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Smart Water Solutions as a key to Reduce Poverty Henk Holtslag Connect International Walter Mgina SHIPO November 2009.

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1 Smart Water Solutions as a key to Reduce Poverty Henk Holtslag Connect International Walter Mgina SHIPO November 2009

2 Who are the poor ? Rural 75 % (50 % small farmers, 22 % landless, 8% fishermen, forest dwellers,.) Urban 20% Hans Eenhoorn, Hunger task force

3 How to increase production? Increase fertility, Inputs Improve skills Acces to market … WATER

4 Investigations on high benefits of water Per 1$ invested: 5 - 28 $ WASH (SIWI / WHO 2004) 5 - 60 $ Home treatment (WHO 2008) 10- 20 $ Multiple use (MUS 2008) Safe Water most effective single action to reduce poverty. UN university 2008

5 Water is essential for 8 MDGs, For water and sanitation, 84% of the unserved live in rural areas (UNICEF / WHO 2008) Hence the need for decentralised, small scale options

6 Why 50% of the hand pumps fail Too complex Too expensive No ownership Old Appropriate Technologies: Stone-age image Bad design No private sector

7 Lessons learned For sustainability: R Repairability over reliability. Simple, affordable, available Step by Step, adapt technology to the people Now it is often the other way around Profit for all involved, private sector Profit based sustainability, create value chains 3 C`s of marketing, Cost,…, … Simple is not easy

8 Propositions 1 To reach MDG 1, it is more cost- effective to invest in family systems than in communal water systems 2 With the new Home Water Treatment options, unsafe water sources are not a problem anymore.

9 New Smart Solutions for Wells Pumps Storage Ground water recharge Irrigation Treatment (drinking water) Sanitation Hygiëne

10 Wells Manual drilling Rota-sludge, Baptist Tanzania Water points reduced from $ 3000 to $ 600 4casing 30m, rope pump Bolivia Family system $ 100 30 m deep, incl. PVC pump

11 Pumps Treadle pump Suction pump for irrigation 1.5 million used in Asia and Africa Cost $ 15 – 100 Generates income $100 - 400 / year

12 Pressure pump, domestic use 5 - 40 meters deep 20.000 installed in Bolivia Cost: $ 20 - 80 Pumps Baptist, EMAS

13 Water powered Lifts to 200 m high (AIDFI) Cost: $ 200 -.. Pumps Ram Pumps

14 Improved Volanta pump Till 100 m deep Cost: ca $ 2000 Pumps Afri pump

15 Communal, Domestic use 4 million users Cost: $ 30 - 150 Broken piston pumps replaced by rope pump (Malawi) Pumps Rope pump

16 Models for 2m dug wells to 2 boreholes

17 Nicaragua Shift piston pumps to rope pumps increased rural water supply 3 x faster than other countries. 95% functioning $ 70. Affordable for families Profit based sustainability those involved make profit 80.000 installed. National standard

18 Zimbabwe, Malawi, Uganda 1.5 million users now 15 million in 2015 May reach water MDG!

19 Ghana Worldbank funded project 80% defect after 1 year Errors Devil is in detail Simple is not easy…

20 Rope pumps with Pedal, Horse, Engine, Wind

21 Storage Wire cement tank Emas underground tank, Plastic lined tank. Bricks, bamboo 1 bag of cement / m 3 Volumes 1 – 50 m 3

22 Groundwater recharge Plants, Vetiver Spate irrigation Tube recharge

23 Irrigation Pepsi drip, Nica drip, Easy drip small farmers, < 2 Ha They can manage simple low cost irrigation Income / food security

24 Rope pump + KB drip (No storage tank) Cost $40/ 400 m2


26 Multiple use Irrigation of tomatoes + Domestic use for 10 families (Payback 6 months)

27 Home Water Treatment (POU) Boiling, Chlorine, Silverdyne, Plation, PUR, SODIS, Biosand

28 New water filters Reduce diarrhoea up to 64% (Unicef / WHO) Candle CWP Family straw Siphon

29 Ceramic Water Purifier produced in 24 countries Local skills, materials $ 10- 20

30 Siphon filter Eliminates - Turbidity - All bacteria - $ 6 - 12

31 Water quality: Hach test, used by UNICEF presence of E-coli 1.5 US$ / test FilteredBottledBoiledRaw

32 Sanitation Ferti slabs With urine diversion (fertiliser) Cost; 2/3 bag of cement

33 Sanitation Safi Sana Improved collection Peepoo bag Cost 2 cent / bag

34 Hygiëne Tippy Tap Families copy it (after critical mass) Educational for schools

35 Low cost options for almost all problems Quality can improve with HWT ; Chlorine, Filters Upgrading hand dug wells Quantity can increase with Manual drilling Locally produced Emas and Rope pumps Rainwater harvesting, Tube recharge, rooft. Replace broken piston pumps, rope pumps.

36 Open well to MDG water point Cover + pump + filter

37 Cost – Benefit of Smart -Techs More water with Rope pump In $ 1 mln aid, one time investment Out $ 10 mln / year increase GNP Family In $ 60 cost of a family pump Out $ 220/ year increased income Zimbabwe;pump+recharge =80 people food all year Zambia; 1 pump generates 100 – 400 $/ yr Nicaragua:

38 Benefits Home Water Treatment Country level Cost: 2 $/cap.1time investment social marketing Benefit: Reduction of 50% of hospital beds. (Now taken by patients with waterborne disease) Family Level Cost: 3 $/yr for disinfection, 10$ for water filter Benefit: 20 to 100 $ / year. Less expenses, more time Example. 10$ water filters in cholera area in Zimbabwe. None of users had Cholera

39 How to scale up? Create awareness All stakeholders should be aware of new options. 1000 fold scaling up of good examples Simple is not easy Good quality requires training, follow up

40 Information Smart series on Water Sanitation Water Harvesting Financing

41 Wikipedia for water & sanitation …

42 - Demonstrate options, adequate for region - Hands on training, production,use, marketing Smart-Tech Centers

43 MDG? Capacity building is the key

44 With Smart techs, water for all is more possible than ever before

45 Dank u wel

46 Suggestions Increase WASH aid, guaranteed benefit of 5 to 60 x investment First focus on HWT options. Create supply chains 300 in 6 idea : 2% Dutch aid, 5 yrs Use subsidy communal supply for family systems Ej 40$/cap x 5 = 200 $ Baptist system 100 $, bigger system? Credit Replace broken piston pumps by rope pumps. 200$/pump Smart-tech centres in all regions Applied R&D for further cost reduction Statements ?

47 Connect International A non profit organization Mission Community development with Smart concept (Smart techs and Innovative survey and monitoring.) Services Hands on training in Smart Techs, Survey, Monitoring Adaptation of Smart techs to local situation Creation of Smart tech centres Strategy Cooperation with government, NGOs and private sector Awareness creation, networking in water platforms Where Africa. Ghana, Tanzania, Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique, Zimbabwe Latin America. Nicaragua, El Salvador, Columbia Asia. India, Vietnam, Phillipines

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