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Ershad Ullah Khan, MSc Process Engineer TPS Termiska Processer AB

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1 Ershad Ullah Khan, MSc Process Engineer TPS Termiska Processer AB

2 Arsenic poisoning Bangladesh is experiencing the largest mass poisoning in human history, because of arsenic in the ground water. Around 80 million Bangladeshis may be affected (WHO)

3 Lack of electricity and safe water
80% of the population live in rural areas. Around 70% of them are not connected to the national grid electricity.

4 Decentralised energy Decentralised systems for the supply of electricity are the most appropriate solutions for rural dwellers.

5 The project This project is a pilot investment in Bangladesh
Livestock and vegetable waste biogas CHP plant integrated with membrane distillation. The purpose is to make both electricity and clean water from the same bio energy.

6 Biogas driven engine and membrane distillation process
Distributed power Safe drinking water and Fertilizer all from one input which is manure or vegetable waste.

7 Pilot project description

8 Biogas engine from JDEC
Small scale electricity production Well proven technology for small scale CHP Biogas can be used directly in the gas engine Heat of exhaust gas is used for ground water heating Commercially available Technically and economically feasible

9 Membrane distillation technology (MD)
Conventional Membrane distillation Conventional small-scale technologies could not remove the arsenic sufficiently Conventional large plants are not feasible for small and rural areas

10 Absolutely pure water Bacteria and virus Fertilizers and pesticides
Industrial chemicals Arsenic

11 Representative test results

12 Membrane module system

13 Proposed pilot project
26 kWe biogas engine 3 membrane distillation modules Electric efficiency 31% Thermal efficiency 40% Annual electricity generation 197 MWh (540 kWh/d) Annual water production 456,000 litres (1250 l/d) Equipment life yrs

14 Costs per capita electricity and water
Specific cost for kWh electricity $ (28 öre) Specific cost for per liter water $ (11 öre) Total investment cost for digester 6, (USD) Operating and maintenance costs for 10 years 6,700.00 Total investment cost for gas engine 32,500.00 Operating and maintenance for 10 years Total cost for electricity production 78,400.00 Specific cost for per kWh electricity 0.04 $/kWh Total investment cost for MD facilities 41,500.00 Operating and maintenance for 20 years 93,000.00 Total cost for water production 1,34,500.00 Specific cost for water production 0.015 $/lit

15 Organizational chart Scarab Development AB, Grameen Shakti Client:
Dr. Andrew Martin KTH Advisor: Ershad Ullah Khan Project leader: Biogas Subtask 1: Biogas engine Subtask 2: Heat Exchangers Subtask 3: MD modules Subtask 4: Integrated system Subtask 5:

16 Costs of proposed pilot project
Installation costs $ 80700 Operation and maintenance 04 years project $ 8070

17 Economic viability

18 Total budget Equipment and installation costs (demo plant), $ 84,000
Demo plant operation and maintenance costs, $ 8,070/year for 4 years Salary (Project leader + Advisor) $ 162,000/year for 4 years Travel per year $ 4,000 for 4 years Total budget, $ 780,200

19 Sensitivity analysis

20 Sensitivity analysis

21 Thank you for your attention

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