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Water Planning and Management

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1 Water Planning and Management
Thank you Chairman for your kind introduction. Good Afternoon, Ladies and gentlemen I am Moh Wung Hee, Director Best Sourcing from PUB Singapore. I’m pleased to be here today to share with you on how PUB Singapore achieves value in our water projects through partnership. Water Planning and Management Michael Toh – Senior Deputy Director , PUB Singapore Managing Director , Singapore International Water Week

2 Singapore: A City of Gardens and
Cities and Water Singapore: A City of Gardens and Water Cities of the Future

3 6.5 billion urban population by 2050

4 Great Water Cities Venice London Paris Cairo Suzhou Montreal

5 Engineered Cities

6 Unsustainable Urbanisation

7 Cheonggye Stream - Seoul
Environmental Cities Melbourne Isar River - Munich Cheonggye Stream - Seoul Seattle

8 Cities of the Future: Eco-cities?
Masdar Harmmarby Sjostad Tianjin

9 Singapore: A City of Gardens and
Cities and Water Singapore: A City of Gardens and Water Cities of the Future

10 Temasek Aerial view of Singapore town from Government Hill (Fort Canning, today), 1800

11 Singapore in the 1950s

12 Singapore Today

13 Key Drivers Severe resource constraint (land, water)
Economic viability Quality of life and environment

14 Ensuring Water Sustainability
Local catchment Imported water NEWater Desalinated water 4 National Taps 3P Approach “Conserve Water” “Value Our Water” “Enjoy Our Waters” “Water for All” “Conserve, Value, Enjoy”

15 PUB manages the entire water loop
sea rain stormwater management collection of rainfall in drains & reservoirs treatment of raw to potable water reclamation of used water of used water in sewers supply of water to the population & industries treatment desalination


17 Harvesting every drop of rainwater
MacRitchie Reservoir Punggol Protected Catchment Unprotected Catchment Urban Stormwater Collection System Kranji Reservoir Legend Unprotected Water Catchment Protected Water Catchment Proposed Water Catchment Bedok Stormwater Pond Half of Singapore is already water catchment Catchment area will be increased from half to two-thirds by 2011

18 NEWater: Closing the Water Loop
NEWater pipeline NEWater Plant Service Reservoir Legend Kranji 5 mgd in Feb 2004 Seletar Bedok Sembcorp NEWater Plant - DBOO 50 mgd in May 2010 Ulu Pandan NEWater Plant by Keppel Seghers- DBOO 32 mgd in Mar 2007 12 mgd in 2003 17 mgd in 2008 6 mgd 18 mgd in 2009

19 Deep Tunnel Sewerage System
Deep Tunnel Sewers Link Sewers Changi Outfall Changi WRP Ulu Pandan WRP – 46 ha Treatment capacity – 361,000 m3/day Changi WRP – 32 ha Treatment capacity – 800,000 m3/day


21 Conserve, Value and Enjoy
Water Mark Award Our Waters Programme 80 adopters so far Weddings at Reservoirs Activities in Reservoirs and Canals NEWater Visitor Centre More than 760,000 visitors since its opening

22 Blue Map of Singapore

23 ABC Waters Programme ACTIVE New recreational spaces BEAUTIFUL Integration of waters with urban landscape CLEAN Improved water quality . “… Turn Singapore into a city of gardens and water” Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, At ABC Waters Public Exhibition Opening (Feb 07)

24 Implementing ABC Waters
Three key strategies: Development of ABC Waters Masterplan 3P Partnership Approach Promoting adoption of ABC Waters concept

25 Marina Barrage

26 H ydro Singapore – A Global ub
2 Singapore – A Global A vibrant water ecosystem supplying technology and products to 3% of the global water market by 2015 26 26

27 A Vibrant Water Eco-System
Pharma Materials System Integrators Veolia Water Keppel Seghers Hyflux SembEnviro Darco Dayen Membranes Suppliers Zenon Hyflux Memcor/Siemens Water Hydranuatics Toray Desalination Wastewater treatment Liquid separation Membrane systems F&B UPW Municipal wastewater treatment Utilities Companies Industrial wastewater treatment Consultancy/ Engrg Svcs Water Treatment Chemicals Govt bodies BOO contractors Multi-utilities Financing Feasibility studies Technical consultancy Project Management Nalco BioLab Chemitreat Equipment Suppliers Testing & Analysis Services Township devt Filtration equipment Disinfection equipment Control system providers CH2MHill Black & Veatch CDM MWH CPG SUI Siemens GE Water Veolia Water Pall Chemitreat GrahamTek CAWT Setsco NUS NTU 27

28 Developing capabilities of local water industry
Sharing of knowledge & Experience in Public-Private-Partnership Tuas Desalination Plant Ulu Pandan NEWater Plant Sembcorp NEWater Changi Water Reclamation Plant Partner: Keppel Seghers NEWater Dev (Pte) Ltd Contract Term : 2007 – 2027 Plant Capacity : 32 mgd (148,000 m3/day) Partner : SembCorp NEWater Pte Ltd Total Capacity: 50mgd Contract Term : 2010 – 2035 Partner : SingSpring (Pte) Ltd Contract Term : 2005 – 2025 Plant Capacity : 30 mgd (136,000 m3/day) 28

29 Centre for Aquatic Science Research Memstill module
Biomimicry of Natural Desalination Processes Memstill module

30 Singapore International Water Week 2011, 4 - 8July 2011
The global platform for water solutions: Bring together policymakers, industry leaders, experts and practitioners Address challenges, showcase technologies, discover opportunities & celebrate achievements Attracted 14,000 in 2010 from 112 countries

31 Singapore: A City of Gardens and
Cities and Water Singapore: A City of Gardens and Water Cities of the Future

32 Living Laboratory for Integrated Urban Solutions
Punggol Eco-Precinct BCA Zero Energy Building Solar cells at Marina Barrage Clean Tech Park Sustainable Singapore Blueprint

33 Thank You

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