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The Reverse Osmosis Seawater Desalination CONTAINER CONCEPT present.

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1 The Reverse Osmosis Seawater Desalination CONTAINER CONCEPT present

2 Containerized The Energy Efficient – Low Maintenance

3 Reverse Osmosis Seawater Desalination Plants

4 Containerized SWRO The Containerized Solution

5 - takes the expenses and mystery out of seawater RO Desalination and brings it DOWN-TO-EARTH - by making pre-designed module sized plants, fully assembled in standard 20-ft and 40-ft containers and install them right where the potable water is needed. THE CONTAINER CONCEPT

6 No need for expensive buildings No time consuming and costly civil works No advanced calculations and projecting procedures - but reduced costs -due to an extremely short installation, commissioning and training schedule of only 1 week – compared to a 3-4 month installation time for a conventional NON containerized plant. THIS MEANS:

7 – inside the container, fully tested before shipping, ready to produce high-quality potable water within days of delivery. All what the clients need to do is to arrange for the Seawater supply and the Electricity, and a foundation for the container Its all there:

8 The Container Concept includes: for clean seawater from beach wellfor seawater requiring pre filtration 250m³/day – One (1) 20-ft container 300m³/day – One (1) 20-ft container 500m³/day – One (1) 40-ft container 1000m³/day – One (1) 40-ft container 250m³/day – One (1) 40-ft container 300m³/day – One (1) 40-ft container 500m³/day – Two (2) 40-ft containers 1000m³/day – Two (2) 40-ft containers - and as the example on the following page

9 A 300 m³/day plant like this! Installed in a 20-ft container Produce all the potable water requirements for this resort

10 Installation Procedure: The following is a presentation of the installation of a HOH Standard Containerized SWRO Desalination Plant, with a capacity of 300m³/day, producing potable water with a TDS of less than 500 ppm, as recommended by the WHO (World Health Organization). The feed water source is clean seawater from a seawater well with a TDS of 36,000 ppm.

11 The Playa Roca Resort, Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain where the installation took place - Aug.11, 2003

12 Installation site prepared by local contractor with power supply and connection pipes to feed water well, product water reservoir and brine disposal injection well.

13 The 300 m³/day plant fully assembled in 20-ft container arrives at Resort at 8:00 AM

14 A local crane contractor prepare to remove the containerized plant from the truck - 8:15 AM

15 Crane contractor moving the containerized plant from the truck towards it's permanent location – 9:00AM

16 Plant at installation site – 9:15 AM

17 - and lowered into position – 9:25 AM

18 Containerized plant at permanent location - 9:50 AM

19 - ready for the HOH technician to commission and to perform training of the local operator and maintenance technicians

20 Close-up view of the plant with a capacity of 300 m³/day producing high quality potable water at $0.70/m³

21 Inside view of 250 m³/day containerized plant installed at another Island Resort

22 Inside view of 300 m³/day containerized plant installed at International Hotel & Beach Resort, Spain

23 Thank you for viewing this presentation of the HOH Container Concept - and our Containerized SWRO Plants For additional information, please visit our website Phone: 706 694 8869 – Facsimile: 706 694 4124 - Email: Gunnar A. Axelsen, President Contact:


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