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WATER IS A RIGHT for all of Creation. A power point project created by the Water Committee a sub-committee of the SNJM Justice & Peace Network 6/3/20142.

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1 WATER IS A RIGHT for all of Creation

2 A power point project created by the Water Committee a sub-committee of the SNJM Justice & Peace Network 6/3/20142 Dorothy Guha Emma Bezaire Eugenia Masheane Helen Garvey Margaret Ames Mary Annette Dworshak Maureen Maloney Yvonne Massicotte for distribution and reflection throughout the SNJM congregation March 2012

3 O Creator of Living Water, send us out with a daring love for all creation. Challenge us to offer the water of life freely. Give water to all who are thirsty and a thirst for justice for all who are quenched. Immerse us in the water of new life, as you did for Jesus, and send to us the Holy Spirit of peace, justice and love. Amen Excerpt from Water: A Sacred Gift, produced by Kairos, a Canadian ecumenical group 6/3/20143 PrayerPrayer

4 4 Corporate Stand slide 5 Water Committee slide 12 Fracking slide 21 Tar sands slide 29 Lesotho slide 38 Chapter Acts - Challenge slide 45 Our responses slide 47 ContentsContents

5 6/3/20145 SNJM Corporate Stand voted October 2008

6 6/3/2014 Water is a Human Right and Public Good The Sisters and Associates of the Congregation of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary affirm that:

7 6/3/20147 1.Water is a sacred gift that connects all life.

8 2. Access to clean water is a basic human right 2. Access to clean water is a basic human right. 6/3/2014

9 The value of the earths freshwater to the common good takes priority over any possible commercial value. 3. The value of the earths freshwater to the common good takes priority over any possible commercial value. 6/3/2014

10 4. Freshwater is a shared legacy, a public trust and a collective responsibility 4. Freshwater is a shared legacy, a public trust and a collective responsibility. 6/3/2014

11 11 Why not go back to our water booklet?

12 THE WATER COMMITTEE 6/3/201412 has reported on SNJM efforts

13 SNJMs have taken a stand and maintain that just as… Women and children are WATER is not for sale.

14 Overconsumption, environmental degradation, natural disasters, an increasing world population are squeezing our worlds freshwater supply. 6/3/2014

15 Two years ago, the Water Committee put out the challenge to trans-boundary environmental governance. and suggested one issue … trans-boundary environmental governance. 6/3/201415 Are there ways that we could network and advocate for water as a right for all life across many borders?

16 Last year, the Water Committee proposed a three-part reflection: Water is LIFE Water is PEACE Water is JUSTICE 6/3/2014

17 Water is Life …Water is Life … We will raise water literacy through education, with an emphasis on future generations. Reflection: Who regulates the distribution and cost of your water supply?

18 Water is Peace …Water is Peace … We must not allow water to become the valued commodity that is an excuse for war. Reflection: What is happening in your region to defend and protect water and water systems? How can you be involved?

19 Water is Justice …Water is Justice … People must control their own sources of water and it must remain in the commons. Reflection: Is your city water-rich or water-poor? How can we all be in solidarity on the question of sharing water?

20 6/3/201420 This year, the Water Committee suggests looking into mining, especially fracking & tar sands.

21 FRACKINGFRACKING 6/3/2014 A new threat ?A new threat ?

22 6/3/201422 Fracking - a process to extract natural gas below aquifers & ground water. from SHALE PLAYS that lie deep

23 6/3/2014 A mixture of water & chemicals is introduced into the shale deposit under pressure … … it breaks up the sand and rocks releasing the gas which is then brought to the surface along with the water mixture.

24 6/3/2014 BUT with fracking … a large amount of water is used and cannot be purified, there is a possibility of leaks in underground water and aquifers. Natural gas burns significantly cleaner than oil, coal or gasoline.

25 6/3/2014 … residents near natural gas wells have not only reported that their well water smells bad, but also experience health problems, including allergic reactions, gastrointestinal disorders... In fact, there are reports of tap water that burns if you put a match to it.

26 6/3/2014 Fracking wastewater destroys plant life, threatens clean water sources and all wild life. AND … companies are not required to report what chemicals are used nor on how the process impacts the water supply. Why isnt fracking subject to government regulation?

27 6/3/2014 World shale gas resources (in white = assessment areas) Who is at risk?

28 … companies need to be held accountable 6/3/201428 Find out what is happening in your area.

29 Tar sands 6/3/201429

30 6/3/201430 The Alberta oil sands -the worlds largest remaining reserve of oil outside of Saudi Arabia. The product is not oil but bitumen, a dirty, viscous, ultra-heavy, hydrocarbon that needs extensive and expensive processing.

31 6/3/201431 Refining and tailings ponds in background Surface mining in foreground Effluent pipe & tailings ponds

32 Well pad 6/3/201432 - destroys immense areas of the boreal forest for surface mining, pipelines and well-pads -requires enormous amounts of energy & up to 4 barrels of fresh water to produce 1 barrel of crude oil Extracting bitumen from the sand - puts the biodiversity & hydrology of the region at risk. Athabasca River water allocations - 2005 Oil sands

33 6/3/201433 The impacts of further development of the oil sands: Scarcity of potable water Toxicity Pollution Acid rain Increase in global warming due to GHG emissions

34 6/3/201434 Oil sand production forecasts

35 To question: pipeline projects presently being negotiated to transport & export the crude oil. 6/3/201435 Enbridge Northern GatewayKeystone XL

36 6/3/201436 It is in these oil sands - where the boreal forest is being clear cut, where rivers and lakes are being poisoned, where the livelihoods of our First Nations people are day by day being put at greater risk - that our federal government is telling us that the future prosperity of our nation lies.

37 6/3/201437 IT IS BEYOND BELIEF!

38 LESOTHO 6/3/201438 water not all benefit selling water not all benefit

39 Lesotho Highlands Water Project 6/3/2014 Free Template from 39 Katse Dam - 1996 Mohale Dam - 2004 An agreement to build the next phase was signed in mid-2011. The Polihali Dam will displace 17 villages, reduce agricultural lands for an additional 71 villages, and reduce water quality and quantity for many more living downstream. LHWP will have 5 dams & about 200km of tunnels and water transfer works.

40 At the beginning, the Water Project generated 14% of Lesothos export earnings, but the percentage has been steadily decreasing since then! 6/3/201440 Katse Dam Mohale Dam Some 150,000 river-dwellers have had their livelihoods damaged - they who relied on the river ecosystem for food, medicinal plants, fuel sources, and sources of additional income. The dams have submerged some of Lesothos most fertile land, which had previously supported several thousand agricultural families.

41 "I realize that we will be plagued by hunger … we find that we are lost because the money we had been promised has not been given to us … 6/3/201441 There are some painful things about resettlement. A villager resettled The Matala community is one of those affected... After 12 years of resettlement, this community of 22 households has not yet received their communal compensation.

42 Access to clean water is one of their most urgent problems. 6/3/201442 Malethibela Litsesane and her husband were forced out of their highland village. During the drought season, she has to walk for four to five hours to bring water back home.

43 6/3/201443 TRC educating & mobilizing people to speak for their rights

44 How can we stand in solidarity? 6/3/201444

45 2011 CHAPTER ACTS 2011 CHAPTER ACTS challenge us to « hold as a common ministry our corporate stands in evolving situations » 6/3/201445

46 6/3/2014 How can « we recommit ourselves to bolder action »?

47 6/3/2014 Our Reponses

48 6/3/2014 PrayPray Oh compassionate God, Creator who breathed over the waters, we join with UNANIMA members and all peoples, to seek forgiveness for our mindless use of water. We beg for wisdom to know how to conserve and cherish water. We ask healing for the ways that we disrespect and contaminate our sister. In a drought time we wait and watch for the gift of rain upon the earth. We watch and wait for the rain of grace into our souls.

49 6/3/201449 Consult

50 6/3/201450 Consult Intercommunity Peace and Justice Center and others … see handout

51 6/3/201451 Research water issues in your region –What is the source of your water? –How safe is your water for drinking, cooking? Educate about church eco-justice teachings. Prepare for World Water Day March 22. Act

52 Contact legislators/governments about water issues. e.g. Great Lakes, waters of Lesotho, Keystone XL & Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline projects Research gender equity issues in terms of access to water and control of water. Read up on Jessica Ernst, activist against fracking. 6/3/201452 Act

53 6/3/201453 But we must all do our part. Even small daily actions will add up in the fight to protect water resources and to guarantee life now and tomorrow. Pilato Pereira OFM Cap Water and Dignity for All, A Challenge for All Nations, In: World Poverty – Franciscan Reflections, 2007. We should call on governments and institutions to do their part.

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