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Transmission Main Leak Detection and Condition Assessment: Brazil Trade Mission 2012.

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1 Transmission Main Leak Detection and Condition Assessment: Brazil Trade Mission 2012

2 2 Corporate Overview Formed in 2003. Based in Toronto. Original focus was on correlation based Leak Detection Equipment, specifically for PVC. Developed Non Destructive pipe condition assessment technology Changed focus to service offerings: Leak detection for Large diameter mains Condition assessment for ferrous and asbestos cement mains

3 3 Agenda Correlation Theory Review Echologics Key Advantages Leak Detection Case Studies Condition Assessment Background Condition Assessment Case Studies Summary

4 Correlation Theory

5 5 Correlation: a Review Old technology: proven on metallic distribution mains Manufacturers began to work on plastic and other types of pipes: made claims that could not be consistently achieved! Required a different approach to: Sensors Signal Processing Amplifiers Echologics achieved some extraordinary success, other manufacturers immediately introduced trunk main correlators, but have never achieved our level of success Development continues; now on our 5 th generation of hardware

6 6 Correlation Theory Leaks make noise Time of flight technology Correlation function: Leak bracketed with 2 Sensors Leak noise takes longer to arrive at Sensor 1 than Sensor 2 Correlator measures time difference to identify exact leak location

7 7 Why is Echologics Successful Advances in sensor design, signal processing, correlation algorithms Advances in post processing of data Advances in field techniques It is as much about the people, as it is about the equipment

8 8 Sensor development We have done extensive R&D into plastic and transmission main sensor requirements, developed both hydrophones and accelerometers for large diameter The People We have an intense training program and detailed field / data analysis processes We have an intense training program and detailed field / data analysis processes We have a young, passionate team of engineers We have a young, passionate team of engineers

9 Echologics Correlation Advantages

10 10 Advantage and Disadvantages Advantages: Easily implemented with existing fittings No requirement to close service take offs or laterals No requirement to alter the flow in the pipe Can see leaks many km away; will find largest leaks first Will find small leaks (typical results 2 LPM on 1500mm pipe at 3.5 bar, 1100m) Disadvantages: Will not find very small leaks (<1LPM) Accuracy of location needs to be carefully verified

11 11 Technology Comparison TechnologyProsCons Traditional Correlation Non-Intrusive and Non-destructive Poor performance on PVC and Large Diameter (LD) mains Echologics Correlation Same as above Works on PVC and LD mains Cost Effective Cannot find small leaks (<1 lpm) Averaged condition assessment results In-Pipe Tethered and Free Swimming Can find small leaks Works on long sections of pipe with minimal access Intrusive Special Insertion Points are required Isolation of all laterals is required

12 Leak Detection Case Studies

13 13 Case Study: SABESP Leak discovered by Smart Ball Pilot Dry hole had been dug based on Smartball location Requested by Genival Abdias to try and pinpoint the leak Echologics correlated the leak to within <1m accuracy 13

14 14 Site Location

15 15 Leak Location Excavation

16 16 Successful Leak Location

17 17 Echologics performed a transmission main leak detection pilot survey on 8km of UWNJ transmission mains 24 to 42 diameter Testing revealed 5 leaks One major leak discovered on a pipeline section outside of the boundaries of the original test plan We first saw this leak 3 km from the eventual location Case Study: United Water New Jersey

18 18 Out of Bracket Leak Detected Correlations provided evidence of leakage outside the current test area

19 19 Isolated Leak Under a Stream Correlation across the river crossing revealing a prominent peak 40m east of fitting on the main

20 20 UWNJ 42 RCP Repair Pictures

21 21 Other Examples: Thames Water, England Bristol Water, England Las Vegas Valley Water Department Springfield, Massachusetts Echologics confirmed 2 leaks that was already discovered by expensive in-pipe technologies - 36(915mm) and 48 (1200mm) main Sydney, Australia Barrie, Ontario New Orleans

22 Condition Assessment Background

23 23 Remaining Pipe Wall Thickness Measurement Metallic pipes lose thickness from internal and external corrosion Asbestos cement pipes lose effective thickness from aggressive waters leaching calcium out of cement and weakening walls Physical wall thickness doesnt change, but the pipe loses structural stiffness and strength

24 24 Velocity Measurement Wave propagation velocity (v) = D/ΔT, where ΔT is time delay between signals 1 and 2 Noise Source Measure the sound velocity

25 25 Minimum 1 Average 2 Wall Thickness 1.Minimum around the circumference 1. Averaged along the length

26 26 Las Vegas, NV: LVVWD Pilot Two sections of 6 AC pipe tested.73 remaining structural thickness was measured by Echologics Results indicated that pipe met requirements of PC200 Excavated pipe to confirm results Testing confirmed that our results accurately represented the remaining structural thickness of the pipe

27 27 Las Vegas: Velocity Measurement & Results

28 28 Las Vegas, NV: Excavated Pipe

29 29 Results of 14 lab testing

30 30 White area has lost structural integrity Pink area represents structurally sound concrete

31 31 Newark, NJ: Pilot on cast iron pipe Pilot study on cast iron pipe installed in 1910 Pipe had been chosen for cement mortar lining as a rehabilitation technique Our study determined that it was highly degraded and required a structural lining We also found a leak during the study, losing about $20,000 worth of water a year

32 32 Newark, New Jersey 32 Pit #1 - Valve Pit #2 Pit #3 Fire Hydrant Service Leak at House #195 Average Pipe Wall Thickness of 0.18, 63.9% loss

33 33 Newark, New Jersey 33 Confidential Use pursuant to Company instructions This is the remaining structural thickness!

34 34 Dayton, Ohio Sweetwater, California Hamilton, Ontario Chicago, Illinois Successfully identified 3000ft section of reinforced concrete cylinder pipe with a significant number of wire breaks Calgary, Alberta Maple Ridge, British Columbia Bloemfontein, South Africa Other Examples:

35 35 Summary Echologics has pioneered the effective use of correlators on large diameter pipe, and continues to develop the technology In North America, we are now considered a viable alternative to insertion technologies: numerous successful studies have been completed Claims made by other manufacturers continue to throw the technology into doubt In several projects we have been directly compared to Sahara and have found the same leaks Our condition assessment technology can accurately determine the remaining structural wall thickness of pipes There is return on investment from: Prioritizing which pipes require rehab or replacement Performing leak detection simultaneously Ensuring the correct decision is made with respect to rehab or replacement

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