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Activities Related to Water and Environmental Issues in the Middle East.

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1 Activities Related to Water and Environmental Issues in the Middle East

2 "Optimal Siting of Test Wells for Contaminant Characterization in Groundwater" With the American University of Beirut (AUB) in Lebanon. This research explored the use of optimization algorithms in the area of contaminant characterization and remediation of ground water. /research.htm#2 /research.htm#2

3 "Hydrologic analysis of dry marginal watershed in Northeast Lebanon" With AUB in Lebanon. Research results were implemented by the local development association to increase the capture of water for beneficial uses. /research.htm#3 /research.htm#3

4 "Water management decision support system (DSS) in Jordan" With the Ministry of Water in Jordan and USAID. Multi-year USAID-funded cooperative agreement has facilitated work with collaborators in the Jordan Ministry of Water and Irrigation. Recently completed training and technical assistance modules focused on domestic water supply and quality; wastewater treatment; and water pollution management. Also involves additional training in water quality protection and advanced GIS-based applications to water resource management.

5 "GIS-Based watershed management" With IRA and ICARDA in Tunisia Address issues of water allocation under shortage conditions. This USDA-supported activity in Tunisia was launched in March 2002 in cooperation with the Institut des Regions Arides (IRA) in southern Tunisia. The pilot program, which also links Purdue with the International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA) in Syria, is devoted to watershed modeling, water conservation, and water allocation under water limiting conditions.

6 United States-Palestinian Linkages (UPLINK) program To work with three institutions in Gaza and the West Bank to develop a M.S. degree program in water resources management to be offered through the partner universities in the region. In addition, UPLINK partners will develop training and capacity-building support programs for Palestinian Water Authority personnel. They will work as a team to strengthen public outreach and education programs on environmental health issues related to water management.

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