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The Blum-Novotest Group 1968 - 2000 A Short Overview.

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1 The Blum-Novotest Group 1968 - 2000 A Short Overview

2 3/10/2000(C) BLUM-NOVOTEST GmbH2 Company History - The Seventies ëGünther Blum founds the Company in 1968 as Engineering Office for the Machine Tool Industry ëIn the Seventies the company is mainly active in design of machining centers and production of interface controllers ë1971 BLUM is setting up a first N/C-controlled machine tool with fully contactless interface ë1972 First use of Siemens LSL-logic (high reliable 15V integrated circuits) in machine tools by BLUM

3 3/10/2000(C) BLUM-NOVOTEST GmbH3 Company History - The Eighties ë1985 First BLUM Bore Gage for machine tools ë1987 BLUM successfully develops and tests as first company world-wide a Laser System for tool breakage detection in machining centers ë1982 First electronic BLUM Workpiece Touch Probe ë1983 First BLUM Tool Setter ë1985 First BLUM Measuring Machine

4 3/10/2000(C) BLUM-NOVOTEST GmbH4 Company History - The Nineties Part1 ë1991 BLUM uses Laser Diodes with visible light for compact design, highest reliability and operator safety ë1992 BLUM introduces the Laser System Mini with Shutter to protect the optics ë1991 BLUM Laser Systems reach micron precision and are becoming state of the art in machining centers for tool setting, breakage detection and compensation of thermal drift ë1993 BLUM introduces the Micro Laser System in Support and Single Version

5 3/10/2000(C) BLUM-NOVOTEST GmbH5 Company History - The Nineties Part 2 ë1994 NOVOTEST, Manufacturer of high-tech gear and impulse test stands becomes part of the group ë1997 First BLUM Laser Micrometer for Outside Diameter Measurement ë1998 LaserControl Nano complements the BLUM Laser System family ë1996 Innovation Price for BLUM Laser System at MACH96 in Birmingham ë1999 BLUM completes the LaserMicro product line with a compact version and optional length measurement

6 3/10/2000(C) BLUM-NOVOTEST GmbH6 The Three Group Divisions

7 3/10/2000(C) BLUM-NOVOTEST GmbH7 The Measuring Machine Division Measuring Machine Customers: Daimler-ChryslerLuk VolkswagenGetrag Audi Montforts GMWeisser RenaultBuderus Fiat Hüller Hiller VolvoNiles Ford PSA …. BLUM LaserMicro 100 BLUM Measuring Machine Beta H2 BLUM Measuring Machine for brake disks

8 3/10/2000(C) BLUM-NOVOTEST GmbH8 The Novotest Division Novotest Customers: Aeroquip Audi Continental Daimler-Chrysler Ford Getrag GM Manuli Parker Valeo Volkswagen ZF …. NOVOTEST Power Steering Test Stand NOVOTEST Impulse and Burst Test Stand NOVOTEST Shift-Gear Test StandNOVOTEST Transmission Gear Test Stand

9 3/10/2000(C) BLUM-NOVOTEST GmbH9 The Component Division Machine Tool Components for: BostomaticBrother Cincinnati Mach.Chiron DMGFanuc Forest LineG&L GrobHeller Henri LineHermle HonsbergHuller Hille IngersollMakino MatsuuraMazak MikronMitsui Seiki NTCOkada OkumaSIP StamaYasda …... BLUM Bore Gage BLUM Laser System BLUM Touch Probe BLUM Z-Probe

10 3/10/2000(C) BLUM-NOVOTEST GmbH10 World-Wide

11 3/10/2000(C) BLUM-NOVOTEST GmbH11 BLUM LMT, Inc. - USA Ft. Mitchell BLUM LMT, INC. Fort Michtell KY: ëCovers USA, Canada and Mexico ëSales of all BLUM-NOVOTEST products ëService for all BLUM-NOVOTEST products ëExtensive stock for short-time delivery ëExperienced and high skilled Engineers ëYour competent partner in measuring technology

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