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Changing Earth TEK 5.7B.

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1 Changing Earth TEK 5.7B

2 What is Erosion? Type of weathering in which surface soil and rock are worn away through environmental interactions.

3 Erosion

4 What are 3 Types of Erosion?
Fast flowing water can erode soil and small rocks. Water Strong winds can carry away sand and soil. When the water freezes, it expands and cracks the rock! Wind Liquid water seeps into rock cracks. Ice

5 What is Deposition? It is the geological process by which material is added to landform or land mass building upon the sedimentary layers.

6 Deposition

7 What type of landforms does erosion create?
A mound of loose wind blown sand. A deep narrow valley with steep sides cut into the Earth by running water. Sand Dunes Formed at the mouth of a river that flows into an ocean, estuary, lake, or reservoir. Delta Canyon

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