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Welcome to the World of OXYGEN. Oxyrich Oxygen Donor The Worlds Foremost Oxygen Supplement Unlike Any Other Oxygen Product Natural & 100% Drug Free For.

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1 Welcome to the World of OXYGEN

2 Oxyrich Oxygen Donor The Worlds Foremost Oxygen Supplement Unlike Any Other Oxygen Product Natural & 100% Drug Free For Enhanced Quality of Life Australian Made and Owned INTRODUCING

3 What is Oxyrich? Oxyrich is an Australian product which has been derived from NASA based technology. It is a premium Oxygen supplement that contains dissolved and stabilised diatomic oxygen in an aqueous water & saline solution. Oxyrich

4 The ingredients are : Bio-available diatomic Oxygen (min.) 50,0000 ppm = 5% v/v at manufacture* Sodium Chloride (Atlantic Sea Salt) Less than 170 ppm De Ionised Waterto 100% So whats in Oxyrich? It is pH balanced, having a pH within the range of 8.2 to 8.4 * Every batch certified by a approved laboratory to contain not less than 5% v/v oxygen at manufacture.

5 The Importance of Adequate Daily Oxygen Intake Oxygen is lifes most critical element - THE LIFE FORCE Oxygen produces 90% of the bodys energy – food and water provide only 10%. Oxygen is the primary fuel required for correct functionality of all the bodys systems. The benefits of Oxygen are endless.!

6 How is Oxyrich made? Oxyrich is produced in Australia without the use of chemical salts or other compounds. The manufacturing process is Bio Electrical Manufacture (BEM). Oxyrich is an oxygen supplement The sole active ingredient in Oxyrich is dissolved diatomic oxygen molecules.

7 Are there any Health Benefits? The benefits of Oxygen are well documented and much research is available on its benefits*. We do not market Oxyrich as a medical product. Oxyrich enhances well- being by helping to prevent oxygen deficiency. *information is available on request.

8 Oxygen Deficiency There are many daily factors that can contribute to a lack of oxygen in the body, such as: Addictive lifestyle habits. Lack of exercise. Poor diet. Physical exertion. And … Viruses and injury. Air Travel.

9 Emotional stress – The flight or fight response which causes the production of adrenaline and adrenal related hormones use up an excess of oxygen in the body. Physical Stress –consumes large quantities of oxygen and, therefore, reduces the supply to numerous cells and tissues throughout the body. Toxic stress – comes from our polluted environment. Therefore, we need extra oxygen on a regular basis to detoxify our bodies. One of the major causes of Oxygen Deficiency - Stress Individuals today face multiple daily stress, such as:

10 Symptoms of Oxygen Deficiency Fatigue. Lack of body strength. Depression. Muscle aches. Memory loss. Dizziness. Irritability. Circulatory problems. Low immunity to cold, flu and infection. Oxyrich helps combat oxygen deficiency.

11 Who should take Oxyrich? Anyone who lives, works or plays in unhealthy environments. Smokers. Drivers, especially long distance. Air travelers. People with high stress jobs and lifestyles. Active people of all ages. And its great for hangovers!

12 Oxyrich facilitates an oxygen boost for everybodys needs. Aging depletes the bodys natural ability to process oxygen. Everybody needs oxygen

13 How is Oxyrich taken? Take orally, either neat or in juice, milk or still water (not mineral water). Recommended dosage is 1 to 3ml, up to twice daily. For best results, take half an hour before or two hours after food.

14 Value for Money! For as little as $0.12 to $0.36 for a standard serve, everyone can now afford to enjoy the benefits of extra oxygen.

15 Health and Drug Authorities Being all natural and 100% drug free, Oxyrich is a dietary supplement that does not require registration. Oxyrich contains no substances that are subject to any regulations which would prohibit its sale and distribution. ALL NATURAL AND 100% DRUG FREE!

16 Diatomic stabilised oxygen has been extensively tested in Scientific and Technical Support AUSTRALIAUNITED STATESJAPAN Tested in TGA approved and Overseas Scientific approved laboratories. Copies of reports available on request.

17 Testing conducted at these Laboratories and Universities

18 Introducing Dr. John Heinerman PhD. And Independent Scientific Support Highlights: Author of 58 books, mostly about nutrition. Engaged in the research of liquid oxygen therapy for the last 6 years Conducted and published two studies using liquid oxygen therapy Visiting Australia in early 2005 and is amazed at our 50,000ppm strength product Will appear on lifestyle programs, radio, etc to talk about the benefits of liquid oxygen therapy.

19 About Reach for Life Intl. Pty. Ltd. Reach for Life Intl. Pty Ltd has been operating for more than 10 years, manufacturing and marketing natural nutritional health from its facilities in Victoria Australia The Companys two principal directors, Mr Martin Roschach and Mr. Lloyd W. McMahon, jointly own the proprietary technology applied in the formulation and manufacturing of the Reach for Life range of products. And..

20 In addition to its proprietary product range RFL sources and procure and manufactures a number of additional product formulations of outstanding quality from USA and Europe. In April 2003 the Company signed Exclusive Agency Agreements with customers in Europe and United Kingdom, Asia, and further negotiations are continuing in other countries.

21 The R.F.L.I Production Facility Modern and Clean Facilities Dispatched On Time & Every Time

22 For Further Information visit Click Here

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