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Rationalization of water consumption

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1 Rationalization of water consumption
Water Conservation

2 Water consumption or (WU)
1) Water use in plants 2) Water use in Evaporation 3) Water use in Transpiration Factors effecting WU 1) Climatic factors 2) Plant factors 3) Soil factors

3 Water conservation methods
(Rationalization) Genetic methods Selection for drought resistance Selection for water use efficiency ( WUE)

4 4) Using of suitable irrigation system
2) Agronomic methods - Selection of suitable sowing date - Selection of suitable sowing rate -Suitable and good fertilization - Weeds and pests resistance 3) Using of sewage water 4) Using of suitable irrigation system

5 - Traditional methods 5) Using of suitable irrigation scheduling
- Based on interval time - Scientific methods 1) Based on mathematical equations 2) Using crop water stress index(CWSI) 3) Using Cumulative evaporation pan (CPE)

6 6) Introducing new crops with
low water needs drought-resistant Short growing season 7) Using Magnetic Technologies in Correction of irrigation water salinity




10 Chapters should be covered during this Course PPS 503
1 Function and Properties of water 2 Soil and Water 3) Root growth and Function 4) Water Movement in the Soil-Plant-Atmosphere Continuum 5) Factors Affecting the Absorption of Water 6) Transpiration 7) Water deficits and Plant Growth 8) Drought Tolerance and Water Use Efficiency 9) Soil Salinity and Plant Growth 10) Soil and Plant water status measurements

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