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We dont just go with the flow, we create it.. Who is MP Pumps? Established in 1942 Right-sized pump company Small enough to be creative Large enough to.

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1 We dont just go with the flow, we create it.

2 Who is MP Pumps? Established in 1942 Right-sized pump company Small enough to be creative Large enough to handle high volume orders Custom pump capabilities ISO 9001 and 14001 certified Lead times within 10 working days Machining and assembly done in Fraser, MI. Thats in the USA!

3 Company Capabilities Design Research & Development Machining & Assembly Quality Control Customer Service Technical Support Sales Support Global Sales

4 Industrial Marine Agricultural Transportation Warewash Petroleum Military Key Markets Served

5 Product Line

6 The Original self priming pump of its kind! Made in the U.S.A. since 1956. Available from 1 ½ NPT to 4 NPT. Lift capabilities up to 25 Close coupled, pedestal, hydraulic, and engine drives available Multiple impeller options to maximize performance Available in cast iron, stainless steel, bronze, and aluminum

7 Bronze pumps constructed with Federalloy I-836 (no lead) ABS type approval for FM 8,15, 30, and 40 Agricultural flanges available Flomax also offers the Cadillac of double seals with its charged grease cartridge offering lasting protection against dry-run conditions. Pump ends are backed with a 2 year warranty! Our Flomax is even better today and heres why…

8 Flomax pumps – Design improvements O-ring seal for discharge flange O-ring seal between the housing and adapter Fill port for priming chamber Bosses drilled and tapped for wear plate

9 Flomax Applications Filtration Dewatering Mining Bilge Ballast Transfer DEF Fertilizer Transfer Water parks-water falls Fire protection Potable water HVAC Deicing Sump Machine coolant Fish farms

10 Investment Cast to Last! Cast 316 SS pump for your critical applications No thin wall stampings or welds Close coupled, pedestal, hydraulic, and engine drives available Competitive pricing Nickel Aluminum Bronze material (CF 1-4) Excellent for warm sea water applications

11 Chemflo Applications Pharmaceutical Chemical transfer DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) – for larger volume transfer in stationary bulk transfer applications Potable water Deicing – spraying salt brine on roads or landing strips for pretreatment Desalination Breweries

12 The STANDARD that MP Pumps was built around. Also known as our Series pumps Sizes from 1 X ¾ up to 4 X 3 ports Flows up to 900 GPM and heads up to 172 Cast iron and bronze materials available Some models available with double grease seal Discharge port can be moved in 90° increments Open and enclosed impellers

13 Series Applications Cooling towers Chillers Washers Water boosting Potable water Machine coolant HVAC Scrubbers Filtration

14 A little pump with a lot of value! Stainless steel pumps for lower flow transfer of fluids from water to chemicals to petroleum. Available from ½ up to a 1 ¼ X 1 pump Patented ¾ self priming unit! AC, DC, and Hydraulic drives available ISO 8846 marine ignition proof motor available Self-primer lifts up to 12 Solves those small pump application needs!

15 FRX Applications Circulating Dispensing Low volume transfer DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) – for bulk to tote, tote to tote and small metering and dispensing Marine a/c units Bait well circulation Ware wash Marine hydraulics cooling

16 The only pump you want to use for transferring ANY type of fuel. Three distinct versions of self-priming and end suction centrifugals. Extensive R & D to ensure proper materials Ductile iron Silicon carbide seals Optimal motor enclosures Versatility of our PumPak® option

17 Close coupled with drives to 20 HP Space savings Price advantage Economical alternative for todays petroleum market place Curves written specifically for petroleum products Made in the USA

18 Petroleum pumps – Compatibility labels Compatibility label for PO/SO units. Compatibility label for PG/SG units. Compatibility label for PE/SE units

19 Petrolmaxx Applications Bulk transfer Rail car loading & unloading Barge loading and unloading Locomotive refueling Aircraft fuel transfer Military vehicles refueling Fuel transport trailers Agriculture fuel carts

20 Designed for fire suppression, this pump offers higher head pressures; over 200 for a 2 X 2 pump. 1 ½ and 2 models in cast iron or bronze Close coupled, pedestal, engine, and hydraulic drive options ABS type approval for marine operations Meets USCG 46 CFR requirements HHLF High Output is here!! High Head / Low Flow Series



23 HHLF Applications Fire Control High head applications over 200 Mine dust control Wash down for barns, ships, etc. Bilge pump

24 Cost leader vs. competition Close coupled, compact size requires less space than competition Application temperatures up to 650°F Seal cavity temperatures of <350°F No cooling water needed, reduces auxiliary equipment, and opportunity for oil/water mixing Impeller is closer to supporting bearing Less heat transferred out of the system; less energy required to be replaced Hot Oil Pump

25 Tempuflo Applications Heat transfer heat exchangers Circulate hot oil thru: tanks presses and platens molds mixers dryers Line tracing applications Fryers in the food industry Airplane deicing

26 Let MP take out the trash! Available in 2 and 3 NPT sizes Close coupled or pedestal designs Passes solids up 1 ½ Hydraulic drive option for 3 model Back pull out design and front clean out make for ease of maintenance. 2 and 3 blade impeller designs to maximize pump performance. Self-Priming Trash Pump

27 Dewatering Waste water treatment Machine coolant Fish farms Filtration Sumps 2CT Applications

28 For years MP Pumps has been a major provider of pumps used in the transportation industry. Function as coolant booster and circulation pumps Four distinct models: FRX, ILX, SBX, MDX Brushed and brushless DC motors Sold primarily through our network of transportation distributors and OEM customers Flows up to 25 GPM and head ratings of up to 20

29 Metro buses School buses Motor homes Airport shuttles Limousines Line stripping trucks Circulator Applications

30 Submersible Series Hook up the hydraulic lines, drop it in creek or pit and let it run! Available in 2, 2 ½, and 3 discharge ports. Various size hydraulic motors for optimal performance Cast aluminum body = light weight Will pass pea gravel sized particles Also available with a screw impeller for more viscous applications like drillers mud.

31 Hydrasub Applications Electric submersibles an issue? Hydraulics available? Mines Industrial plants Manholes Remote locations w/no electric service hydraulics available from a truck or tractor flooded fields or ditches Condensate pits too hot for electric motors



34 What are we talking about? MP Pump Abbreviations 21339 FM8 PMP C: PED 5.0 ??? ??? ?? MP part # Pump model and size Pump or Pumpak Housing material of construction How the pump is driven Impeller diameter Any additional features

35 What are we talking about? MP Pump Abbreviations cont. A full abbreviation list can be found on the MP Pumps web site under the pricing link. As always, you can call our customer service department with any questions on description and they will be happy to help.

36 Main web site: –http://www.mppumps.com Product catalogs Sales brochures I.O.M. manuals Pricing Parts lists Abbreviation list Web Site

37 Webinar series continues Coming in July 2012 will be our fourth webinar dedicated to our HHLF product line. We will be excited to share our new HHLF-HO, the high output HHLF! Please remember to check out our website at


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