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SAVING WATER Water flows humbly to the lowest level, Nothing is weaker than water. Yet for overcoming what is hard and strong, Nothing surpasses water.

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1 SAVING WATER Water flows humbly to the lowest level, Nothing is weaker than water. Yet for overcoming what is hard and strong, Nothing surpasses water.

2 The proposed idea is SAVING WATER. To promote successful water conservation practices and To provide guidelines for saving water. To increase awareness about water conservation. Water is the fundamental substance for all human beings. Water is becoming scarce in quantity and inadequate in quality in many areas around the world. With the increase in population, urbanization and industrialization the demand of water for various uses is increasing continuously, thereby reducing per capita water availability. Per capita availability of good, potable water is diminishing in all developed and developing countries.

3 This idea should be implemented due to 1.Avoiding possible future wars over water. 2.Water resources are getting scarce. 3.WATER-being life giver for all forms of life on Earth. 4.The most important thingWATER HAS NO SUBSTITUTE.

4 Water, an essential fluid on which all life depends, has become global garbage can. The need of the hour is to save and consume this water to the best of our use. Water not only quenches our thirst but it is also a source of food to us. New York Times says, Blue is the new green. It suggests it is high time focus on saving water. Intelligent utilization of water is the need of the hour. To poison the water is to show disrespect for creation. To honour and protect the water is our responsibility as people of the land.

5 The plants and insects in all parts of the world need water to live. We also need water to produce electricity and to carry out goods or trade. Water also helps us to transport many goods that we need for our homes. Ships, rafts and boats carry many things from distant lands and helps to exchange goods between one country and another. Transport by water is easier and cheaper than by air or land. Water is so important that all living things, including the tiniest creature, will continue to struggle to get it whenever or wherever they can.

6 Conservation of water should come naturally. Yet in most parts of the world, it doesnt. The urge to conserve water seems to fade with latest rain shower. In the end conserving water has little to do with drought and floods and everything to do with protecting finite resources. It is not about making sacrifices, its about eliminating waste. Its about saving our communities for tomorrow.

7 Water crisis is one of major issues the world is facing today and it is the responsibility, perhaps the duty of each one of us to contribute towards water management. There is water crisis today but crisis is not about having too little water to fulfill our needs. It is a crisis of managing water so poorly that billions of people, animals and the environment suffer badly. Earlier seen as a problem of only the poorest, the water crisis is increasingly affecting the wealthier nations, economic riches being no insurance against it. For years we have misused our important resource-WATER.

8 It will benefit whole of human kind. It will benefit in restoring ecosystems. It will benefit in increasing the food crop production. All the backward and developing countries will benefit from this effort. effort?

9 Existing budget with government bodies may be sufficient. Many ideas require no budget as habits and attitudes only need to change. Extra funds may be required for awareness campaigns and capacity building.

10 If each one of us recognize, realize and respect water as our most precious resource ever, we can mirror the ocean in all its forceful resilience. We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop. And we might just be able to placate the global water crisis, if not completely vanquish it.

11 One must remember not to waste water. There are many ways in which water is wasted. The predominant is the leaking tap. This can be curbed by periodic checks to arrest any leakage. People should be made aware that water is precious. We should stop immediately if we see running water from an unattended tap. When leaving home we should ensure that all taps have been turned off.

12 Water your lawn and garden in the morning or evening when temperatures are cooler to minimize evaporation. Wash your fruits and vegetables in a pan of water instead of running water from the tap. Spreading a layer of organic mulch around plants retains moisture and saves water, time and money. Shorten your shower by a minute or two and you'll save up to 150 gallons per month.

13 Stakeholder participation is required at all levels. Social activists need to enthuse government agencies and public at large. Individuals, families, societies have to adopt the water saving practices. Individuals and groups need to monitor implementation of ideas. Media (TV/radio/newspaper) plays a crucial role in spreading awareness to SAVE WATER.

14 Without water life is unthinkable. Without water no living thing on the earth could survive. We need water to quench our thirst, water our lands to grow crops or to keep the animals and fowls in our homes alive.

15 In the end I would like to state that if we dont make a judicious use of water today then tomorrow there would be no water to drink and hence no life. The words of Samuel Taylor Coleridge best conclude my presentation Water, water, everywhere And all the boards did shrink Water, water, everywhere Nor any drop to drink. So the best is to Save Water save Planet Earth.


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