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Rainwater Harvesting A Presentation

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1 Rainwater Harvesting A Presentation

2 “Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink”

3 This could soon be true in India as most of the cities face a water crisis today due to irregular rainfall, a growing population and rapid urban development. Excessive ground water usage has led to a sharp decline in the ground water levels across India prompting the government to pass strict regulations against the usage of the same. However, the fact is that ground water is essential both residential as well as industrial projects. So how does one more ground water ?.

4 The solution The solution is Rainwater Harvesting. Rainwater Harvesting simply put is the direct collection of rain water. The idea is to catch the rain as it falls over building & ground surfaces and channel it to pre-defined recharge points after filtration. This helps recharge the groundwater levels which is a long term solution for increasing our ground water levels. Today, there are solutions also available which help harvest rainwater and filter it for non-potable immediate usage.

5 D&D Ecotech Products & Services
RWH Consultancy, Planning, Design & Implementation D&D Ecotech Recharge System D&D Ecotech RWH Filters

6 Products & Services RWH Consultancy, Planning, Design & Implementation

7 RWH Consultancy, Planning, Design & Implementation
D&D Ecotech through its team offers RWH consultancy, planning & design services all over India. It’s services include Studying in-depth the rainwater harvesting requirements Offering solutions based on ground realities and existing infrastructure Complete planning & design of RWH systems Training on RWH techniques & methods Liasioning & permissions related to RWH projects Supervision & implementation of RWH projects.


9 Products & Services D&D Ecotech Recharge System

10 D&D Ecotech Recharge System
A specially designed “Storage + Recharge System. Can be used for both storing water for usage as well as for recharging the groundwater levels. Ensures proper filtration of the collected rainwater before releasing the same into the ground. Creates a 13ft water head which helps in faster percolation. Consists of both a desilting chamber + recharge well with a recharge bore.

11 The D&D Ecotech RWH System
Designed using pre-fabricated concrete rings. Hence easier & faster to install. Filter media in the top chamber makes it easier to clean. Bore pipe connected to a specially designed 200 micron stainless steel filter for further filtration Hold up to 7,000 litres of rainwater while it percolates into the ground.

12 Products & Services RAINY Filters

13 Rainwater Harvesting Filters
D&D Ecotech is happy to introduce the “RAINY” brand of products which have been specially designed for India. Manufactured after years of research, these filters can help filter rainwater and make it useable for all non-potable uses like washing cars, flushing, gardening etc. They can be used for both residences & industries.

14 “RAINY” Filters Feature Advantage Works on cohesive force
No external power source required. Savings in power costs Segregate s dirt particles and clean water separately No contamination problems. SS-304 Screen Life upto 20 years 250 micron mesh Cleans even the minutest dirt particles Tough high-density polyethylene housing Long life Dual Intensity Filters The filter efficiency remains unchanged even with the variation of intensity of rainfall Self Cleaning Debris, leaves and dirt particles are removed continuously and flushed out Efficiency of filter - more than 90% Maximum clean water storage All pipe connections can be turned 360 Easy to install. Can be adjusted as per site and building conditions No consumables required No extra costs involved

15 RAINY Filter – Models Available
FL 100 – Covers 110 sq. mtrs FL 200 – Covers 225 sq. mtrs FL 300 – Covers 350 sq. mtrs Fl 500 – covers 500 sq. mtrs These filters can handle rainfall intensity up to 75mm/hour



18 “RAINY” Filter installations
“RAINY” filter has been installed in more than 500 schools in Karnataka. The filtered water is collected in a underground storage tank for usage. “RAINY” filter is being used by the Govt.’s of Karnataka & Maharashtra for filtering the rainwater and recharging in borewells. It is being used by educational institutions & housing complexes in Mumbai Has been installed in more than 2,000 sites across the country.

19 About us

20 D&D Ecotech is a professional rain water harvesting company which uses time-tested methods for planning and implementing RWH systems for storage as well as recharging. The team comprises experts from various disciplines like Geology, Hydrogeology, Civil engineering, CAD Draftsman etc., and can manage all types of rainwater harvesting projects from consultancy to planning, design and implementation. D&D Ecotech is presently managing projects right from Goa to Bokaro in Jharkhand and is planning to expand its presence across India soon.

21 Management Team Suresh Damwani Has done his studies in rainwater harvesting from CSE (Centre for Science & Environment), Delhi. Handles the Business Development profile and also assists in designing & planning the RWH systems. Sunil Dubey A professional with extensive experience in Operations & Production management. Is responsible for on site supervision of RWH projects & interaction with vendors. Yashdeep Tiwari An operations professional he assists Sunil Dubey in supervision and implementation of all projects.

22 Key Associates & Partners
Kolkatta I M Asthana Architects & RWH Consultants Mr. Indra Mohan Asthana – Director Founder of the firm. Bachelor of Architecture, IIT Kharagpur. Life Member, Technology Foundation IIT Kharagpur. He has more than forty five years of experience in consultancy. Mr. Ravi Mohan Asthana – Chief Executive Officer Head of Administration & Operations. Bachelor of Arts, Concordia College USA. Master of International Management, University of St. Thomas USA. Pursued PGDBA from Vinod Gupta School of Management, IIT Kharagpur.

23 D&D Ecotech Updates Karnataka Police Housing Corporation Ltd.
D&D Ecotech had been appointed as a project consultant to oversee the planning & design of rainwater harvesting systems at 47 locations (Police stations, Staff quarters, Training grounds, etc.) Total project area = 600 acres. Project includes calling for tenders, selection of vendors and supervising the implementation across all properties through contractors. Total project value = 60 crores

24 D&D Ecotech Updates NDTV Coca-Cola Save My School Campaign.
D&D Ecotech is implementing rainwater harvesting & other elements (landscaping, water filtration etc.) at 8 schools in Maharastra for this project. Sachin Tendulkar is the brand ambassador for this project and is personally overseeing the implementation along with NDTV, Coca Cola & CAF. Total Project value = 32 lakhs

25 Completed Projects K J Somaiya Vidyavihar, Mumbai
Water collected from the college terraces is diverted to this recharge well for recharging the ground water levels. Has helped prevent flooding which was an annual feature at the campus during rains.

26 Completed Projects K J Somaiya Vidyavihar, Mumbai
Water collected from the college terraces is diverted after filtering to the non-potable storage tanks for reuse. 70 lakh litres water was harvested and reused in

27 Completed Projects Adarsh Vidyalaya, Thane
Part of the NDTV-Cocal Cola Save My School project. We designed a zero-wastage RWH system which helped the school meet all its non-potable water requirements and also helped recharge the groundwater levels of the existing borewell.

28 Other Completed Projects
Electrosteel Steels Ltd., Bokaro, Jharkhand An upcoming steel plant in Jharkhand spread over 550 acres. We have planned and designed the RWH system for the entire plant. Solutions included both storage as well as recharge options. Total Area – 600 acres Trans Apt’s A residential complex in Andheri, Mumbai. Used to rely on water tankers daily for their non-potable water requirements. Rainy Filters installed by D&D have help it harvest rainwater for all their non-potable water needs.

29 Other Completed Projects
HPCL - Mumbai Refinery D&D Ecotech has setup 2 specially designed recharge structures which will help HPCL recharge 15,000 litres of rainwater approx everyday when it rains. Somaiya Sports Ground, Mumbai An athletic track plus football ground based on internationally recognized standards. The RWH system was designed to ensure disposal of the rainwater within 45 mins. Ultratech Cement, Chittorgarh, Rajasthan Provided rainwater filtration systems for their plant.

30 Contact Details Please feel free to contact us for any queries you may have Suresh , Sr. Consultant Cell : D&D Ecotech Services 146, Raghuleela Mall Kandivli (W), Mumbai - 67

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