics

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1 Making a Splash The Paralympics
Vocabulary Unit 2, Week 3

2 similar Example: My sister and I look similar because we both are tall with brown hair and hazel eyes. Definition: when things are like each other in many ways Synonyms: alike, comparable, matching

3 challenges Example: High temperatures and a lack of water are just a few challenges of living in a dessert. Definition: difficult situations that require a great effort Synonyms: hardship, ordeal, test

4 designed Example: A sports car is designed to be fast.
Definition: something that is planned or created for a specific purpose Synonyms: created, planned, intended

5 achieved Example: Luis studied hard and achieved his goal by receiving an A on his vocabulary test. Definition: to reach a goal Synonyms: attain, accomplish

6 varied Example: The grocery story has a varied selection of fruits and vegetables. Definition: different kinds of things Synonyms: assortment, diverse, various, mixed

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