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Rots en Water IP Zurich 2012 Henriette Bloemenkamp.

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1 Rots en Water IP Zurich 2012 Henriette Bloemenkamp

2 Introduction History and development Basics of the programm How does it work Themes Structure of a lesson Implementation Learning in movement Boys and girls More information

3 History and development The Netherlands 1980: Selfdefence for girls The 1990: Boys have to learn how to deal with changing rolepatterns 1996: Programm Action and Reaction: boys 14-15 jaar, psycho physical approach, boys are troubleshouters, one-dimensional. End of 1990: Freerk Ykema, Rock and Water, first in Australia and after that also in the Netherlands.

4 Freerk Ykema, gymnastic teacher, remedial teacher, mentor of young students.

5 Rock and Water RockWater StrengthFriendship InflexibilityRespect HardContact Stand for yourCommunication own opinion

6 Basics of the programm Genderspecific pedagogics: boys and girls develop in some aspects differently. Martial arts: karate, tai-chi, aikido. Socratic way of asking questions Humanistic vision : Maslow, positive view on people, self-realisation: becoming who you really are. Erikson: development of (social and psychological) identity Biology: brain and hormones.

7 Basics of the programm Four goals: 1. Learning how to ground, center, focus. 2. To develop body awareness, emotional awareness, self awareness. 3. To develop fysical forms of comunication as a basis for more verbal oriented forms of communication. 4. The Rock and Water concept on a fysical, mental en social level.

8 Learning in movement body awareness, self-awareness emotional awareness Boys: Learn how to give words to physical experiences Girls: To act!

9 How does it work 14 Thematic lessons are written down for boys from 9 years and older. The first 8 lessons of the programm are the fundaments: about the two attitudes (R&W) you can chose in different situations, 9-12 years old. The next 6 lessons are more at a deeper level: sexuality, selfawareness, spirituality: boys from 13 year and older. Each lesson takes 90 minutes

10 Themes 1.Standing strong 2.Rock and Water 3.The strength of breathing 4.R&W in the schoolyard 5.R&W in the personal contact 6.Bodylanguage 7.Boundaries 8.Intuition 9.Mental strength: grouppressure and bullying 10.Mentale strength: concentration visualisation self-confidence 11.Mentale strength: inner compas 12.Mentale strength: The tree step plan 13.Sexuality 14.Dealing with a teasing and bullying group

11 Structure of a lesson Rock en water salute Fysical activity Group conversation: introduction of a theme Exercises Group conversation Rock en water salute

12 Implementation Boys and girls Age: 4-20 year Mental health care, autistic spectrum Primary schools, secondary schools.

13 Boys and girls Boys: First think than act, learn how to give words to physical experiences Girls: To act!

14 More info More info:

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