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H a m m e r e r – s y s t e m – m e s s t e c h n i k Ing. Max Hammerer Activities: Consulting and advisory service for Water- and Energy Supply Companies.

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1 h a m m e r e r – s y s t e m – m e s s t e c h n i k Ing. Max Hammerer Activities: Consulting and advisory service for Water- and Energy Supply Companies Activities in the market and experience in this field since 1974 Special sectors: Leak detection, damage statistics, rehabilitation procedures Cooperation partners: Technical University Dresden, Faculty for City developement, Prof. Dr. R. Herz IT-Center for Supply Networks, Hartl/Wehr Düsseldorf, Dipl.Ing. R. Wehr IT-SoftwareCenter for GIS, Hemminger SHH Esslingen, Dipl.Ing. G. Voß Special products: PARIS: Freely PARameterisable Information System G I S PROFI: Programme for Control and Maintanance of Networks INFRA: Programme for prognoses of rehabilitation needs ROKA: Programme for Network Calculation on GIS basis Offices in Klagenfurt/Austria and Düsseldorf/Germany

2 h a m m e r e r – s y s t e m – m e s s t e c h n i k Ing. Max Hammerer Active Membership: German Association for Gas- and Waterworks DVGW (network rehabilitation) Austrain Association for Gas- and Waterworks ÖVGW (coordination group) International Association of Waterworks in the Danube Catchment Area IAWD Austrian Danube Water Cooperation (Cooperation of Industy and Water companies) Country activities: Austria: Water, Gas, Energy and Sewerage companies Germany: Water, Gas, Energy and Sewerage companies Italy, Luxembourg: Water and Gas companies Reform countries in Southeastern Europe: Bosna-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Serbia&Montenegro, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic: Water and Sewerage companies

3 h a m m e r e r – s y s t e m – m e s s t e c h n i k Ing. Max Hammerer Selected References: Water network Vienna3.400 kmGas network Vienna3.300 km Water network Innsbruck 860 kmGas network Innsbruck 690 km Water network Graz 945 kmGas network Graz 540 km Water network Udine 640 kmWater network Triest 920 km Water network Munich3.800 kmGas network Munich2.400 km Water network Essen1.860 kmGas network Essen1.440 km Water network Gotha1.100 kmWater network Nürnberg2.140 km Water network Sindelfingen 340 kmWater network Luxembourg 410 km Water network Ankara4.100 kmWater network Belgrade2.100 km Activities:Leakage control Damage statistic Performance indicators Rehabilitation and replacement strategy Programme for network control and maintanance Advising for modern operation management on GIS basis

4 Computer aided rehabilitation strategy for supply pipeline systems ´ on basis the pipe groups and pipe sections

5 Computer aided rehabilitation strategy for supply pipeline systems G I S - Database pipe data – damage data – graphical data Pipe groups Existing pipe analysis Damage analysis Damage prognosis Replacement rate–50 years Pipe sections + graph Damage rate-pipe section Damage prognosis External criteria register Pipe replacement / year Selection for rehabilitation Rehabilitation method pipe material rehabilitation criteria economic aspects Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Infr.Pro Infra.Plan Infra.Reha

6 Damage dataPipe dataNetwork grafic Infra.stat Damage analyse Damage prognose Infra.Pro Rehabilitation rate Strategies Infra.Plan Network rehabilitation p.a. Infra.Plan Detail planing in the street Hydraulic network simulation for actual diameter GIS 6 steps for rehabilitation of pipes Damage analyse Rehabilitation strategy Rehabilitation priorities Detail planing for one pipe Hydraulich network analyse for actual diameter Pipe groupesPipe sections Leitungsbestand Infra- System

7 Teplice 7249 km 33 Jahre Mannheim 960 km 36 Jahre Karlsruhe 807 km 39 Jahre Stuttgart 1158 km 36 Jahre Innsbruck 245 km 28 Jahre Wien 2533 km 27 Jahre Zürich 1081 km 45 Jahre Gera 960 km 45 Jahre Erfurt 318 km 48 Jahre Mainz 673 km 29 Jahre Examples of existing networks and their service times

8 30 20 10 0 10 20 30 26-50 51-75 1-25 76-100 101-125 126-150 151-175 176-195 Alter 2070 Länge in km Alter 101-125 76-100 51-75 26-50 1-25 1875 1900 1925 1950 1975 2000 2025 2050 2075 2100 Jahrgänge (5 Jahre) 2000 30 20 10 0 10 20 30 Länge in km 30 20 10 0 10 20 30 1-25 26-50 51-75 76-100 101-125 126-155 Alter 2030 Länge in km Prognosis of the network age and the replacement

9 Rehabilitation concept for rehabilitation needs on the basis of pipe groups Kohorten- Pipe life model I N F R A Calculating of the operation time Rehabilitation- options Network Damage data Network Pipe data Cost of the projects Network simulation for future planing Network simulation Existing situation Results: Quantity of renewal Limited operation time Damage development Actual pipe data Rehabilitation costs

10 Analysis of the existing pipe data Pipe groups and construction period

11 Underground Pipe material Number of service pipes Age of the pipe Pipe connections Isolating of the pipe Traffic in the street Influences of construction works Quality of pipe construction Operation pressure of the medium Influences of damages

12 Damage rate on miansDamages on service pipes Diameters in mmMaterials Analysis of the damage data over a longer period Damage development over 17 years

13 Examples Analysis of the damage data over a longer period Damage analyse for Steel pipe group Damage analyse for cast iron pipe group

14 Prognosis simulation of existing pipegroups Concentration of damages on basis the age of pipes Determine of the critical damage rate and the risc range of pipes Determination of the forecasted age with standard tolerance

15 Evaluated service time and residual service life of all pipe groups

16 Survial function Failure rate Distribution of the age Residual service life Determine of the ageing function of one type of pipes Age of the pipe Residual service life in years

17 Future rehabilitation needs Evaluated by Infra.Pro

18 Existing rehabilitation activities and forecated future rehabilitation needs Future rehabilitation needs 0,5% 1,0% 1,5% 2,0%

19 Computer aided selection of efficient rehabilitation projects on the basis og pipe sections Evaluated by infra.plan Criteria catalog of infuences for rehabilitation projects Presentation of results in GIS

20 Determination of pipe sections for rehabilitation Evaluation by Infra.Plan with GIS-data

21 Numeric data presentation of the pipe sections needed for rehabilitation

22 Methods for the rehabilitation of pipelines Rehabilitation of pipesRenewal of pipes Tube reliningCement relining Pipe construction Closed replacement PE-Lining Closed lining Berst-lining Press-pull-lining Repair campaignsRehabilitation Cleaning of pipes Maintenance

23 Table to select the right rehabilitation method for rehabilitation

24 Supply system Pipe data Service pipe data Fitting data Inhabitants Loss control Repairs Damage statisticDamage analyse Key parameter Loss dynamik Damage dynamik Forecast Service time DECISION Replacement Rehabilitation Maintanance Repair costs Criteria Rehabilitation - Repair Investment Operating expenditure Decision for Investment / Operating expenditure Distance to buildings

25 Strategy: Rehabilitation on basis The evaluated prognosies needs Costs and benefitBilance Break-Even: 2022 Economic facts for rehabilitation procedure

26 Time shedule and realisation steps for implementation a rehabilitation concept 1.Definition of the goal6 months 2.Definition of the basis data 3.Identification of supply companies for a pilot project 4.Analysis of the data from the defined network and and prognosis of the residual service life of the existing pipe material6 months 5. Presentation of the future rehabilitation needs 6.Selection of pipe sectors for rehabilitation6 months 7.List of all relevant methods for the rehabilitation of water pipes 8.Assessment of these rehabilitation methods6 months 9.Proposal of recommended priorities for methods of rehabilitation 10.Recommendation for a rehabilitation strategy6 months

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