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A&P Fresh Market with UTC Power PureComfortTM 240M

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1 A&P Fresh Market with UTC Power PureComfortTM 240M
Jim Kirk Director of Engineering The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co.

2 Project Team Facility: 57,000 Sqft A&P Supermarket, Mt. Kisco, NY
Project Sponsors: UTC Power DOE/ Oak Ridge National Laboratory Utility: Con Edison

3 PureComfortTM 240M for A&P
“Pre-Assembled” Integrated System: Skid Mounted kW microturbines Gas Compressors Carrier Double Effect Absorption Chiller Cooling Tower Chilled Water Pumping System Provides 240 kW* of Electricity at 480v and 110 tons of Chilled water (95F day) or 900 MBTU Hot water (32F day) * 240 kW is Gross Power at 59 F, Net Power is 228 kW at 59 F

4 PureComfortTM 240M Skid Chiller Exhaust / Desiccant Connection
Chilled Water Connections Electrical Panels / Pump Controls 60’ Microturbines Chiller 12’ 6” Gas Compressors Chilled Water Pump Station Cooling Tower Exhaust Manifold

5 Exhaust Diverter Valve
PureComfortTM 240M Exhaust Diverter Valve Chiller Enclosure Gas Compressors Exhaust Duct Cooling Tower Microturbines

6 System Integration System Provides: 240* kW of Electricity
- Grid Parallel - Grid Dependant - Base Load Chilled Water: - Space Cooling - Refrigerant Sub-Cooling Desiccant Regeneration: - Direct Exhaust Heat Hot Water: - Winter Operation - Space Heating * 240 kW is Gross Power at 59 F, Net Power is 228 kW at 59 F

7 System Integration (Heat Recovery)

8 System Integration (Electrical)

9 System Integration (EMS Controls)
Microturbines, Chiller & Cooling Tower are controlled Via On-Board Controls Chilled Water Pumps, Bypass Valves & Desiccant Wheel are Controlled Via Building / Refrigeration EMS System (Danfoss AKC-55) Danfoss System controls Bypass Valve via two algorithms (Summer & Winter). A Manual Switch is used change from Summer to Winter Mode of Operation Sub-cooler solenoid valves are “always on” in Summer Operation Danfoss System Provides “Chiller Run” Input Only Heating, Cooling & Desiccant have “redundant” Systems

10 System Installation (Roof Top)
Chilled Water Supply / Return Refrigeration Sub-Cooling Pre-Fabricated Refrigeration Penthouse Water Coil Desiccant Exhaust Manifold Munters HVAC PureComfort 240

11 System Installation (Roof Top)
Refrigeration Condensers Desiccant Duct Munters HVAC Chilled Water Pipes to Refrigeration Sub-Coolers Screening Pure Comfort System

12 System Installation Challenges Site Required a Roof Top Installation
Weight of System Required Additional Steel Support Location / Pre-Fabricated Weight Required 600 ton Crane to Install Pre-Fabricated Size Of System Required Special Permitting for Delivery (Over Width & Over Height) Mechanical / Electrical Engineers not Familiar with Technology Utility not Familiar with Technology

13 System Installation Benefits of Pre-Fabrication
Quality Control – Assembled in Controlled Environment Simplified Installation: Seven Point Connection Chilled Water Supply & Return 400 amp 480v High Natural Gas (5 PSI) Make up water Tower / Chiller Drain Exhaust Duct to Desiccant Phone Line Less Design Required by Local Project M/E Engineers Very Accurate Documentation for Utility Interconnection Applications Faster Start-up & Commissioning

14 System Installation (Costs)
UTC PureComfortTM 240M $500K* Coil In Munters Unit $8K Steel $55K Crane $37K Electrical $27K Plumbing $50K Desiccant Ducting $8K GC Management $14K Total: $699K $2,900/kWe Installed * Pre DOE Funding

15 System Installation (Costs)
What Could We Do Better Next Time? Put It On The Ground! Remove Redundant Systems! Cost UTC PureComfortTM 240M $475K* Coil In Munters Unit $8K Removing Redundant Mechanical Systems (Munters) - $25K Steel $55K Crane $37K Electrical $18K Plumbing $50K Desiccant Ducting $28K GC Management $10K Total: $564K $2,350/kWe Installed * Pre DOE Funding

16 System Inst. (Utility Interconnection)
Was Not an Issue! Turbines are NY State Type Tested and Approved for Interconnection NY State Law Forces Utilities to accept Standard Type Tested Interconnection Hardest Part was Getting to “the Right Person” within the Utility and “Educating” them about the System. Overall Application and Approval Process was very Simple Did Not Cause Any Delay or Additional Expense for Project

17 System Installation (Commissioning)
A Problem Develops: Turbines will not automatically re-start in “multi – pack mode” Turbine Software found to be the problem Software has to be NY State Approved Delayed System Interconnection test three weeks That Was the Only Real Problem!!

18 What’s the Bottom Line? Reduced Energy Costs! Great PR!
Estimated Annual Avoided Energy Loads & Cost Quantity % of Annual Baseline – Energy Annual Cost Savings [$]* Grid Electricity 54% $44,000 Refrigeration Compression 10% $10,000 Space Cooling Compression 70% $45,000 Desiccant Regeneration 50% $9,000 Space Heating 75% $21,000 Total $129,000 Gas = $0.69/therm & Grid Electric at $.13 kWh *Maintenance costs not included

19 Things To Consider: Local Utility Costs (Can you do it cheaper?)
Can You Use The Chilled Water? Is High Pressure Gas Available? Local Interconnection Regulations? State Law? Local Utility Control? What are The Requirements? Can You Get It There? (Permit Issue)

20 Would We Do It Again? Yes!

21 For More Information: Jim Kirk 470 Chestnut Ridge Road Tom Coulbourn
Woodcliff Lake, NJ 07677 (201) Tom Coulbourn 2300 Westmoreland Street Richmond, VA 23230 (804)

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