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CDOT WATER QUALITY BMP TRAINING FACILITY CONSTRUCTION PHASE and OVERVIEW 10/2009 ‘This project was undertaken in connection with the settlement of an enforcement action taken by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment for violations of the Colorado Water Quality Control Act.’”

Project completion Oct 2009 Supplemental Environmental Project: “ CDOT shall construct a BMP Field Training Facility (“BMP Facility”) on its property located at or near the corner of S. Colorado Boulevard and Louisiana Avenue in Denver and shall use the BMP Facility to train construction companies, contractors, consultants, municipalities, or other related organizations and individuals on the proper purpose, use, installation and maintenance of erosion and sediment control BMP’s…” Compliance Order on Consent 2009

3 CDOT Water Quality Program
Objectives: Create a training venue for the construction industry to improve Stormwater Construction Permit compliance Hands on training Simulated real world applications Promoting Green Government and Sustainability Comply with Consent Order between CDOT and CDPHE Formal training to begin in Spring of 2010

4 CDOT Water Quality Program BMP Training Facility 4201 E Arkansas Ave, Denver, CO 80222

5 CDOT Water Quality Program
Tire berm construction: Promoting sustainability by using recycled materials One ton compressed tire bales were used to create earth berm Constructed slopes with sprinkler discharge allow students to see slope erosion occurring

6 CDOT Water Quality Program
Each compartment can be used for different erosion control application and simulated rainfall

7 CDOT Water Quality Program
Slope construction and backfill

8 CDOT Water Quality Program
Completed berm for slope stabilization best management practice’s

9 CDOT Water Quality Program
Water Quality Ponds constructed to display various outlet control BMP’s, slope control and access options Ponds capture stormwater from rain events and water used during training.

10 CDOT Water Quality Program
Outlet control wall construction

11 CDOT Water Quality Program
Pond side slope stabilization using soil retention blankets

12 CDOT Water Quality Program
Final pond configuration and completed outlet controls

13 CDOT Water Quality Program
Roadway template with curb, gutter and curb inlets demonstrates the following: Pavement runoff and adjacent soil runoff onto template Type R drain and BMP’s Drainage to a Type C inlet

14 CDOT Water Quality Program
Roadway template for curb and gutter, and shoulder bmp applications Concrete washout during construction and used in training

15 CDOT Water Quality Program
Constructed roadway segment combined with curb and gutter and vegetated shoulder

16 CDOT Water Quality Program
Students can witness good and bad BMP application and installation issues

17 CDOT Water Quality Program
Facility will be used to demonstrate effectiveness of various stabilization BMP’s

18 CDOT Water Quality Program
Constructed ditches (2 and 5% slopes) used to simulate erosion in ditches and bmp applications

19 CDOT Water Quality Program
Temp stream crossing with a durable road surface mat

20 Site Applications and BMP’s
Slope Ditch Temp xing Slope & ditch reveg WQ Pond Soil retention blanket Mulch

21 CDOT Water Quality Program
Contact Rick Willard for scheduling and questions Phone:

22 CDOT Water Quality Program
From stormwater inspection and bmp installation training to new bmp application and demonstration, the lab will be a beneficial stormwater quality improvement tool and asset for Colorado.


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