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Farmer Water User Community (FWUC) 3 rd CDN meeting, 19 May 2013.

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1 Farmer Water User Community (FWUC) 3 rd CDN meeting, 19 May 2013

2 What is FWUC? organizations of farmers established in order to own, operate and maintain the irrigation system and related infrastructure that serve the land that they cultivate.

3 FWUC committee FWUC committee normally consists of – 4 persons as FWUC executive committee – 3 persons per group as FWUG committee – 2 persons per sub-group Number of group and sub-group divided depending on branch canal and area irrigated

4 FWUC structure FWUCFWUG Sub- group FWUG Sub- group

5 FWUC – Manage whole irrigation area – Functioning by statutes approved by MOWRAM – Hold a general meeting – Decision of water distribution plan – Decision and collecting irrigation service fee Role and responsibility of FWUC committee

6 FWUG – Implementing the work program of the Community; – Coordinating between members of FWUG and community; and – Collecting irrigation service fee from the members according to the terms set by the community

7 Sub-group – Collecting fee – Manage side canal – Join FWUC committee meeting

8 Stakeholders/partners involved Local authorities ( village, commune, district and provincial level) Line department/ministry Private Water Seller (PWS)

9 Irrigation Service Fee setting up (ISF) FWUC executive committee draft the ISF (statute) Consultation meeting at village basis Finalize the ISF Normally, it is 150kg/ha/yr The fee can be in the form of rice or money

10 Fee payment Without PWS, Farmers pay ISF directly to FWUC ( Farmers pump water from the canal by themselves) With PWS, Farmers pay water fee to PWS according to number of cropping ( water fee can be ranged from 300,000- 450,000 riel/ha) and PWS pay ISF to FWUC

11 What Officially FWUC need to have Statute/by-law Bank account Committee ( organizational chart) 5-year maintenance plan

12 Steps in FWUC establishment and Capacity building ( by PDOWRAM) FWUC establishment – Meeting with local authorities – Village meeting to introduce PIMD ( Participatory Irrigation Management and Development) and Objective of forming FWUC – Sub-group leader election – FWUG leader election – FWUC committee election

13 Draft and finalize statute/by-law Consultation meeting at village basis Draft and finalize 5-year maintenance plan

14 FWUC capacity building Operation ( 6 lessons) Maintenance (7 lessons) Additional course (10 lessons)

15 What CAVAC do for irrigation? Construction and O&M – Consultation with PDOWRAM to identify potential canal to be rehabilitated – Site visit – Feasibility study – Canal alignment identification and pegging – Land-loss check – Topography ( PDOWRAM)

16 – Detail design (CAVAC) – Bidding- Temporary monitor committee setting up (community) – Construction – FWUC establishment and capacity building

17 Main canal

18 Secondary canal

19 Delivery canal

20 Canal alignment identification activities

21 Concrete canal

22 Canal construction

23 Canal alignment pegging

24 Irrigated rice field

25 Successful farmer

26 Thank you!!!!

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