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Joshua Connor, Jon Mengel, Joel Lauer, Dylan Manni Intro to Business 90-100-01.

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1 Joshua Connor, Jon Mengel, Joel Lauer, Dylan Manni Intro to Business 90-100-01

2 Company designed for achieving customer satisfaction Providing quality water products Using latest technology in water purification Belief in setting a new standard for drinking water Quality, cleanliness, customer satisfaction Plan to recreate the way water is consumed by the average individual

3 Location: St. Louis, Missouri Centrally located in the United States Balance of shipping/traveling distance Sole proprietorship Personally established, owned, operated, and financed Easily formed Less expensive than some other types of business ventures Complete control given to the owner Goal of branching into a bigger company

4 Create quality products that have the potential to turn a profit Be competitive in the market by keeping the prices at a competitive level Become successful overall Become a top contender in the market Have a well-run operation

5 Infinity H O Water Bottle Reusable water bottle with a built-in water filter High-quality filtered water all of the time Regular tap water can be poured through filter and cleansed of impurities Filter uses activated charcoal to rid water of any pollutants or contaminants Advantages Use bottle multiple times Easily transported

6 High-quality water No need to buy cases of water Best of both worlds: Home water filters and bottled water Water bottles sold to retailers, not directly to customers

7 Water products Prices set around resource costs to provide an agreeable price for consumers Also based off of competitors prices Penetration pricing Product starts at low price and rises as competition does Sponsoring sporting events/athletes Promotes public relations and company image

8 Manufacturer Mass production Wholesaler or retailer Sell the products Customers Actually use the product

9 Average person/healthy individual Athletes Covers most of the population Many people drink bottled water and everybody drinks water Therefore, distribution will take place in all regions of the United States Eventually, target will expand to consumers of other countries

10 Managerial hierarchy President 3 Vice Presidents Finance, operations, marketing Vice President of Finance Inventory, Accounting, Financial Planning Manager Vice President of Operations Production Manager, Director of Human Services Vice President of Marketing Sales Manager, Director of Customer Service, Distribution Manager

11 2 to 5 employees under each low level manager # of employees is dependent on need of individual area of company Loose centralization More important decisions handle by president Routine decisions handle by lower levels of management Given opportunity to handle some important decisions to promote innovation, creativity, and development Employee input is always encouraged and taken into account, however

12 Employee selection Must have skills, knowledge, and abilities required for specific job Process: initial screening, employment testing, selection interview, background and reference check, physical exams and drug testing, decision to hire Compensation (pay) and benefit plans become better in accordance with position Incentive pay provided when an individual achieves a specific goal Orientation and on-the-job training for new employees

13 Materials Plastics - supplier Activated charcoal - supplier Labels – producer Combined and packaged in companys factory to be sold Inventory control Supervised by inventory manager and employees Keep efficiency high Reduce waste

14 Quality control Demings concept of Total Quality Management Every employee involved in providing product to consumer Use of quality principle in every aspect of production and operations

15 Initial capital will come from bank loans Can pay off loans as company becomes successful High expenses in first year Must purchase everything the company will need for the future Expenses Cost of labor, materials, rent, utilities, insurance, machinery, advertising

16 Staff will have desktop personal computers (PCs) Contain vital software required for each area of the company PCs linked to local area network (LAN) within the company Efficiency in communication Telephones Fax machines

17 Obey the law – comply with… Safety and security standards Employee wage and hour laws Take care of customers – provide… Top quality products Products that meet safety and health standards Products that meet truth in advertising standards Take care of employees Safe work environment Consider loss of employee a failure on part of the company

18 Properly teach employee how to do job Dedication to fairness Respect the vendors Treat everyone in a professional manner Pay bills within allocated time Honor all commitments

19 Having a quality product Keeping a competitive price Quality marketing which displays product in a positive light Accommodate customer needs Create many types of bottles Water bottles, canteens, sport bottles

20 Begin marketing overseas Export product to many other countries Achieving absolute advantage over competition Many new, improved products Become a top competitor in the market Expand office and factory locations Increase annual output Efficient financing process

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