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The need for Ultra Pure Water in the semiconductor industry.

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1 The need for Ultra Pure Water in the semiconductor industry

2 PRESENT DEVELOPMENT Development > 32, 22 to 8 (6) nanometer 32 nm = 0.000032 mm The diameter of human hair is around 200 000 nanometers 200 000 / 8 = 25 000

3 03/06/2014 3 KILLER PARTICLES Membrane distillation can make purer water than state- of-the-art water purification technology

4 03/06/2014 4 ONLY VAPORIZED WATER MOLECULES PASS THE MEMBRANE Only vapour can leave the surface of the water, because of the surface tension. The surface tension stops all non- volatiles from leaving the feed water

5 Estimated Water consumption in a 300mm wafer IDM fab For a fab water consumption is: 1500 m3/hour Per wafer = 8.8 m3 Per clean per wafer = 44 liter This includes all water consumption: idle UPW flows, chemical waste treatment, gas-exhaust washing, Reject water from purification Cooling water Sanitary water for staff: toilets.... … 5

6 Demanded by nanoelectronics companies Low risk (no surprises) High reliability (good uptime) Solid company (well established) Good service world wide (time to repair) 6

7 Technical needs High contaminant retention Low added contaminants Reliable performance Automated Performance Cleaning, Descaling Disruptive 7


9 03/06/2014 9 PERFORMANCE Recycling of water Zero Liquid Discharg Energy recovery by use of waste heat Lower cost

10 03/06/2014 10 REUSE AT POINT-OF-USE Removal of several contaminant types in one process enables UPW in fewer steps. Fewer treatment steps enable compact equipment.

11 03/06/2014 11


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