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Team 2: Agua Para Vivir [Water For Life] Drew Johnson David Nyenhuis Jason Van Kampen Hendrik Vanderloo.

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1 Team 2: Agua Para Vivir [Water For Life] Drew Johnson David Nyenhuis Jason Van Kampen Hendrik Vanderloo

2 Our Project Cuchiverachi, Mexico

3 Objective - Promote Healthy Living 1 st Priority Deliver Water to Dorm 2 nd Priority Improve Hygiene and Health of the Community

4 Trips To Gather Necessary Information Trip 1: June 6- June 14, 2009 Trip 2: Jan 26 – Feb 2, 2010 Needs of community Sources of water Elevations GPS coordinates Water quality Flow rates of water sources Water rights Ground conditions Available building materials and pricing

5 Water Supply River water Ground water Rainwater Spring water Bottled water Where to get the water…

6 Water Supply Rainwater Irrigation Spring water Drinking Hygiene Concept Spring water Rainwater

7 Water Supply Systems

8 Water Supply System Ground Water Spring Spring Features Marshy, unable to locate eye Clay soils 98 m above dorm 1.4 km from dorm 2 L/min flow rate Community has approved this spring for the dorms water supply Marshy Area Flow Direction

9 Spring Water to Dorm Capture water from a spring Design Features Two 15 trenches filled with permeable rock/gravel and 3 PVC drain tile Drainage ditch upstream of spring to stop runoff infiltration Cost = $140

10 Spring Water to Dorm Design Features Concrete box 3 x 3 x 16 3 walls Concrete lid 31 x 31 x 1.5 Settles out particles Ø > 0.001 cm Cost = $150 Settle particles out of water

11 Spring Water to Dorm Water Demand Estimate for Dorm The maximum capacity is 40 kids The kids stay for 4 day periods each week The average demand for a week is 2,400 L/day Water Supply from Spring Rough estimate is 2 L/min This estimates to about 2,900 L/day Analysis of Water Demand

12 Spring Water to Dorm Design Features Positioned at an elevation (95 ft above dorm) that gives at least 40 psi and a flow rate of 7 gal/min Ferrocement tank Volume of 5,000 L (6.5 diameter, 5.5 tall) Cost = $400 Storage Tank to Equalize Pressure & Flow Variations

13 Water System at Dorm Water Purification Filtration CAWST bio-sand filter Cost of mold = $185 Cost per filter (not including mold) = $20 Disinfection Granular calcium hypochlorite Cost per pound= $2.00

14 Water System at Dorm Hot Water System Solar Heating Panel Copper pipe Glass covered Circulating Pump Heats 20 gal (75 L) of water to 95 º F in about 5 hours Wood Fired Boiler Recommended a manufactured unit

15 Rainwater & Irrigation Water for Community Crops Gutters 4 plastic storage tanks (1000 Liters) Irrigation to community fruit trees and vegetables Cost = $930

16 Hygiene Improvements Pit Toilets One pit toilet per family Lightweight superstructure Concrete block pit lining 3 meters deep by 1.3 meters square Cost per latrine = $240

17 Hygiene Improvements Education CAWST posters Educate children about healthy sanitary practices Easy to understand Pictorial Spanish and English

18 Implementation June 2010 Phase I Cost = $1,500 Phase II Cost = $2,500 Phase III Cost = $6,000

19 Building the Filter Mold Steel. Welding. Steel. Over 150 lbs of steel from GR Central Iron and Steel Finished on April 27 Cost = $185 Issue: Took longer than expected

20 Filter #1 Failure Poured filter on May 4 Problem: Interior mold stuck in filter Solution: Break filter and retry!

21 Filter #2 More success, still a failure Changes made Homemade concrete mix – as design specified Less water Pneumatic hammer Ground all rough edges Lathered on the oil Mold didnt stick Crack from mid-pour mix change

22 Conclusions Final Thoughts Difficulties we faced Data acquisition What we learned More than engineering Design to be built What we would have done differently Built the prototypes earlier and experimented more Plans are in the works to implement the project

23 Acknowledgments Thank you! Tate Burckhardt, VP, Better Water Industries Inc. Professors Leonard De Rooy, Robert Hoeksema, Aubrey Sykes, & David Wunder, Calvin College Phil Jasperse, Metals and Woodshop Technician, Calvin College Ryan Maness, Highways and Hedges Ministries Breese Stam, Grand Rapids Engineering Department Richard Stam and Lorenzo Dominguez, Salud Para Suchil Dan VanderHeide, Project Engineer, Williams and Works

24 Questions?

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