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The Digital Overload What is it – Surviving and Thriving.

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1 The Digital Overload What is it – Surviving and Thriving

2 Jamie Birch Who am I, and why should you listen to me? Father of 4 Spend 10-12 hours per day in the Digital World Redeemed by Christ in 2001 The other four guys asked to do this presentation were on vacation or had to get their nails done.

3 The World is a Little Different today – No? In 1999: Frasier, Friends and Everybody Loves Raymond were the top sitcoms The Matrix and Sixth Sense were top in the box office Bill Clinton was the President of USA Harry Potter and Who Moved My Cheese were Amazon Best Sellers

4 The World is a Little Different today – No? We didnt have Wikipedia YouTube Digital Video Recorders Chipotle Red Bull Free Credit Reports Online Airline Check-ins Ipods Smart Phones Xbox / Xbox Live Playstation Twitter Facebook Snapchat MMS/Group MMS Texting/Sexting Instagram etc

5 The World is a Little Different today – No? Things that used to be normal Rewinding VHS Tapes Overhead projectors in school Calling your friends from a house phone Inserting a CD into a desktop tower Saving files on floppy disks Using physical maps Playing music on a Boom Box Using a Travel Agent Reading Newspapers

6 In the Year 2000: We spent an average of 2.7 hours a week online 100 Million daily Google searches 12 Billion emails sent daily 12,000 active blogs 0 iTunes Downloads 0 Tweets per day 0 Youtube videos seen daily 0 people on Facebook

7 2010 and beyond… 18 hours average online time per week 2 BILLION daily Google searches 247 BILLION emails sent daily 141 MILLION active blogs 10 Billion iTunes Downloads 50 MILLION Tweets per day 4 BILLION Youtube videos seen daily 600 MILLION people on Facebook Christian Counseling Today,Vol 19

8 2013 0-8 Year Olds ¾ of all kids have access to a mobile device at home 63% of those use smartphones, but more us Tablets The number in this age group using mobile devices has doubled 47% of their time spent watching videos 38% of their time watching movies

9 2013 Teens 78% of teens have cell phones 23% have tablets 93% have computer access 93% go online 74% access internet by cell Spend an average of 2hrs per day online Have, on average, 200 Facebook friends On average text 1500 messages a month 97% of teens play computer or console games 1 in 3 teens have experienced online harrassment 38% of girls and 26% of boys experience cyberbullying Per Pew research 2013

10 There is more, how are they digital? Home, School, Coffee Shops, Their cars and even convenience stores have wifi and access. Laptops, Desktops TVs PSPs Xboxs Playstations iPads, iPods Kindles Nintendo Dss Per Pew research 2013

11 So Whats The Big Deal Jamie?

12 Over-Use. High Percentage of teens are online full time, seriously, like OMG, full time. Lack of real-world engagement

13 Whats the Big Deal Cont… Isolation Peer Pressure is more intense and easier to succumb to – its ON all the time – THEY SIMPLY GET NO REPRIEVE! Robbing children of important childhood experiences – Kick the can – NFLs Play60 Generations ill-equipped to write a letter, resume, engage in constructive debate Lower grades, lower interaction

14 Safety - Porn The most pernicious threat facing our children today – Martin Daubney Its available all the time on almost every device/appliance you have that plugs into the wall. Instills negative thoughts and taboos in the mind of these teenagers… getting increased exp;osure to things which are not suitable for their age. – Very Involved Parent (2013) Avg age of first exposure to graphic pornography is 11 years old 51% of males and 32% of females were exposed to graphic pornography before their teen years

15 Pornography Cont… 83% of boys and 57% of girls have seen group sex 39% of boys and 23% of girls have been exposed to graphic bondage images/videos … we want our young people to embrace a biblical sexual morality. We want them to enjoy sex as God designed them to enjoy it within the context of marriage. - We use to have much tighter control on what they see, it ALL is now just one click away.

16 Sleeping Habits Did you know that all these screens negatively effects your sleeping habits? the unnaturally stimulating nature of an electronic screen irrespective of the content it bringshas ill effects on our mental and physical health at multiple levels. Screen-related effects can present in many shapes and forms. Although varied, many of the effects can be grouped into symptoms related to mood, cognition and behavior. Psychology Today The researchers found that melatonin production was affected by the duration of exposure to the light and the users distance from the screen. When a user is closer to a screen, naturally more of the light reaches the sensitive retina at the back of the eye and thus triggers a suppression of melatonin. – Lighting Research Center

17 Yes, now Im scared out of my mind. What now?

18 Theres hope and there is a Tool available.


20 One Familys Story – The Birchs




24 What did we really do? Self Assessment Behavior Modeling Include the entire family in creating easy to understand rules, acceptable behaviors and consequences Set clear limits Learned about social media Focused our time on our family Included God in all aspects

25 Teach a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it – Proverbs 22:6.


27 Parenting Styles

28 Self Assessment Parenting Style? Do you have clear electronics usage rules? How well do you know your childs electronics behaviors? Can you alter your router? (Do you know what that is?) Social Media Use – Do you know where your child engages and how? Do you have their passwords? Family – Dinner? Prayer Time? Devotionals? How many devices does your family have access to?

29 What can I do to make things better? Pray – Bring God into this Develop your constitution Get to know your router Dinner. Together. Every. Night. Family Devotionals Morning Family Prayer Get your family into a home group/church group Cell Phone Rules – Suggestion – No Cell Phones Model good behavior

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